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Persephone by love-the-songs
Persephoneby Ellie
Featured: 8/14/17 Highest rank: #14 in vampire His eyes were a clear empty black, rage filled and fear striking as he spoke, "My darling, Persephone, don't you kno...
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Saving the slave by clairegret
Saving the slaveby clairegret
In a time when slavery exists, Aubrey is forced to get a slave, Hayden. When realizing how broken he is, she promises herself she will fix him. When they undoubtably fal...
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Yandere!Daddy!America x Pet!Reader : Collars in Arms by Post-Moe
Yandere!Daddy!America x Pet!Reader...by Post - Polnareff
Oh no, not that kind of Daddy. I'm talking about the kinky shit. You better believe he's going to own you.
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Pride?  by Elijah_Jajile
Pride? by Elijah Arvee Villanueva Manie...
Isang pusong napunit Isang pusong umibig
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Crimson by JillianKopkowski
Crimsonby JillianKopkowski
A short, deceptive, and colorful poem detailing the rugged ways people view themselves and the secrets everyone keeps
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Be brave. by ShrutiGupta11358
Be brave.by Shruti Gupta
Your choice cannot be good. Your choice cannot be bad. There's only one thing that it can be. Yours. Be brave to accept yourself and love yourself for your choices.
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The Alpha's by livbug165
The Alpha'sby livbug165
Cierra was sent to kill a guy. Can she do it when she realizes what he is?
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The Bossy (Dominant Addiction Series#1) by tamadest
The Bossy (Dominant Addiction Seri...by tamadest
"Paranoia- a serious mental illness that causes you to falsely believe that other people are trying to harm you"
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Swazer Academy (On-Going) *TagLish* by KookieWife01
Swazer Academy (On-Going) *TagLish*by KookieWife01
Im Blake Flaire Alione. Born to be a Legendary Queen.
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I Hate You But I love You  by MargaretteC_04
I Hate You But I love You by Ate MarGary
Warning: Slow Update. Please be patient... "He's my enemy..." - Heart Angel Hwang "She's my enemy" - Zion Sky Collins "I chasing him..." ...
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The in between worlds  by _ShadowCat89_
The in between worlds by _ShadowCat89_
This is a story about a demon and a angel falling in love.
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Rules Of Wonderment  by UrviMilan
Rules Of Wonderment by Urvi Milan
Birdy was struggling with depression for the past 4 years and is starting to get her life together but still has a few bad habits that her 3 roommates are trying to get...
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16 and banged up  by ariatrent
16 and banged up by Inkmonster77
Hailey reed is a normal 16 year old girl trying to get on with her day to day lifestyle as a teen but, it's kinda hard when you have a little surprise kicking at your st...
Obsessive Love  by Muazzezez
Obsessive Love by Muazzezez
"Emily I'll make you mine ..no matter what I have to do to get you I'll do it..... even if takes killing some one I will!! I swear no one is gonna take you away fro...
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{Another Day - Instagram Account}  by Celestial_Planet
{Another Day - Instagram Account} by Reader_1926
This is Elizabeth Lee Roses's or my OC's Instagram Account in the Another Day - Group RP I'm in.
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10 things to know before owning a dog. by edwarddarksword
10 things to know before owning a...by edwarddarksword
A few things to know before owning a dog. From (petmd .com)
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Sandalton Madness by Yemichi
Sandalton Madnessby Yemichi
Ako lang naman ang babae napaka despirada. Lahat gagawin ng saganon ay maangkin ang lalaking iniibig ko. Ngunit ng malaman ko ang kanyang sekreto. Nagbago ang lahat.