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Sonic and the Black Knight (Various x Reader) by ShiraFangirl
Sonic and the Black Knight ( ShiraFangirl
A wizard named Merlina, granddaughter of Merlin, was running away from some pursuer, summons Sonic and his sister Y/N to help free the mystical realm of King Arthur, who...
Instagram | Wenclair by wenclairbaes
Instagram | Wenclairby Frann_ok 2
Enid Sinclair es popular tanto en Nevermore como en sus redes sociales, siendo así la más seguida en redes de toda su institución. Wednesday Addams detesta la tecnología...
Sonic & Pokémon and the Black Knight by Lendsey2004
Sonic & Pokémon and the Black Lendsey Thornton
Sonic, along with Pikachu, Ash's Galar Pokémon Team, and Goh's Pokémon Team are sucked into the world of King Arthur where they are tasked with slaying the corrupted kin...
Wenclair photos 🌺 by Indira889
Wenclair photos 🌺by Indira
justo wenclair photos xd
Requiem Of A Knight by Shadez4Dayz
Requiem Of A Knightby Shadez4Dayz
Sonic and the Knights of the Round Table plot to stop Merlina once and for all. Sonic has difficulty differentiating Shadow from Lancelot, and the Knight of the Lake has...
Im Yours -Xavier Thorpe by adeena_roy
Im Yours -Xavier Thorpeby ADEENA
Donde la Academia Nevermore habra traiciones, lios amorosos pero tambien amistades que duran para siempre. donde Dhalia Addams tiene la posibilidad de destruir corazones...
Brody and The Black Knight by Brody-wolf
Brody and The Black Knightby Brody Wolf
Who ever said only the Arabian Nights needed Brody's help? back in the times of King Arthur in the story of King Arthur Brody is about to be called to another adventure.
Camelot's True Legacy  by BehindToo
Camelot's True Legacy by Under your Bed
Sonic is stuck in Medieval dimension and have no choice to rule Camelot, he have to learn being a King but his you know Sonic his a free will guy... Until... He found a...
Rings, Swords and Adventures (Male reader -Sonic Storyboard insert) by Bonqueque77
Rings, Swords and Adventures ( Bonqueque
You, the human. Have been chilling in your home minding your own business. Until a genie tells you that her world is in danger and that you are the one responsible to he...
la réplica  by Ivana6282
la réplica by Ivana6282
ágata addams una de las chicas más lindas de la familia addams al igual que su hermana merlina addams,la consentida de su madre solo por tener un gran parecido con su ma...
Hated but Loved by AwaitMyPatronus
Hated but Lovedby uNIKItty
5 Friends decide to go for a little candy hunt. They all dress up as scary things. Exept for Niki she keeps it simple, with a Cat costume. After that they go to a old As...
The Knights Returns by SonicGirlsGeek
The Knights Returnsby SonicGirlsGeek
What if before the start of Sonic Generations, they planned to have the party at Sonic's house. A place so obscure, only Tails knew it existed besides Sonic himself. Wh...
El Amor no existe by steisy2541
El Amor no existeby steisy2541
Hola espero que les guste la hostoria
COINCIDENCE - Wyler by algunaPersonaps
COINCIDENCE - Wylerby IlceCanchas:3
Un día común y corriente, Miércoles sale de su casa a tomar el tren para ir a su trabajo, al entrar al tren se sienta en el primer asiento disponible, sin darse cuenta q...
Sonic and the Black Knight by katiejanerigg
Sonic and the Black Knightby katiejanerigg
Sonic and the Black Knight is a video game where you can only get it from Wii.
Taken to Neverland by Shay2313
Taken to Neverlandby Shay
Merlina Gold is kidnapped after her usual day at college, and taken to Neverland where she encounters Peter Pan. But he isn't as he seems to be in the story books...
The Bloody Rain: The Beginning Of The Curse by ORIONBOW
The Bloody Rain: The Beginning Orionthehunter
Normal na eskwelahan pero may sumpa palang dala. Kada 10 taon umuulan ng dugo na hudyat ng pagsisimula ng sumpa. Matagal na nilang gustong putulin ang sumpa na ito. Ang...
VERO SE by Matt_Enme20
VERO SEby Lucho Portuano
"No puedo dormir el Merlina... en realidad ...Creo que echo de menos el tintineo de tu máquina de escribir". susurra Enid al teléfono mientras se acuesta miran...
Love Ain't Cheap by CherrySodaPop
Love Ain't Cheapby Alia
Sixteen year old Derek has a celebrity crush on eighteen year old Miya Delaris. When Miya transfers to his high school to finish her high school education, Derek was ove...
The Case of the Black Knight: The King, the Sorceress and Caliburn by Demon010
The Case of the Black Knight: Demon dark mezzo sangue
The sorceress Merlina to defeat King Arthur, who has been corrupted by dark powers, decides to invoke a hero from a different world. Merlina, instead of getting a certai...