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Project New Dawn by Ragnark517
Project New Dawnby V
S.W.O.R.D recruited Izuku and a few other children at the age of 10 and spent the next 8 years turning them into their perfect weapons through experimentation. What happ...
Thousand Cherry Blossoms by ApoKun
Thousand Cherry Blossomsby ApoKun
Izuku Yagi, a boy loved by his family and friends. His cheerful smile brought joy to people around him. That is until he was declared quirkless while his sister got a A...
The Unexpected Couple by IigoAlterado
The Unexpected Coupleby ReoOhara3498
Bianca Hado has a secret that she wouldn't like a lot of people to know. How will her classmates react when they found out? What will be the actions of the Teacher towar...
Sherlock Deku by DekuMomo12321
Sherlock Dekuby DekuMomo12321
At the age of 4 Izuku does get a quirk, that quirk is ... Super Detective. I don't own MHA (obviously) and all of that stuff so... enjoy.
The Quirkless Hacker by Dude_Epic
The Quirkless Hackerby Dude Epic
He sees everything, He knows everything, You can't hide your crimes from him, He will get you, and you can only pray that the rumors about him are wrong. His the vigilan...
Izuku: The king of curses by JasonFroster
Izuku: The king of cursesby Just a person with a rocket l...
in this AU izuku will have sukuna's power as a quirk he will be able to do everything every move that sukuna is able to do.
Izuku in Class 1-B (izuku x harem) by Setsunabestgirl
Izuku in Class 1-B (izuku x harem)by Setsuna Favorite Girl
What if Izuku Midoriya wasn't in Class 1-A but is instead in Class 1-B? How much would the world of My Hero Academia change if our favorite cinnamon roll was in Class 1...
Only Male Hero (On Hold) by OGHazard
Only Male Hero (On Hold)by Okami
Females are the only people with quirks. But Karma Izuku Korogane is a special case he is the only male with quirk. Watch as He becomes the only male hero
Izuku the Imperial Arms user by Phantomruler
Izuku the Imperial Arms userby Phantomruler
Izuku did not have the best life but that all changes when he finds himself surrounded by strange looking weapons calling out to him.
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Piece x MHA) by V15EPH
Izuku's Three Sword Style (One Viseph
Izuku Midoriya, as a 4-year-old kid, was saved from his bullies by a new girl in town, Kuina Shimotsuki. The two immediately hit it off and became friends, leading to Ku...
Delinquent in love by Dude_Epic
Delinquent in loveby Dude Epic
Midoriya Izuku, the resident delinquent, was an enigma to some people. He is either going to kill you or help an old lady cross the street. He is either delightful or cr...
SAO: The Legend Of Sosuke The Wind Walker by Shotabell
SAO: The Legend Of Sosuke The Gaming
Izuku Kirigaya was the brother of Suguha and Kira, who constantly fought for his attention. In his life Izuku always was seen as one of the kindest people of them all an...
The Solar Hero: Atlas Prime by AnimeFan2080
The Solar Hero: Atlas Primeby Arsalan Ayaz
So this is a spin off of promethian knight story legendary and the mix of twins Izuku Yagi son of inko Yagi and toshinori Yagi and twin of izumi Yagi gets a powerful qu...
It All Starts With; I have a son.  by EpitomeOfAlienEyes
It All Starts With; I have a son. by epitome
ChatFic with mother Midnight, Best uncle Mic, Wine aunt Eraserhead, bestie principal Nezu, and confident Izuku. Placed A Year After Bitch Might Left Izuku On The Roofto...
Wild Heart, Pure Soul by Aberto1125
Wild Heart, Pure Soulby Ankush sahu
Izuku Inko Midoriya, Raised By his single Mother Inko Midoriya, One Of the Kindest Souls One Might ever see, Raised Her son to be the same, Even Though Izuku Grew Up Wit...
The jock and the Skater by GayWeebKing
The jock and the Skaterby BakuDeku Shipper 4life
I'm horrible at summary's just gotta read it and see what happens between these two "hot" heads Bakudeku 🧡💚 No Quirk Au Skater deku ⚠NON OF THE PICTURE ARE...
Return of a King (OVERHAULING DeathlyJazzHands55
Love Is Like A Slow Dance (On Hiatus) by Sonicjosh
Love Is Like A Slow Dance (On Winter
After meeting and falling in love with a mysterious girl at a New Year's Masquerade Party, Izuku Midoriya vows to find that girl and marry her, but there are other matte...
b a k u g i r l f r i e n d by oatmeal_and_granola
b a k u g i r l f r i e n dby irls stay away
Izumi Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugo One Shot Series --- Fem!Izuku Midoriya x Katsuki Bakugou One Shot book I don't own Boku No Hero Academia, nor any of the beautiful artwor...
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA X SAO) by Scalax102
Beater? Savior? Or a Hero? (BNHA Scalax102
This isn't Yaoi, It's Izuku x Asuna cause... Yeah. Adoption of Yui and Eri. He has siblings! Right... forgot about that. Izumi Midoriya is his sister, Toshinori Yagi is...