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if i cant be yours by visual_kei_trash
if i cant be yoursby Visual_kei_daddy
High school introvert with only 3 good friends MiA Meto and Koichi until a new boy comes along that goes by the name Tsuzuku who draws you in with excentric personality...
  • meto
  • jrockband
  • highschool
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LYRICS!!! by VKFallenTenSHI
LYRICS!!!by Shane Miya Ishihara Miyamoto
Yo! So as you can see this book is full of lyrics. So Go ahead, that's all ja! Go ahead, let's take it to the top Go ahead, we're never gonna stop Go ahead, we're fadi...
  • myfirststory
  • sug
  • oneokrock
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Koi no mae wa ... by HaruMaeda
Koi no mae wa Haru
Koi no mae wa ... - Was das vor der Liebe betrifft ... - Meto hat einen Sprachfehler und spricht deshalb kaum, leidet an sozialen Ängsten und fühlt sich von der Welt aus...
  • essstörung
  • meto
  • vorgeschichte
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-jrockerxreader//one shots- by minineul
-jrockerxreader//one shots-by minineul
Going to start these Jrock One Shots with open endings, but if you guys come to like one of the stories, you can comment below for me to continue the story. I might or m...
  • thegazette
  • visualkei
  • hyde
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JrockxReader by Kurona_Nox
JrockxReaderby ❀ Belle ❀
Okay guys JrockerXreader one shots!! Hope you have fun!!!
  • scandal
  • diaura
  • visualkei
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My Random Thoughts About Visual Kei Band Or Members AKA: My Tweets by Stalker_Clown
My Random Thoughts About Visual Stalker_Clown
Pretty much just my random personal thoughts I just thought of out of nowhere or when I'm laughing about something I read that reminds me of them Also, please don't take...
  • lyrics
  • bandmembers
  • titles
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{Leben Deinen Traum} by kitamae_nary
{Leben Deinen Traum}by Kitamae Nary
Alexandra es una chef reconocida en su trabajo en el restaurante Le'noir rose. Un restaurante muy bien conocido y popular situado en el area de Shinjuku, japon. Toda su...
  • musica
  • sueños
  • meto
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The distant sound of beauty  by visual_kei_trash
The distant sound of beauty by Visual_kei_daddy
meto x mia and a tsuzuku x koichi This story follows MiA a young boy who is born from a family full of beauty and looked down on by his family for his appearance, his f...
  • metoxmia
  • koichi
  • goddess
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Aryu x Tsuzuku Texting by distress_and_coma
Aryu x Tsuzuku Textingby distress_and_coma
just some funny texts between Aryu (Ex-Morrigan) and Tsuzuku/Genki (Ex-Mejibray)
  • aryumorrigan
  • visualkei
  • shortchapters
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☾ she belongs to me ☽ by starmaidenn
☾ she belongs to me ☽by Astraea
This is just a small story that gets updated when I'm tired. It was written at 3 am two days before Christmas. *Fem!Meto Edit( January 12th, 2015 ); This wasn't meant t...
  • meto
  • romance
  • creepy
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Lost Boys by Perfectdisaster27
Lost Boysby Ipromise
What happens when Jin wants kids but can't have them. Him and his husband have been trying for years and nothing has worked. So Jungkook decides to surprise his husband...
  • jimin
  • jin
  • btsfanfic
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my first artbook! by sugarnspice18
my first artbook!by BREADSTICK
AAAAA I'm not a professional, but it's still my world! (And only talent lmao) I normally draw anime characters, people I know, or ocs. I made this since usually, my artw...
  • aesthetic
  • boyfriend
  • digital
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Frío. by JosGaldrzJr
Frí José GaldrízJr
Sad man.
  • dude
  • dsa
  • mejibray
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JROCK AUs by vrzelfan123
JROCK AUsby Aasiyah
this is a x reader book of one shots
  • koichi
  • versailles
  • fiction
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Song Translations by Amajiki-Tamaki
Song Translationsby Suneater
I'll translate different visual kei songs in this book. I'm sorry if my grammatic is worse or the translation isn't exactly the same. But I'll try the best! Please en...
  • music
  • dandaroma
  • mejibray
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A Tragedy In Black (Visual Kei Fanfiction) by JordanInsanity13
A Tragedy In Black (Visual Kei Jordan Insanity
Lennie Yuuji and Yoko Hamaguchi's Lives aren't as good as they look when the two girl's form a Music Duo Band and try to get into the Visual Kei World, but get blown off...
  • vampsjapanband
  • sidband
  • mejibray
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A FORBIDDEN LOVE by YamiViramonteskim
A FORBIDDEN LOVEby Yamileth Viramontes
que pasa si vas a japón de vacaciones por un mes y estando allí te enteras que una de tus bandas favoritas de j rock va a dar un concierto y ganas un concurso para vi...
  • amor
  • mejibray
  • drama
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[Mejibray] E.T. (Extraterrestrial) || MiAxMeto by Hikari_the_Wolf
[Mejibray] E.T. (Extraterrestrial) ᎢᎪᎾᎡᎾ
Mientras paseaba por un descampado cercano a su casa, MiA encuentra un extraño muñeco abandonado en el suelo. Al verlo decide llevárselo a su casa, desconociendo que aqu...
  • yaoi
  • humor
  • miaxmeto
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Visual Kei x Reader ♡  by deviloof
Visual Kei x Reader ♡ by ☾ 魔名。†
I make J-rock members x Reader for everyone who wishes to be with them, but cannot in real life. The mind is strong when it comes to stories. Let your imagination flo...
  • kiryu
  • vrzel
  • fluff
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Pillanat by northicice59
Pillanatby Rina (里奈)
Meto csak egy pillanatot szeretne kérni párjától. Egy pillanatot, kettejüknek. Vajon megadathat számára? Mejibray, MiA x Meto párosítású slash fanfiction.
  • miameto
  • mia
  • slash
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