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moomoo smuts 😏 (discontinued until further notice) by toomanygirlfriends
moomoo smuts 😏 (discontinued unti...by horny kpopper 💅
mamamoo smuts 😏 some are g!p (girl with penis) some are regular
Mamamoo Oneshots by Moonsunships
Mamamoo Oneshotsby AyAaaa
Pm me or comment inside the bk what u guys want, like what kind of mamamoo ships u want me to write and i will write it! Thx for reading this, as said i decided to writ...
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collection by scandalousgal
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collectionby elly
I'll post my mamamoo nsfw one shots here too I post them on Asianfanfics too everything here is pure fiction!
Mamamoo One shots and Multishots collection by FourWithTheSun
Mamamoo One shots and Multishots c...by Ncrn92MMM
I've been thinking about writing one-shots and Multi-shots, many plots are running in my mind. I hope it will give me some relief from stress and tension. Some stories m...
Always Been You by RockandJems101
Always Been Youby RockandJems101
Most impressive ranking: Moonsun #1 01/3/2019 ; Mamamoo #2 01/03/2019; Wheebyul #1 06/27/2019 Long-time couple Yongsun and Moonbyul are practically inseparable, but...
A Reason To Live | Wheebyul | Moonsun by RockandJems101
A Reason To Live | Wheebyul | Moon...by RockandJems101
Moonbyul didn't want to live without the love of her life, Yongsun...until one night she has to...and with Wheein's help, she did.
The Sun behind the Moon by Byulyi143
The Sun behind the Moonby The Playful Writer
Kim Yong Sun/Solar - She is famous at her school because of modeling and her voice. She is 3/4 Canadian that's where Solar came from, and 1/4 Korean. Moon Byul Yi - A ca...
Living In The Past (WheeByul) by MooMoo619Blink808
Living In The Past (WheeByul)by VladShin
Inspector Moon Byul-Yi is a Police Officer who only have one goal in her mind, to avenge the death of the love of her life, Kim Seok Jin. But along the process of invest...
Oneshots ||Kpop gxg|| by angelkoyuki
Oneshots ||Kpop gxg||by Hiatus
•in which cj writes various gay oneshots about various gay idols• ||sporadic updates usually only when I have random inspiration||
Just Be Mine Already  by Lonely_midnxghts
Just Be Mine Already by Lone Wolf 🐺
Wheein is in love with Byul, but she thinks Byul only has eyes for Yongsun. She's jealous, but will she hide her feelings or will she make Byul's hers?
|Moonsun| Nếu em có thế by _chuotlangbeo_
|Moonsun| Nếu em có thếby .exe
Moon Byulyi phải đứng ra bảo hộ cho một kẻ giết người không dao Kim Yongsun
MAMAMOO {Couples} by Taennie_hyo
MAMAMOO {Couples}by Taennie_hyo
~Mamamoo~ We would like to welcome you~ Hwasahan ¡GEI! Munbyeori ¡GEI! Solla ¡GEI! & ¿GEI? Hwiin ¡GEI! Mamam- GEEEEEEEEEI~
The Bro Code | Wheebyul | Moonsun by RockandJems101
The Bro Code | Wheebyul | Moonsunby RockandJems101
Minhyuk and Wheein are best friends, and its all good and well...but apparently there's this code between best friends that you shouldn't sleep with your best friend's s...
MAMAMOO : one shot story compilation by accousticbaobei
MAMAMOO : one shot story compilati...by Moostard~
// The last night // by mamamemoo
// The last night //by
"I'm tired of this. This is the best way to end everything." "But please........don't tell her." {A/N: This is my first book (a newbie of writing fan...
Crying at the Moon by RockandJems101
Crying at the Moonby RockandJems101
MoonSun and WheeByul angst because I like hurting myself. People always talk about how the sun loved the moon but rarely talk about how the wolf cries for the moon every...
For A Lifetime (WHEEBYUL) by randomcreativeshit
For A Lifetime (WHEEBYUL)by Moonbyul's
Wheein and Moonbyul have spent their whole life by each other's side until, one day, Wheein has to leave. With a heavy heart, she promises Moonbyul that she will come ba...
Desperate || Moonsun & Wheebyul by zhurae
Desperate || Moonsun & Wheebyulby ✨
Solar doesn't like her in that way and every body knows it, but she just cant help but crave her warmth and affection. She's desperate. - Intended Soleric and wheebyul
How I Wonder What You Are (A Byul Fanfiction) by moonbyulthegay
How I Wonder What You Are (A Byul...by moonbyul the gay
So... this is a fanfic about moonsun, wheebyul and minbyul eyy I hope yall enjoy :)
Sisterzoned (Moonsun One-shot fanfic) by Byulyi143
Sisterzoned (Moonsun One-shot fanf...by The Playful Writer
So I can't get a hang when Solar answered a question, "What is byul to you?" And she answered, "Sister". On the other hand Moon byul answered, "...