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In love with Kris Wu by kpoprocks44
In love with Kris Wuby Crazykpoper
Lee hyejin wakes up in the stranger's mansion and doesn't remember a thing what happened yesterday after she passed out in Club. Interested? Read to find out started: 9t...
  • exofanfic
  • zico
  • kris
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Love & Hate (Moonsun) by StrangerThanDiction
Love & Hate (Moonsun)by Once You Wheein...
Moon Byulyi is the star photographer and editor of R.B.W. High's newspaper, perfectly content in her own normal world of black and white. Kim Yongsun is the new transfer...
  • moonsun
  • highschool
  • mamamoo
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BLOOM ; MOONSUN by -astroverse
BLOOM ; MOONSUNby seulgism.
ೋ❀❀ೋ═══•═══ೋ❀❀ೋ ⇀「completed//moonsun」 ❛ i bloom just for you ❜ In which Moonbyul keeps coughing rose petals because of a certain, blonde haired girl. ೋ❀❀ೋ═══•═══ೋ❀❀ೋ STA...
  • moonbyul
  • hanahaki
  • hwasa
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김혜진  | BigBang No. Five by yoiisho
김혜진 | BigBang No. Fiveby yoiisho
BigBang's sixth (now fifth) member, Hyejin.
  • dong
  • taeyang
  • fem
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Just A Dream by JangMiSong
Just A Dreamby Song Jang Mi
"Please come back! I need you I just can't let you go Was it all just a dream?"
  • school
  • joowon
  • teen
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Group Chat Room {Mamamoo} by MyDailyDynamic
Group Chat Room {Mamamoo}by Jaws
A Mamamoo group chat, where shit happens Warning(s): Cursing Girl x Girl Dirty remarks Gay stuff Most Impressive Rankings: #4 - Wheesa #3 - Hyejin #12 - Solar
  • wheein
  • wheesa
  • moonbyul
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stargirl, hwabyul by SEULGlS
stargirl, hwabyulby ً
words left unspoken only lead to a broken heart HWABYUL.
  • mamamoo
  • hwabyul
  • hwasa
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Always Been You by RockandJems101
Always Been Youby RockandJems101
Most impressive ranking: Moonsun #1 01/3/2019 ; Mamamoo #2 01/03/2019; Wheebyul #3 11/20/2018 Long-time couple Yongsun and Moonbyul are practically inseparable, bu...
  • mamamoo
  • wheesa
  • moonsun
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A Reason To Live | Wheebyul | Moonsun by RockandJems101
A Reason To Live | Wheebyul | Moon...by RockandJems101
Moonbyul didn't want to live without the love of her life...until one night she has to...and she did.
  • wheebyul
  • hyejin
  • moonbyul
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++Play boys "F4"++ by mnkh_pink
++Play boys "F4"++by mnkh
ххххххPlay boyz F4xxxxxxxx "+" төрөл Зохиолч: JINI _________________________________________ НамайгЖэхи гэдэг Ким Жэхи. Жэхи гэдэг бол аз жаргал гэсэн утга...
  • exo
  • jein
  • jini
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Moonbyul X Sandeul (My red string)  by Fazy00
Moonbyul X Sandeul (My red string) by Fazy00
Sandeul 19 years old is a student from WM high school while Byulyi 18 years old is a student from RBW high school but they were born in the same year but the different m...
  • hwasa
  • moonbyul
  • wheein
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halloween//wheesa + moonsun by senpaitaehyung
halloween//wheesa + moonsunby ♡
when yongsun and wheein decide to go in a haunted corn maze, they never thought they'd find their true love. ©senpaitaehyung
  • mamamoo
  • taehyung
  • hyejin
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honey : wheesa oneshots by daddyhwasa
honey : wheesa oneshotsby ☪
❝ baby, you're as sweet as honey. ❞ previously don't make me kiss you © daddyhwasa
  • solar
  • wheesa
  • moonbyul
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The Sun + Stars by StrangerThanDiction
The Sun + Starsby Once You Wheein...
Byul decides to form a band to win a competition and makes unexpected friends along the way.
  • moonbyul
  • hwasa
  • solar
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"IZ*ONE AS FOC" (BOOK 2) by innocent_gay
corny po toh
  • nakbi
  • 2won
  • ssambbang
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Still You - Mamamoo (Moonsun) by TaengkiD
Still You - Mamamoo (Moonsun)by TaengkiD
The bright student Kim Solar fall in love for the first time. An. First time writing MMM here. ummm it's angsty tho, bit romance and comedy. i'm trying to keep it PG but...
  • ykbk
  • hyejin
  • romance
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You're by MyDailyDynamic
You'reby Jaws
Wheein and Hyejin's perspectives of their love life with each other and their lover themself. Each time they use a word to describe them as best as possible. Most Impres...
  • hyejin
  • wheein
  • yongsun
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thick as thieves || bts x mamamoo by PalmerPie
thick as thieves || bts x mamamooby PalmerPie
the bangtan pirate crew has spent all of their lives sailing the seven seas searching for an illusive holy grail. all it takes is some fate, luck, and a couple of cross...
  • jhope
  • bts
  • romance
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EXID - MẶN NHẠT STORYby Shizuka Yuuki
Vài câu truyện nhảm do đầu óc không bình thường của mình nghĩ ra =)))) Tốc độ truyện ra từng chap là phụ thuộc vào độ mặn và sự lười biếng của mình =))) Truyện đầu tiên...
  • solji
  • jeonghwa
  • halyn
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Онигор нүдтэй, булцайсан хацартай тэр хүү хүүхдүүд өөрийг нь дээрэлхээд байхад инээгээд л байдаг байлаа. Мангар хүн шиг. Тэр зүгээр л миний хальт таньдаг бүдүүн залуу...
  • solar
  • mamamoo
  • aomg
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