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Izuku the Imperial Arms user by Phantomruler
Izuku the Imperial Arms userby Phantomruler
Izuku did not have the best life but that all changes when he finds himself surrounded by strange looking weapons calling out to him.
Sherlock Deku by DekuMomo12321
Sherlock Dekuby DekuMomo12321
At the age of 4 Izuku does get a quirk, that quirk is ... Super Detective. I don't own MHA (obviously) and all of that stuff so... enjoy.
Delinquent in love by Dude_Epic
Delinquent in loveby Dude Epic
Midoriya Izuku, the resident delinquent, was an enigma to some people. He is either going to kill you or help an old lady cross the street. He is either delightful or cr...
The Heroic Jester: Dimentio by NightmareWasTaken7
The Heroic Jester: Dimentioby
Izuku Midoriya aspires to be hero. He was told constantly that he couldn't be one, but he won't listen to them. He'll prove them all wrong. He might've been a kind and s...
Project New Dawn by Ragnark517
Project New Dawnby V
S.W.O.R.D recruited Izuku and a few other children at the age of 10 and spent the next 8 years turning them into their perfect weapons through experimentation. What happ...
Thousand Cherry Blossoms by ApoKun
Thousand Cherry Blossomsby ApoKun
Izuku Yagi, a boy loved by his family and friends. His cheerful smile brought joy to people around him. That is until he was declared quirkless while his sister got a A...
The fairy among heroes (Book 1) by TogoTodorkroki
The fairy among heroes (Book 1)by Togo
Lately, Deku has been distancing himself from his classmates, and sneaking out during the nights. His classmates tried asking their teacher, but he knows nothing about i...
b a k u g i r l f r i e n d by oatmeal_and_granola
b a k u g i r l f r i e n dby irls stay away
Izumi Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugo One Shot Series --- Fem!Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugou One Shot book I don't own Boku No Hero Academia, nor any of the beautiful artwor...
Izuku Midoriya, The Yardrat Hero: Yardrat by DeathInstinct25
Izuku Midoriya, The Yardrat DeathInstinct25
A Idea that came to Mind after seeing someone else do this, but this will happen differently Izuku Midoriya, a young, Quirkless Child that wants to be a Hero, but is Bul...
•Fear•  by grimshady03
•Fear• by Grim
What if Izuku got his quirk the day he protected someone from Katsuki, a quirk that can strike fear in to the hearts of others, and what if that certain someone he prote...
Dekuwing  by SuperStriker642
Dekuwing by Super Striker642
In this story izuku doesn't get a quirk but he refuses to give up his dream then his parents died when he is still younger but gets adopted by gun head who knew his fath...
Scientist Deku by nbjdawe2001
Scientist Dekuby Nathan Dawe
Midoriya was ridiculed for being quirkless, but what would happen if that wasn't true. if Midoriya left alderra jr high within his second year and because of his high in...
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Piece x MHA) by V15EPH
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Viseph
Izuku Midoriya, as a 4-year-old kid, was saved from his bullies by a new girl in town, Kuina Shimotsuki. The two immediately hit it off and became friends, leading to Ku...
Izuku the Symbol of Hope by Azure_Flame
Izuku the Symbol of Hopeby Azure_Flame
What if Izuku was more logical in his Hero dream and actually trained before meeting All Might and What if Izuku meet All Might earlier?
Izuku in Class 1-B (izuku x harem) by Setsunabestgirl
Izuku in Class 1-B (izuku x harem)by Setsuna Favorite Girl
What if Izuku Midoriya wasn't in Class 1-A but is instead in Class 1-B? How much would the world of My Hero Academia change if our favorite cinnamon roll was in Class 1...
The Alien Hero: Legion (MHA X Ben 10) by Logan2465
The Alien Hero: Legion (MHA X ShortMannZ
This is my first story, so expect some grammar and spelling mistakes. This I basically a story where Ben 10 takes place in the MHA world. For more info, you'll just have...
Izuku Yagi: Battle Crazed Destruction by MangaReader69420
Izuku Yagi: Battle Crazed 𝓚𝓲𝓬𝓱𝓲
Izuku Yagi is a four year old boy who was diagnosed as quirkless the day prior. He didn't expect this to stop his friendship with his best friend Kacchan nor his love wi...
Unstoppable (Slow Updates) by Peterpotter07
Unstoppable (Slow Updates)by Peterpotter07
Being thrown under the bus, Izuku Midoriya found himself being expelled from UA by his sensei as he was blamed for forming the group to rescue Bakagou from the villians...
the Legendary flame Part 1 by myHeroAcademiafan132
the Legendary flame Part 1by youri
This will be an OpIzuku, but there won't be a ship this time. Izuku will have a fire quirk, however those will be green. More explanation in the intro. Picture and char...
The jock and the Skater by GayWeebKing
The jock and the Skaterby BakuDeku Shipper 4life
I'm horrible at summary's just gotta read it and see what happens between these two "hot" heads Bakudeku 🧡💚 No Quirk Au Skater deku ⚠NON OF THE PICTURE ARE...