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D20 by themintymonster
D20by Mintster Monsters
In the worlds of tabletop RPGs, anything is possible. But what happens when some of that possibility bleeds into the real world?
The Krampus Organization by themintymonster
The Krampus Organizationby Mintster Monsters
**Update: now a collection of stories about the various different Krampus(es?) that make up the Christmas shadow organization that manages the naughty list!
The Secret Admirer by themintymonster
The Secret Admirerby Mintster Monsters
What starts off as a normal, if annoying, day turns into something strange. Beautifully blossoming branches are left outside your home, and mysterious notes start to app...
Arkley Falls by themintymonster
Arkley Fallsby Mintster Monsters
A collection of stories set in a very unique small town. Somewhere in the northeast, there's a small town hidden away in the embrace of a beautiful, dense forest. You'd...
Just Business by DashofMonsters
Just Businessby Dash
You and Cavan have been friends ever since his family moved into your hometown of Gilli. His family is comprised of master crafters and your father took quick notice of...
Clawdeen wolf x Fem!Oc reader  by Fr41l_d0ll1
Clawdeen wolf x Fem!Oc reader by Onyx <3
This is the story of how Clawdeen wolf, a werewolf attending monster high, and Lily Mizuno become beast friends and Maybe more while studying fashion in Scaris Pleas not...
The Fighter by themintymonster
The Fighterby Mintster Monsters
When you get an assignment to interview a mysterious figure outside your field, you can't help but wonder exactly why nobody else seems to be able to find the guy...
Le Miror Terram by themintymonster
Le Miror Terramby Mintster Monsters
A collection of stories inspired by a certain fairytale, centered around a cafe in Paris. Some of these will have multiple parts, others not. Quite curious, don't you th...
Minty's Fanfic Archive by themintymonster
Minty's Fanfic Archiveby Mintster Monsters
I don't have much, but what fanfics I DO write will be stashed in here mostly for archiving purposes. Feel free to read them, though! :)
Encounters with Monsters | A Reader x Monster anthology series by thereal13throse
Encounters with Monsters | A Rose
Encounter monsters in the depths of the darkest forest. Sing with creatures from the deep blue sea. Chat with spirits, walk with the undead, dine with demons. Encounters...
The V1RuS by themintymonster
The V1RuSby Mintster Monsters
You wait patiently as the files download to your computer, ever excited about the fact that your friend had managed to find that old game you'd wanted. It was weird, tho...
Shangri-La by themintymonster
Shangri-Laby Mintster Monsters
In an effort to locate the famed mythical city, you've made the journey to the Himalayas to find a guide through the mountains. Only when you find yourself separated fro...
The Trip by themintymonster
The Tripby Mintster Monsters
You felt incredibly lucky to have been able to join the class on this adventure to the Amazon Rainforest. You wondered if there might be things that you'd never seen bef...
The Patriarch by themintymonster
The Patriarchby Mintster Monsters
It's Halloween! But something weird is going on... was something looking in your window just now...?
The Bound by themintymonster
The Boundby Mintster Monsters
As an amateur paranormal investigator and internet personality, you've made a name for yourself investigating creepy places. But you've always wanted to visit the old ma...
Monster x Reader by ExperimentedAlien
Monster x Readerby ExperimentedAlien
This is my first big writing thing so I'm very sorry if anything ends up being cringey or just bad writing lmao. I am VERY young (trust me), so this is a SFW 🗿 So yes...
The Symbiote by themintymonster
The Symbioteby Mintster Monsters
It's just another normal, boring day in the AlignTek township, and I can't wait for my shift to end so I can do something more exciting. That is, until I notice somethin...
The Passage by themintymonster
The Passageby Mintster Monsters
It's just another normal day, trying to get by without incident. I can't even pretend that I'm enjoying this "family" outing to the park anymore. Suddenly, I s...
New Genna City by themintymonster
New Genna Cityby Mintster Monsters
A collection of stories about life and times in and around a large metropolitan city where monsters are commonplace. Each chapter is a new story, (with only one excepti...
The Adventure by themintymonster
The Adventureby Mintster Monsters
As a child, you'd loved hearing tales of heroes and magic, and aspired to one day go out and have a grand adventure of your own. However, reality hits hard when you leav...