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Manhattan ⇻ The Avengers [1] by HalfBlood_of_the_Sea
Manhattan ⇻ The Avengers [1]by Aria
"Strength and courage aren't always measured in medals and victories. They are measured in the struggled they overcome. The strongest people aren't always the peopl...
Split Memories | A Split Story  by nightmare_carousel
Split Memories | A Split Story by 🔎Bree🔎
• i tried to hold these secrets inside me, my mind's like a deadly disease • When Barry finds a young woman lost, hurt, and suffering from amnesia on his way home from w...
If I Seemed Dangerous, Would You Be Scared?-Lab Rats/Spike  by labratsfan333444
If I Seemed Dangerous, Would You Anna 💞
*One of three winners of the "go down with this ship" award from the LREF award show 2016* *Highest Rank: #5 in #Labrats* Meet Brook West, the beautiful and...
i'm not myself || jaehyungparkian by -leanna
i'm not myself || jaehyungparkianby maybe amaya
just your average jaehyungparkian instagram dm au that no one asked for but with a surprising twist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ---- started: 31.5.2018 ||vERY slow updates|| #8 jaehyung...
Making Things Right by N0vu5_R4v3n
Making Things Rightby N0vu5_R4v3n
Midoriya Izuku has gone through hell and back. Not only did he find out that the number 1 villain is his father, but he had to watch all of his friends die right in fron...
Konoha's Jashinist (Naruto Fanfic) by HysteriaDominion
Konoha's Jashinist (Naruto Fanfic)by HysteriaDominion
Naruto Uzumaki has a secret he's been hiding from the world. He's the brother of the famous Jashinisit Hidan. When Hidan was asked to join the Akatsuki he hid his brothe...
Me, Myself and I by PeggyFly19
Me, Myself and Iby Peggy Fly
Izuku Midoriya, as the special student of Principal Nezu, joins the different departments of U.A. except for the Hero course. Join him as he befriends and helps the dif...
I'll Never Tell (#WattysShorts) by StacyHanvy
I'll Never Tell (#WattysShorts)by Stacy Hanvy
Cadence has a secret, one that she's never told anyone. Just how far will she go to keep it? Trigger warnings: this story contains the following: mental disorders, death...
I swear I'm normal (Split fanfiction) by mariaraynpando
I swear I'm normal (Split BATMAN
You were just a girl with a traumatizing past who got invited to a classmates birthday party when you and three other girls get kidnapped. You soon learn that this man h...
crimson eyes. | Multiple Personality| villain deku by explosion_queen
crimson eyes. | Multiple Akari Ciara
deku has lived his life since the age of 5 with other people sharing the space in his head. All different versions of him. He's gone through life with nobody but his mot...
Twisted by Khaylade
Twistedby Khayla Jade
"For love is but a twisted thing" New school, new friends,new beginnings........ these are all Alex's thoughts when she moves back to Florida after three years...
Misinformation About Dissociative Identity Disorder by ightimaheadout
Misinformation About Wowza
Because of all the misinformation regarding Dissociative identity disorder (formerly multiple personality disorder) we would like to, as a diagnosed system, clear some t...
My Dissociative Identity Disorder  by NoellabellaBianchi
My Dissociative Identity Disorder by NoellabellaBianchi
This is going to be about D.I.D and my alters. We'll answer any questions you have that aren't extremely personal.
Insane Minds (Goro Akechi X OC) by QueenVanofCamelot
Insane Minds (Goro Akechi X OC)by van
In a world that was unfair to him at birth, there was one day that Goro Akechi made a deal with the girl that could make all the difference in a game rigged against him...
Lunatic Split - Honkai Impact 3 Fanfiction by aria_oneiro
Lunatic Split - Honkai Impact 3 aria
After her death, Diana wakes up with an unfamiliar body. No, she knows whose body this belongs to. She knows how this story goes, and she knows who will and who will not...
"Mommy..." by loving_bl_wrold
"Mommy..."by Singularity
Multiple behaviour! jinyoung And bottom! jackson It's soft.
DELUSIONS (Sample) [PUBLISHED]by Amy Crandall
[NOW PUBLISHED BY LIMITLESS PUBLISHING] A deadly game is being played. The question is . . . who will survive? *** As she waits to give her statement in one of the inter...
Fractured Mind by AFScorpio91
Fractured Mindby AFScorpio91
Set in The Amazing Spider-Man movie-verse; Peter Parker struggles with the battle within himself after the death of his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. Peter has new challenges...
A Storm This Way Comes- Teen Wolf by Immortal33
A Storm This Way Comes- Teen Wolfby Mia R
The pack is faced with a new threat. One that they didn't expect to encounter. It will either bring them together or tear them apart.
My Journey Through Life by Witchygirl322
My Journey Through Lifeby Caomihe Ethne
This is going to be about stuff I have done. AKA my open journal to the public. if you are going through some of this I hope this may help you.