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Aoi Imagines  by Filthinbeautyimagine
Aoi Imagines by Bean
A collection of Aoi x reader Imagines I've written on Instagram.
Yuki by AkiOnTheMoon
Yukiby Aki
One-shots based on pairing TsuKoi (Mejibray).
Agony (Aoi x Uruha) by N_D_A_X_S_F
Agony (Aoi x Uruha)by Yuki_Moon
This story starts in 2005, when the GazettE just started becoming more and more famous in the music industry. However, it isn't just about the band's success. Instead, i...
BOOK OF MEJIBRAY by jojos-princess
A book of mejibray pictures and stuff. creds to owners
BOOK OF RUKI by jojos-princess
BOOK OF RUKIby Seiko 🌹
Ruki photos, quotes etc creds to owners
DADAROMA School Shooters Group Chat by Stalker_Clown
DADAROMA School Shooters Group Chatby Stalker_Clown
NO SHIT this isn't something to be joked about. That's why I'm doing it If DADAROMA members were school shooters in a group chat :) Typos are intentional to make it fee...
Hush Darling [TomoxReader] {LEMON} by UndeadGhuleh
Hush Darling [TomoxReader] {LEMON}by Ghoulette
This is a fanfic for Tomo of Dadaroma! I always thought he was very attractive, and i just felt compelled to write this. Towards the end is where the lemon starts! So en...
I.. I love you! (Book 1) by EmS_KEI
I.. I love you! (Book 1)by EmS MEJIBRAY
Meto has always had trouble talking to others And it just gets even harder for him when he has to speak to his long-term crush. ❤︎ MiA x Meto! ❤︎
Visual Kei x Reader ♡  by k6NN6S
Visual Kei x Reader ♡ by kanna
I make J-rock members x Reader for everyone who wishes to be with them, but cannot in real life. The mind is strong when it comes to stories. Let your imagination flo...
malice mizer ( kami x mana ) by malice_mizer_fan
malice mizer ( kami x mana )by
not yet finished just what i have so far
Ruki Imagines  by Filthinbeautyimagine
Ruki Imagines by Bean
A collection of Ruki x reader imagines that I've written on my Instagram.
Derramo mil cosas por él by YuuShiatsu
Derramo mil cosas por élby YuuShiatsu
Boogie y Sena, bajista y guitarrista de la banda de visual kei Jiluka. Desde hace ya unos cuantos meses que Boogie siente algo por Sena, sin embargo, no se atreve a decí...
vkei/jrock reactions/oneshots .・゜゜・🦇 by bl1ndingh0pe
vkei/jrock reactions/oneshots .・゜゜ didi <3
like the title says I will be writing oneshots, imagines, reactions, most likely to ' s abt vkei/jrock bands in this book! if you'd like to know for which bands I will w...
• VΞИФM || Visual Kei boyband by Earth-To-Felix
• VΞИФM || Visual Kei boybandby LEE~♡︎~FELIX
VΞИФM is a Vkei co-op band that was formed in 2002, originally called †Ö×̧M. They changed they're band name to VΞИФM in 2008 after the co-op band splitted into VΞИФM th...
You jump I jump right? by mouiofficial
You jump I jump right?by mouiofficial
Saku Camui is daughter of Gackt. The mother died three years ago, and both of them has been broken since her death. But Gackt Found a new one, Mana, and Saku doesn't lik...
Aoi x reader by visual_kei_trash
Aoi x readerby _mocha_mars_
This is a story a out [y/n] who just moved out of her abusive parents home to an apartment, in which she meets her new roommate, Aoi. In which he takes you through ups a...
Help Me - Reita x Ruki - the GazettE Fanfiction by iou_suck
Help Me - Reita x Ruki - the iou_suck
Ruki had a bad stepfather and a deep worse past. It doesn't take long time until he have to go to the psychologist. There he meets Reita. He gets nearly to Reita but the...
The GazettE Imagines by theinsidebeast
The GazettE Imaginesby The Inside Beast
Just imagines of the 5 men from The GazettE. I do take request! So if you have any, you can dm & I will try to create it. Well I hope you all enjoy these. ^-^