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Artificial Engagement by ashleighclaire1003
Artificial Engagementby Ashleigh
It was either become a hobo or marry the guy's daughter. He wished he had chosen to become a hobo. "For some reason, I always find myself fantasizing about strangl...
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How To Save A Life by ashleighclaire1003
How To Save A Lifeby Ashleigh
Meet Marinette, a resident doctor who treats all sorts of patients, pulling triple shifts and still being judged by her misogynistic bosses. Her life gets even better wh...
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Lady Midnight in Paris by latestandgreatest
Lady Midnight in Parisby a name I call myself
Darkness has fallen upon Paris. Chat Noir finds himself in uncharted territory when Marinette is akumatized. She has become Midnight, the biggest and darkest villain i...
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Playing the Player by ashleighclaire1003
Playing the Playerby Ashleigh
"Here's the game, Adrien. We date. We hold hands. The first person that falls in love with the other loses." Marinette has had enough of the player of the sch...
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Back strong  by blue_m00n_123
Back strong by •Blue_moon •
Now, only a couple of months are left for Marinette and her friends to graduate from high school. That's when Chloe finally got what she wanted. She got everybody in the...
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Summer Love by ashleighclaire1003
Summer Loveby Ashleigh
Marinette is convinced that life will never be like a happy song, so she tries to keep it real. She decides to spend some time with her dad over the summer in Hilton Hea...
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Gamer Girl (Cat Noir x reader x Nathaniel) by ShunsGirl
Gamer Girl (Cat Noir x reader x Na...by R.M.Weasley
When (Y/N) (L/N) moved to Paris, she wasn't expecting to fall for the black cat superhero, but as he plays with her heartstrings, she is forced to hide behind Gamer Girl...
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A Dark Butterfly// Marichat fanfic {Completed} by jingjo19
A Dark Butterfly// Marichat fanfic...by J o
"Why can't you tell me?" Cat Noir clutched her arm. "You know why Kitty," Ladybug tried to break away, but his grasp was too tight, "Cat, I'm go...
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Together Forever  (Adrien X Luka) ( Fanfiction) (Completed) by Zero-Peace
Together Forever (Adrien X Luka)...by Zero-Peace
(fanfiction) (yaoi) (completed) (luka x adrien ) Miraculous ladybug and catnoir hope you will enjoy any character in this story belongs to its rightful honour Pictur...
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Audacious - Adrien Agreste by whatismylife246
Audacious - Adrien Agresteby DaBug
Adrien x OC Read to find out more...
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 Porcelain Girls by abbiejene
Porcelain Girlsby Book Addict
All Mari could remember was something hard hitting the back of her head. And waking up in a dark room with her hands and feet tied with rough rope.
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Miraculous Secrets (#1): Adrienette Fanfiction by mxghvn75
Miraculous Secrets (#1): Adrienett...by Mxghvn🐚
Eleventh grade has just begun, and with a new year comes new opportunities. After a fun summer with Adrien, Marinette thinks that (maybe) this year is the year Adrien fa...
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The Two Cats ((Chat Noir x Reader) book #2 of MEW!) by Titania21erzascarlet
The Two Cats ((Chat Noir x Reader)...by Titania21erzascarlet
Your eyes do not deceive you! YES A BOOK 2!!! *cheering noise* Before you read this book, if for some reason you are reading this before book 1... go read book 1... Yeah...
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[Miraculous ladybug] Comic reveal✨ by SummerStormRose
[Miraculous ladybug] Comic reveal✨by Yours Truly🔥🔮🥰
What will happen if a mysterious person kidnaped the cast from Miraculous ladybug. Hehehhe Just read and you will knowwww I own only my oc the characters are from mir...
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Miraculous Vacation: A Miraculous Ladybug Story by SeriousPancakes
Miraculous Vacation: A Miraculous...by SeriousPancakes
Marinette's class is taken on a vacation to Italy. The teacher assigns room mates. You can probably guess what happens. Poor Marinette and her excessive stuttering. Inst...
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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction The Reveal by KawaiiPinkSpartan
Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction The...by Doomgirl 118
Chat Noir and Ladybug have been heroes for a while now. This story starts with the event both heroes have long awaited. When the two find out each other's identities it...
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Wait (Miraculous AU Fan fiction) by Happie_x
Wait (Miraculous AU Fan fiction)by Happie_x
○○○ Andre stared at Marinette, trying to resist the temptation of laughing, a small smirk crept up on his face. Mira went to help Marinette pick up her books, "Mari...
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"miraculous ladybug facts & trivia" by EXODUSAlNT
"miraculous ladybug facts & trivia"by ( hiatus )
ㅡ because i'm secretly trash for miraculous ladybug. © EXODUSAlNT 2016 DISCLAIMER: the characters and the show are not mine; they belong to their rightful owners. yep...
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The Miraculous tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir by Miraculously_Lazy
The Miraculous tales of Ladybug an...by Pearl
One Shotttttsssssssssssssssssss Based on (le grand overdramatic voice) Miraculous Tales of Ladybug And Chat Noirrrrrrrrrr (And there I see my sis banging her head on the...
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Beauty and the Beast by abbiejene
Beauty and the Beastby Book Addict
A tale as old as time, in a far away land lived a beastly man in a lonely castle. Cursed to be a cat-like beast forever if the last paw on his miraculous disappears. Unl...
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