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Hush Darling [TomoxReader] {LEMON} by UndeadGhuleh
Hush Darling [TomoxReader] {LEMON}by Ghoulette
This is a fanfic for Tomo of Dadaroma! I always thought he was very attractive, and i just felt compelled to write this. Towards the end is where the lemon starts! So en...
  • tomoxreader
  • comedy
  • lemon
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Gackt x fem. reader ( smut ) by alessasmith617
Gackt x fem. reader ( smut )by Ryuji Sato
Sexual and bad language
  • visualkei
  • fanfiction
  • smuttyfanfic
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Welcome to the Mejibray's by Sixthgun_Akira
Welcome to the Mejibray'sby Akira
Imagine if Mejibray was your adopted family. But what if you wanted more than that?
  • jrock
  • mejibraytsuzuku
  • mejibraykoichi
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Mejibray One Shots (OC X Member) by Sixthgun_Akira
Mejibray One Shots (OC X Member)by Akira
One shots with members of Mejibray.
  • mejibraytsuzuku
  • mejibray
  • mejibraymeto
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First Real Love (Masa Nocturnal Bloodlust AMBW) by Conduit15
First Real Love (Masa Nocturnal LYRICXL
*ON HOLD FOR A MOMENT* After the infidelity from her ex and her best friend, Jessy turns out being the most cold hearted person you'll ever meet. But at least she's ind...
  • romance
  • nocturnalbloodlust
  • ambw
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Milk and Cookies (KoichixReader) by UndeadGhuleh
Milk and Cookies (KoichixReader)by Ghoulette
  • visualkei
  • angst
  • fanfiction
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The GazettE Imagines by theinsidebeast
The GazettE Imaginesby The Inside Beast
Just imagines of the 5 men from The GazettE. I do take request! So if you have any, you can dm & I will try to create it. Well I hope you all enjoy these. ^-^
  • uruhaxreader
  • reita
  • jrock
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GazeWould You Rather by xibitsux
GazeWould You Ratherby — SHOOT OUT
the GazettE version of Would You Rather! [DISCLAIMER]: This is just for fun, so it's best not to take it seriously. If you aren't into this type of stuff then don't rea...
  • uruha
  • gazerockisnotdead
  • jrock
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JrockxReader by Kurona_Nox
JrockxReaderby ❀ Belle ❀
Okay guys JrockerXreader one shots!! Hope you have fun!!!
  • dadaroma
  • japan
  • spyair
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{Leben Deinen Traum} by kitamae_nary
{Leben Deinen Traum}by Kitamae Nary
Alexandra es una chef reconocida en su trabajo en el restaurante Le'noir rose. Un restaurante muy bien conocido y popular situado en el area de Shinjuku, japon. Toda su...
  • mia
  • comida
  • yuutaro
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Jrock/Visual Kei Imagines by lostgirl1027
Jrock/Visual Kei Imaginesby kelleigh5077 .
Imagines of your favorite visual kei artists
  • imagines
  • jrock
  • xreader
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Group Chat: the GazettE by xibitsux
Group Chat: the GazettEby — SHOOT OUT
"what do you mean you don't want me as a friend?" • [DISCLAIMER]: The content in this book is pure fiction and should not be taken seriously. This is all just...
  • kai
  • uruha
  • ruki
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Truth Or Dare - the GazettE - Reituki  by KaiiiiiChan
Truth Or Dare - the GazettE - KaiiiiiChan
Reita has to seduce Ruki, the child of hell, the bullied one, but he can't hurt Ruki and don't really understand why... Love? But Ruki has a bad father and how bad Reita...
  • fanfiction
  • yaoi
  • visual
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Sugar Pain (GazettE fan fic) by kawaiimusicmonster
Sugar Pain (GazettE fan fic)by 南と今日カラス松本
A love triangle appears when Aoi's (Guitarist of the Gazette) little sister comes back to Japan. Is she going to go for her old crush or her new one?
  • gazette
  • visualkei
  • jrock
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BOOK OF RUKI by jojos-princess
BOOK OF RUKIby Seiko 🌹
Ruki photos, quotes etc creds to owners
  • vkei
  • rukithegazette
  • jrock
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Visual Kei and J-Rock Oneshots and Imagines (Possible Requests) by hellyeahharuhi
Visual Kei and J-Rock Oneshots hellyeahharuhi
A collection of x reader oneshots about various vkei guys from various bands, many of whom I believe don't receive nearly enough love and attention, and that don't have...
  • vk
  • grieva
  • visualkei
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Jrock/Visual Kei Oneshots.  by LoveTeruVersailles15
Jrock/Visual Kei Oneshots. by LoveTeruVersailles15
Fluff and Lemon! I'll take any requests! And create stories of any jrockers and visual kei!
  • kamijo
  • jrock
  • visualkei
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My Fav song lyrics (emo,eng,japan,vkei) by KamalKarin289
My Fav song lyrics (emo,eng, Karin Kai
lyrics list evanescence - bring me to life
  • songs
  • visualkei
  • japanese
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The Captive by TheGazettEFanatic
The Captiveby E.
  • abuse
  • complete
  • thegazette
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Chłopy w kieckach i Koreanka ok (tytuł roboczy) by LizzyHudsonManabu
Chłopy w kieckach i Koreanka ok ( Queen Of Bigos
Kim Eunbi jest managerką zespołu Hizaki Grace Project i dziewczyną ich lidera. Jednak jakie zmiany w ich związku nastąpią, gdy HGP przekształci się w Versailles? I jaką...
  • kamijo
  • vkei
  • fanfiction
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