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Silent Anguish by snookbug29
Silent Anguishby E.L. Patterson
Poem about infertility
Am I Even A Girl? by MRKHgirl
Am I Even A Girl?by MRKHgirl
I'm 1 in 4'500. This is about how I discovered I was born without a vagina.
The Life of A Normal Girl With MRKH by CheerfullyCynical1
The Life of A Normal Girl With MRKHby CheerfullyCynical1
This is my life. I was diagnosed with something called MRKH a few months ago. MRKH only effects woman, and it leaves a young girl feeling lonely, angry, upset, and jealo...
Rokitansky by AliceWriterland
Rokitanskyby Alice Darwin
"Both gripping - I read it in one sitting - and deeply moving, staying In your thoughts long after you've finished." EVENING STANDARD "Rokitansky is an in...
Deepest Depths  by MelBowbie
Deepest Depths by MelBowbie
You would think after Three years the wounds would have heeled for Bethenny but no, they only get deeper by the day. She's only human and can only handle as much pain be...
The adventures of Evan and Tia. by IAmTheMadHatter
The adventures of Evan and hatter
Evan Teller is only twenty-five years old, yet he is already a father to little five year old Tia. Tia is a wildly rambunctious child, and Evan loves her with his entire...