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Always Everything  by BlissReads
Always Everything by BlissReads
Aubrey and Sterling are father and son...and this is their story. It wasn't supposed to happen, they weren't even gay, but somehow they found in each other a love that...
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Is it LOVE or it is a PUNISHMANT (Completed) by rabia0032
Is it LOVE or it is a PUNISHMANT ( rabia0032
swasan story after 6 months leap...
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Mystic Messenger Imagines (Character x Reader/Character x Character) by eridol
Mystic Messenger Imagines ( 𝓮𝓻𝓲
Just some imagines for the Mystic Messenger characters! I write character x character and character x reader, more details on requests and whatnot are inside. Enjoy!
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SP tổng hợp by ohmiyaislove
SP tổng hợpby nah
Jumin x MC's pregnant story by MMYOITRASH
Jumin x MC's pregnant storyby MM_YOI TRASH
A story of Jumin helping MC trough pregnancy ^^ PS: this is my first Mystic messenger story so I apologize if it is a little boring or does not make sense sometimes
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အနမ်းခြွေမယ် ကလေး.......(Completed)Zaw&Uni by KhunSat001
အနမ်းခြွေမယ် ကလေး.......( koking
မထင်မှတ်ပဲ လူပျိုပေါက်လေးက ကလေးလေးတစ်ယောက် ကောက်ရတဲ့အခါ။ ထိုကလေးလေးအပေါ် ညီအရင်းလို စိတ်မျိုးကနေ ဘယ်လိုများပြောင်းလဲသွားမလဲ။ ဘယ်လောက်ထိ အချစ်တွေ ပိုနေမလဲဆိုတာ.....
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707 X Reader || One-shots [Editing] by PrinceBirdie
707 X Reader || One-shots [Editing]by PrinceBirdie
One-shots of the Mystic Messenger character 707!
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It Started With A Kiss (RamKing) by jrmishue
It Started With A Kiss (RamKing)by jrmishue
Sure, he kissed a lot of boys that night, but none took his breath away as much as the tattooed prince. ___________________________________ This is a slight AU based on...
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Mystic Boyfriend - Scenarios × Oneshots ! by Milkui
Mystic Boyfriend - Scenarios × why 💀
Milkui is too lazy to write a description that readers would ignore ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) Well, the description is now the title. It features scenarios, one shots, more! ♡
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Change | 707 x Hacker!Reader by eluira
Change | 707 x Hacker!Readerby 明
"It runs in my veins. Your attempts will go to vain. Don't you try to stop me - I will never change." When Luciel does his job in hacking into someone's inform...
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Sang On Her Own(ON HOLD)(sequel to Sang and the Sorensons) by Peridotty2003
Sang On Her Own(ON HOLD)(sequel Komila
Sang realizes that she's actually not on her own. Sequel to Sang and the Sorensons *All credit goes to C.L. Stone*
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Reset {Saeran Choi x MC/Fem!Reader} by 1-800-WEEB
Reset {Saeran Choi x MC/Fem!Reader}by 1-800-WEEB
MC is living her life with Saeran and Saeyoung. Seems pretty normal, right? But, what happens everything gets Reset?
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Sweeter than Sweets {M/M} (Dogs, Bats & Monkey Series, Book III) by CatMint5
Sweeter than Sweets {M/M} (Dogs, Dilyana K.
A young man who believes rules aren't meant for him. A by the book law enforcer. An interrogation gone wrong puts them in each other's paths. Half-shifter, half-vampire...
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MM One Shots by kassiii_mp4
MM One Shotsby *+*/𝕜𝕒𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕖/*+*
Mystic Messenger Imagines by Trickster-Kisses
Mystic Messenger Imaginesby Trickster-Kisses
This is Mystic Messenger Guides, One shots, And more. It will mostly have questions that you fans tell me to do. I will do Mystic Messenger Fanfics and AUs (Another Univ...
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red. harry lewis by Sidemen101
red. harry lewisby Sidemen101
to make ones own heart hardened or resistant to someone's pleas or advantages, or to the idea of love.
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[REQUESTS OPEN!!] ☆Mystic Messenger One-Shots☆ by TheHumanOtaku
[REQUESTS OPEN!!] ☆Mystic ?
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ [REQUESTS CURRENTLY OPEN] sorrry i don't update often.... unfortunately, even my mind becomes tired of my obsessions lmao. enjoy~~
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Reset ♡ L. Choi by piinkbee
Reset ♡ L. Choiby 天使
"I know you didn't want to take this route. I know you dislike me. Why don't you go ahead and reset?" ♡ Rank#1 in 707xmc ♡ ♡ Rank #44 in mm ♡ ♡ Rank #101 in 70...
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Mystic Messenger One Shots by mmzenmm
Mystic Messenger One Shotsby zenny
Just some one shots about Mystic Messenger Sorry in advance to make Reader but I will be using a female as the reader :( in my x reader Oneshots! unless requested otherw...
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Emperor's New Clothes by avengenemesis
Emperor's New Clothesby Zaide Chelle Calixtro
Gerald Michaels was shot to death by his only friend but he woke up with his body back to the time people fawns on him. With vengeance in tow, find out how he will take...
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