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August by skullao3
Augustby Skull
August sipped away like a bottle of wine 'Cause you were never mine
Open Secret by skullao3
Open Secretby Skull
Their love for each other is an open secret within the industry
旧梦 by Small_Fat
旧梦by Small_Fat
作者已授权🖖🏻 LOFTER名-EW 🆔-erwei186 一个离婚前失忆的烂俗故事 (同性婚姻合法背景)
show her your love  by moonstarssolar
show her your love by moonstarssolar
byulyi isn't always the best with emotions, but she loves yongsun, and as hopeless as it is, she needs to find a way to let her know.
My Star - A MoonSun Oneshots by Maryyyy_00
My Star - A MoonSun Oneshotsby Maryyyyy
"In This Life, Will you be My Star" Collection of one shots of MoonSun (Moonbyul & Solar) based on real life scenarios. :)) mostly happy moonsun Hiiii! I'm a n...
Face it together by Armaya98
Face it togetherby Armaya98
Everyone seems to know that Moonbyul is gay except for Solar. She realises that she don't want her friend to date other people, but what does that mean?
Oneshots ||Kpop gxg|| by angelkoyuki
Oneshots ||Kpop gxg||by Hiatus
•in which cj writes various gay oneshots about various gay idols• ||sporadic updates usually only when I have random inspiration||
The Other Side of The Moon [MoonSun Fanfic] by Yong08
The Other Side of The Moon [ Yong08
Do our outer appearance decide our personality? Or is the way we act? Your persona. Is it all that matters? Or is it the real you? Moonbyul was a devil born in a low ca...
 The 8SquAd [COMPLETED] by YooYeoniiee_
The 8SquAd [COMPLETED]by Jeorge
8 girls who transfer to Yonsei University...
Breakeven (Moonsun Short Fanfic) by Byulyi143
Breakeven (Moonsun Short Fanfic)by The Playful Writer
"Byul can you just accept the fact that Eric also matters to me, my world doesn't revolve on you alone. Eric isn't just someone to me, he's more than a friend he is...
Destiny [MOONSUN] by sendmeademon
Destiny [MOONSUN]by sendmeademon
Kim Yongsun works a 9 to 5 job, but in the afternoons, her friend Joohyun and her are the protagonists of the Youtube channel Irene&Solar, where they do covers, especial...
The Undead Us. by Moonsunbae-nim
Zombie apocalypse, something no one would've foretold. An explosion, in the middle of the night and suddenly all these cannibalistic people go 'round infecting others. T...
// The last night // by mamamemoo
// The last night //by
"I'm tired of this. This is the best way to end everything." "But please........don't tell her." {A/N: This is my first book (a newbie of writing fan...
[Conversion | Moonsun] 7 Weeks by BlinkmooIC
[Conversion | Moonsun] 7 Weeksby Sophie
And after all these years, all that was left of Moonbyul and Yongsun's relationship is 7 weeks. ************************ Original work: Credit to @DonkeyASS_ Original st...
Made In Heaven | Moonsun by MoonsteriousGirl
Made In Heaven | Moonsunby Moonsterious
Moon Byul is an angel with injured wings. Yongsun is a doctor specialized in healing angel wings. With quarantine still going on, the doctor and patient have no option b...
Dark Side of the Moon by LiraFeliciano
Dark Side of the Moonby Byuls Hamster
Yongsun is living on the dark side struggling to live each day, Moonbyul is a mogul heiress who doesn't have to work a single day in her life. Can the mogul heiress live...
Stangers To Girlfreinds by MiTzu0SaHyo
Stangers To Girlfreindsby MiTzu0SaHyo
Tzuyu and Mina go to different school's but meet due to them getting the same bus. They often saw each other during school events. Like the athletic one's where school c...
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collection by scandalousgal
Mamamoo nsfw one-shots collectionby elly
I'll post my mamamoo nsfw one shots here too I post them on Asianfanfics too everything here is pure fiction!
Secret-Tainted Love(MoonSun) by lunar_lover_m
Secret-Tainted Love(MoonSun)by Big Loona Stan
"This world isn't perfect, but you are." Hello. This book may have some mature content later on, but it also has some darker themes, so I'm marking it mature.
The Bro Code | Wheebyul | Moonsun by RockandJems101
The Bro Code | Wheebyul | Moonsunby RockandJems101
Minhyuk and Wheein are best friends, and its all good and well...but apparently there's this code between best friends that you shouldn't sleep with your best friend's s...