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Locker Letters [MomoJirou] by hemming-whey
Locker Letters [MomoJirou]by Claude
Kyouka Jirou and Momo Yaoyorozu haven't properly met due to their overlapping schedules and different lifestyles. Their paths slowly start to align after a mini locker m...
Momojiro oneshots  by m0therfuck3r_
Momojiro oneshots by 🎧📼🚬🩹🃏🧋
⚠️ended⚠️ ✨I wrote this book when I was like 12 so keep that in mind✨ Fluff, angst and smut None of the characters or art is mine unless stated otherwise Started- 19/07...
Drabbles and Oneshots [MomoJirou] by hemming-whey
Drabbles and Oneshots [MomoJirou]by Claude
Collection of drabbles and oneshots featuring the ship MomoJirou, between characters Momo Yaoyorozu and Kyouka Jirou, from the anime My Hero Academia. Genres and possibl...
The Late Moon Pillar by Writes4Kelshie
The Late Moon Pillarby Kelshie
People developed quirks and they started to use it mostly on saving someone. Y/N is the last descendant of the Moon Breathe User who seriously learned this type of brea...
Just a whole lot of Momojirou by Chloe_Burgeroiz
Just a whole lot of Momojirouby Chloe_Burgeroiz
if u like momojirou and want something to read- then you are in for a show~ I update as often as I can not my art and I do not own MHA
Sometimes fear is the best weapon by PrimeA1999
Sometimes fear is the best weaponby PrimeA1999
Fear... fear can be a powerful weapon in a world with powers but is it good for heroics, Izuku Midoriya didn't know if you even could become a hero with fear, but that w...
Momojirou Oneshots by xRoyal_Gras6yx
Momojirou Oneshotsby xRoyal_Gras6yx
Wrote this when I was like 11-12 so yk beware Well the title explains it all doesn't it? Request are open! You can put them in the comments of any oneshot, just put &quo...
One shots for Momojirou by drytexter10
One shots for Momojirouby Ima ghost
Random one shots for one of the best mha ships in my opinion ;) I made the cover using a picture of them so part of it belongs to google and part of it belongs to me. I...
MomoJirō Oneshots by superdelulu
MomoJirō Oneshotsby superdelulu
Most chapters are no quirk au' Contains fluff, smut, drabbles etc. Started: 5/27/21 Ended:
MHA react to the Dekuverse by samuelspence
MHA react to the Dekuverseby AshFox
One day out of nowhere the entire class of 1A and 1B, pro hero Eraserhead, midnight, endeavour, all might, hawks, present mic, hound dog, some of the villains and Nezu w...
breaking her Walls (momojirou) by greenglaxy
breaking her Walls (momojirou)by greengalaxy
kyouka jirou is the outcast of the class 1/A. she only talks when she hast to or when she insulting denki and Mr.pervert, from being perverts or idiots. otherwise she is...
MomoJirou Oneshots by icewolf49
MomoJirou Oneshotsby jirou222
there isn't enough momojirou content out there so here are some stories to add to your momojirou bible
🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈ოԾოԾϳᎥᏒԾu🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈 by katsubro_bakahoe
🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈ოԾოԾϳᎥᏒԾu🏳‍🌈🏳‍🌈by 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢 𝚋𝚛𝚘𝚜𝚔𝚒𝚎
Basically anything momojirou... probably will consist of: ▪Pics ▪one-shots ▪AUs ▪drabbles ▪other stuffz that's not momojirou ▪other, other stuffz that's not related to b...
Stay With Me - A MomoJirou Fic by flowersandfailures
Stay With Me - A MomoJirou Ficby <3
Kyouka Jirou has a crush on her best friend. So does Momo Yaoyorozu. Both are oblivious. < i do not own, or claim to own any of these characters. the only part i o...
regrets and promises | momojirou  by wonderfuel666
regrets and promises | momojirou by toga is my queen
(part two of "less than okay.") Jirou had Hanahaki. Momo has Hanahaki. And, Denki wants to make sure his promise to Jirou doesn't go unnoticed.
Momojirou Oneshots! by Valkireiy
Momojirou Oneshots!by Valkyrie
Momojirou oneshots! There may be some songfics as well. There will be angst, fluff, lemons, maybe smut (don't count on it) and just some fun stories I want to write! Non...
The Pain of Love~ (MomoJirou Story) by Mungken28
The Pain of Love~ (MomoJirou Story)by MottledRacoon_45
It's the 2nd year of U.A and Jirou can't help but think about her and Momo together. She tries to avoid her but she can't, she always ends up talking to her and she know...
My love only blooms inside of me by Insane_Fanfic_Writer
My love only blooms inside of meby Insane_Fanfic_Writer
Kyōka Jirō, one of UA's aspiring heroes... Had been defeated. It started as a simple crush, and then the crush became crushing as the work of a single villain tore her...
AE to "Complicated" (momojirou) by drytexter10
AE to "Complicated" (momojirou)by Ima ghost
This is an Alternate Ending to the story "Complicated" by oiitskaii! Please go read till about chapter 48 if you want to understand this! It's an awesome story...
Shinkamideku by rubibunn
Shinkamidekuby ILikeBluefanfic2
In this story Denki and Izuku were childhood friends but got separated at the age of 8. They both had a secret only each other and their families knew which was that the...