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Astral Influence  by OnneileMpete
Astral Influence by Onneile Mpete
Azalea Smith just like the flower she's named after is elegant and a delightful person; you can't take your eyes off...
The adventures of Evan and Tia. by IAmTheMadHatter
The adventures of Evan and hatter
Evan Teller is only twenty-five years old, yet he is already a father to little five year old Tia. Tia is a wildly rambunctious child, and Evan loves her with his entire...
Am I Even A Girl? by MRKHgirl
Am I Even A Girl?by MRKHgirl
I'm 1 in 4'500. This is about how I discovered I was born without a vagina.
Silent Anguish by snookbug29
Silent Anguishby E.L. Patterson
Poem about infertility
Rokitansky by AliceWriterland
Rokitanskyby Alice Darwin
"Both gripping - I read it in one sitting - and deeply moving, staying In your thoughts long after you've finished." EVENING STANDARD "Rokitansky is an in...
The Life of A Normal Girl With MRKH by CheerfullyCynical1
The Life of A Normal Girl With MRKHby CheerfullyCynical1
This is my life. I was diagnosed with something called MRKH a few months ago. MRKH only effects woman, and it leaves a young girl feeling lonely, angry, upset, and jealo...