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Naughty Gazetto!  by vkeiwonderland
Naughty Gazetto! by DOMI
Smut in its purest form featuring the members of sexy visual kei band, the gazette. (*^▽^*) All stories are written by me, I also accept requests via pm, no commenting p...
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Yume desu ka? Mitsuki×Reader by Alaena0407
Yume desu ka? Mitsuki×Readerby Lana Hyde
Probably obvious, but all events in this book will be fictional, and a mere figment of an author's imagination. ___________ I'm just an average student, with a rather av...
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#Princess_Battle! by EmS_KEI
#Princess_Battle!by EmS MEJIBRAY
The fans start talking about MiA x Koichi - MiA isn't interested in it but Koichi takes things too far, and with the help of Meto and Tsuzuku, it gets even worse! Expect...
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J-Rock YAOI oneshots by baby_ragdoll
J-Rock YAOI oneshotsby Shion
Just some J-rock yaoi oneshots. The hot guy on the cover is Sena from Jiluka
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-jrockerxreader//one shots- by minineul
-jrockerxreader//one shots-by minineul
Going to start these Jrock One Shots with open endings, but if you guys come to like one of the stories, you can comment below for me to continue the story. I might or m...
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BOOK OF RUKI by jojos-princess
BOOK OF RUKIby Seiko 🌹
Ruki photos, quotes etc creds to owners
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Visual Kei and J-Rock Oneshots and Imagines (Possible Requests) by hellyeahharuhi
Visual Kei and J-Rock Oneshots and...by hellyeahharuhi
A collection of x reader oneshots about various vkei guys from various bands, many of whom I believe don't receive nearly enough love and attention, and that don't have...
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Niji {Mahiro×Reader} by Alaena0407
Niji {Mahiro×Reader}by Lana Hyde
I wrote this because honestly There aren't enough V-kei stories here, one of those V-kei bands being Kiryu. I do not write these for any specific person. I write them i...
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Da Big Book Of Boredom - Поглед у прошлост by MilosavljevicSara
Da Big Book Of Boredom - Поглед у...by Сара
Edit 24. 5. 2019. - stari random, ne pišem ga više Original 2016. - *insert a really awesome description here* E ovako, ja sam Saturnka Sara, samoprozvana čuvarka galaks...
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Visual Kei One Shots by Naruchun
Visual Kei One Shotsby Naruchun
Every story is about visual kei, please enjoy them ^^ Sorry for the lenght, these are... kinda drabbles ^^ I'm thankful for eriisaa from Instagram for correcting my stor...
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The Veins Of Time  ( Ruki X Uruha) by VisualKei4Life
The Veins Of Time ( Ruki X Uruha)by 🎵Katherine 🎵
Everyone has a secret that they will take to their grave. Deadly and dangerous lives filled with lies to cover up secrets that reveal the truth. But if you are immor...
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You're too kind to me. || Reituki/Reita x Ruki by baby_ragdoll
You're too kind to me. || Reituki...by Shion
Reita x Ruki || Ruki is EXTREMELY depressed, due to major bullying that has continued for years. He's considered giving up nearly countless times. But just when he ge...
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Music that Admin Enjoys. (A personal collection) by fvisualkei
Music that Admin Enjoys. (A person...by fvisualkei
Just bands that I like and information about said bands, such as favourite member and song. Enjoy the facts and information. Hope you have a good rest of your day! Much...
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ABC Challenge  | VK cuccok by torachaan
ABC Challenge | VK cuccokby 「虎」
A visual kei igaz, hogy haldoklik, folyamatosan terjeszkedik. Ezt kedvenceink érdekében teszem. Terjesszük közösen az igét! ~ABC kihívás vkei módra~ @narunin
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"Yakimochi" The GazettE: Reita x Ruki by eoumji
"Yakimochi" The GazettE: Reita x R...by eoumji
:) typowe reituki
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Örökké by MandyC9
Örökkéby Mandy
Morrigan fanfic, Aryu x Pitty párosítás. Enyhén depresszív. Most, hogy ezt leírtam, már nem fáj annyira.
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Niski, krzykliwy pedał (Alice Nine) by Oni_01
Niski, krzykliwy pedał (Alice Nine)by Oni_01
... burknął któregoś razu Saga i to spowodowało lawinę. Czyli bardzo miniaturowa miniaturka o niespodziewanych wyznaniach.
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¡Sorpresa, Reita! {Reituki} by pasivagresiva
¡Sorpresa, Reita! {Reituki}by 「 27」
[Advertencias: lenguaje vulgar/sugerente] Kai, Aoi y Uruha se han esmerado en celebrar el cumpleaños a un deprimido Reita, que tal parece, no podrá pasarlo junto a Ruki...
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Kai Imagines  by Filthinbeautyimagine
Kai Imagines by Bean
Imagines about Kai!
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"Her" Secret. [MinphaxReader] by UndeadGhuleh
"Her" Secret. [MinphaxReader]by Ghoulette
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