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Cursed Fiber (Gojo!Reader x Kill La Kill) by kopestare
Cursed Fiber (Gojo!Reader x Kill L...by Not Coffee
Born of a runaway couple. Y/N Satoru. Raised without guidance. Born to be the strongest. Now arriving at Honnouji Academy.
My Fate (Male reader x RWBY V1 ) by kopestare
My Fate (Male reader x RWBY V1 )by Not Coffee
Y/n was never anything interesting during his days at Signal academy. But after reaching his 17th Birthday, an orange interface appears in-front of him [Welcome player...
Game Start! (Male Gamer reader x Rwby Harem) by Twilightjoker
Game Start! (Male Gamer reader x R...by Twilightjoker
Y/n L/n was never a student that stood out that much during his days at Signal academy. But after being warned that one more failed test or spar will get him expelled he...
Sick Boy (RWBY x Male Cipher Reader) by FieldTested
Sick Boy (RWBY x Male Cipher Reade...by FieldTested
(Y/N) Cipher was normal, even though he was looked down by others, he still had friends. Being picked on because you hadn't discovered your semblance, having a criminal...
Our Destiny (Male reader x RWBY V2 ) by kopestare
Our Destiny (Male reader x RWBY V2...by Not Coffee
Y/N is back, hes stronger than ever ready to continue his journey in beacon. Will he continue relaxing in a time of peace and learning or will he continue to train hard...
Please,I'm fucking awesome. (M!Reader x BNHA) by FieldTested
Please,I'm fucking awesome. (M!Rea...by FieldTested
Two famous heroes get married and have a child, but what they don't know is that their son is the most awesome, handsome, hot, 4th wall breaking quirkless man in the wor...
What It Could Have Been by DarkAngel650
What It Could Have Beenby Neighborhood
Hello everyone! This is a short story, the main character is Tsuna. This 'what if' is about Harry raising Tsunayoshi, Death as Tsunayoshi's 'uncle', and how different Ts...
Sheik - The Shinobi Vigilante by AkuzaiShiron
Sheik - The Shinobi Vigilanteby Aether-is-done
Izuku Midoriya in his second and final year of highschool finds the remnants of an ancient clan of warriors called the Sheikah. With no other options in regards to fight...
The Doll by NeverWasHuman
The Dollby Dazai MOTHERFUCKING Osamu
Our protagonist is the good luck to qrows bad luck, and is guarded by Oz the bloodstained black rabbit from Pandora Hearts. More will be explained later~ Based on the si...
Lets save the world, old friend by Samuel_Wesker1
Lets save the world, old friendby Michal Vojtěšek
William Afton was supposed to be dead. The fire should have finaly killed him. ..is it so bad that technicaly he reached his goal? Henry Emily was supposed to be dead. H...
Catnip by foxlove844
Catnipby Foxlove844
Jack has. . . interesting reactions to catnip. . . (Cross-posted on AO3)