Monster-romance Stories

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The Adventure by themintymonster
The Adventureby Mintster Monsters
As a child, you'd loved hearing tales of heroes and magic, and aspired to one day go out and have a grand adventure of your own. However, reality hits hard when you leav...
The Synthetic Era by themintymonster
The Synthetic Eraby Mintster Monsters
A collection of futuristic, out of this world monster/alien/robot romance stories. Far in the future, aliens, sentient robots, and space exploration are commonplace. Whi...
The Bound by themintymonster
The Boundby Mintster Monsters
As an amateur paranormal investigator and internet personality, you've made a name for yourself investigating creepy places. But you've always wanted to visit the old ma...
The Fighter by themintymonster
The Fighterby Mintster Monsters
When you get an assignment to interview a mysterious figure outside your field, you can't help but wonder exactly why nobody else seems to be able to find the guy...
Monster- love. by thedaily_writer
Monster- thedaily_writer
a human boy, fell in a monster world. what is there in life? love. yes, love is awaiting his destany.
New Genna City by themintymonster
New Genna Cityby Mintster Monsters
A collection of stories about life and times in and around a large metropolitan city where monsters are commonplace. Each chapter is a new story, (with only one excepti...
The Symbiote by themintymonster
The Symbioteby Mintster Monsters
It's just another normal, boring day in the AlignTek township, and I can't wait for my shift to end so I can do something more exciting. That is, until I notice somethin...
The V1RuS by themintymonster
The V1RuSby Mintster Monsters
You wait patiently as the files download to your computer, ever excited about the fact that your friend had managed to find that old game you'd wanted. It was weird, tho...
The Arachnis Empire by themintymonster
The Arachnis Empireby Mintster Monsters
A collection of stories from a hidden underground kingdom populated by the Arachnis people, more commonly know as "driders".
One-Shot Stories by themintymonster
One-Shot Storiesby Mintster Monsters
A collection of SFW readerxmonster stories I've written over time! Each chapter is a new story. There's all sorts of creatures in here, from orcs, to dragonmen, to min...
D20 by themintymonster
D20by Mintster Monsters
In the worlds of tabletop RPGs, anything is possible. But what happens when some of that possibility bleeds into the real world?