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The truth (Juzo ff) by Moon_Skater
The truth (Juzo ff)by Moon_Girl
Klassenfahrt! Wir alle kennen sie, wir alle lieben sie! Vorausgesetzt du bist nicht das Mobbingopfer deiner Klasse und kommst kurz darauf auch noch mit dem beliebtesten...
From ‚hate you' to ,love you'  by BS2911
From ‚hate you' to ,love you' by BS2911
Zach Dempsey and Blair Destany would never love each other.....well that's what they thought.
L'amico misterioso by bodale83
L'amico misteriosoby Marina Panai
Adele Garavaglia è una bella 25enne milanese che ha subito moltissime umiliazioni nella sua vita. Dal mobbing ai tradimenti alle false accuse. Il 31 Dicembre 2017 brucer...
New life new luck by JoChBoe
New life new luckby Jochiii
Lisa Manobal, ja, das hast du richtig gehört, mein Name ist Lisa Manobal, ich komme aus Thailand und bin gerade nach Korea gezogen und musste mein altes Leben hinter mir...
HeartBEAT by AllyMaii
HeartBEATby AllyMaii
HeartACHE series PART ONE Alec is a ballet and contemporary dancer. As he gets a place at New York Academy of Ballet and Modern, one of the best Dance Academies in the w...
ALONE . by insomnialix
❝ what happened to 8 or none Chan?!? ❞ Felix skz sad au. ( THIS IS MY FIRST STORY- I DONT RECOMMEND AT ALL- PLSPLS)
strange love - n.h. by arietem
strange love - nessie//louise
Molly Winter is working hard to earn money for her art studies. Even with her troubled family and dark future prospects she stays optimistic. One very early foggy mornin...
Bella Holland - the only girl in the holland family by Sininho73
Bella Holland - the only girl in Book_Lover_73
Bella Holland - little sister of Tom, Sam, Harry and Paddy Holland and only daughter of Nikki and Dom ***************
Alone! by Elibre55
Alone!by ELINA
The 16 year old Emily discovered the hard reality of life way too soon. Left alone from her brothers. Parents dead. Many foster families. And now again a new family. Thi...
Lesbian by Cevz04
Lesbianby Coco
Things aren't easy for Jessie. Of all people, she, the shy, helpful, self-critical nerd in school, is being asked out by the most popular boy. In order not to reject him...
stealing hearts // niall horan by goodlouisvibes
stealing hearts // niall horanby Just another kid
Allison is definitely torn around the edges. Allison. Just Allison. No last name, no middle. Her town calls her 'Grey' because her once blue sparkling eyes have turned i...
My husband is My Husband by Datpigglet
My husband is My Husbandby Grace
Eddie and Pearl are 37 and 35 year old married couple. They live a perfect life with their children and strive to give them what they didn't have growing up as any paren...
Und trotzdem gibt es Mich. by GingerDavid
Und trotzdem gibt es GingerDavid
Ich möchte dir von meinem Leben erzählen und wieso ich trotz hunderte Selbstmordversuche und tausender Gründe, immer noch lebe.
New life new luck (English version) by JoChBoe
New life new luck (English version)by Jochiii
Lisa Manobal, yes you heard that right, my name is Lisa Manobal, I come from Thailand and I just moved to Korea and had to leave my old life behind and now I'm starting...
The Shris Revolution (COLLAB) by Anna-Cant-Addicted
The Shris Revolution (COLLAB)by Vaness-Anna
A Shris story, written by: BrianF_nPillman AnnaSOADaddicted ~ TW: ABUSE. This may not be suitable for audiences sensitive to violence. You have been warned.
Mobbing und Liebe by ___Feuerschreiber__
Mobbing und Liebeby feuerschreiber
die 12 jährige hailey wird in der Schule sehr stark gemobbt undhaltet dass alles nicht mehr aus. Sie hat ihre lehrerin als Freundin gewonnen die auch PSychologie studier...
AFR - Away  from reality by Rintoro
AFR - Away from realityby Rintama
An everyday life of a poor lonely girl. Insults mobbing/violence/avoiding reality, questioning life and stuff like that. It's only soft and hinted. My hearts to soft f...
Leiden by AlinaKnopp
Leidenby Alina Knopp
Ein Brief.. an meine Mobberin 💕
Empire Ender [removed] Torth #6 by AbbyBabble
Empire Ender [removed] Torth #6by Abby Goldsmith
Start this series with MAJORITY by Abby Goldsmith ✴✴✴✴✴ Ariock used to be an enslaved gladiator who ripped apart aliens for silent voyeurs. ...
SKOLDJUNGELNby Elvina Gusénow
Det är en story om hur skolor äter upp alla de som är utanför