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Aoi x reader by visual_kei_trash
Aoi x readerby _mocha_mars_
This is a story a out [y/n] who just moved out of her abusive parents home to an apartment, in which she meets her new roommate, Aoi. In which he takes you through ups a...
BOOK OF RUKI by jojos-princess
BOOK OF RUKIby Seiko 🌹
Ruki photos, quotes etc creds to owners
Agony (Aoi x Uruha) by N_D_A_X_S_F
Agony (Aoi x Uruha)by Yuki_Moon
This story starts in 2005, when the GazettE just started becoming more and more famous in the music industry. However, it isn't just about the band's success. Instead, i...
JRock/Visual Kei Facts by Riverssenpai
JRock/Visual Kei Factsby Senpai
Hello lovelies! This Is Just Some Facts About Visual Kei/JRock Bands. If You Read And There's Still Information I Left Out, Please Comment Down Below OR Post The Link To...
Visual Kei x Reader ♡  by k6NN6S
Visual Kei x Reader ♡ by kanna
I make J-rock members x Reader for everyone who wishes to be with them, but cannot in real life. The mind is strong when it comes to stories. Let your imagination flo...
Visual Kei and J-Rock Oneshots and Imagines (Possible Requests) by hellyeahharuhi
Visual Kei and J-Rock Oneshots hellyeahharuhi
A collection of x reader oneshots about various vkei guys from various bands, many of whom I believe don't receive nearly enough love and attention, and that don't have...
The doll in our basement [COMPLETED] by kim-chan
The doll in our basement [ 김하늘
I hate going down to our basement... I knew that something was out there... sitting on one dark corner and is alive... Watching me as I stood from the door... I could ju...
The One and Only Girl (A Gazette Fanfiction) by SoulMatthew
The One and Only Girl (A Gazette Soul
I have been living my normal life for years now until one night I missed a bus and I met someone who would change my life from there on. Copyright © 2012-2013 SoulMat...
\\ The GazettE x Reader Imagines // ✔ by sugarnspice18
\\ The GazettE x Reader BREADSTICK
Wondering how it would feel like to take part in the life of the gazeboys? All types of imagines and preferences on the Gazette here in this book with just one similari...
Stalked (boy x boy) by ceaseBreathing
Stalked (boy x boy)by Senpai noticed you
"Someone's following me. I know someone's following me!" Takanori thought while the foot steps got louder. His pace quickened as he felt breath upon his back...
Love Or Not (a the GazettE story) by FumiM-Chan
Love Or Not (a the GazettE story)by Fumi
She loved him years ago. He was everything for her and their love was unique, but all of a sudden he disappears. After 8 years she sees him again, but now she hates him.
I want to love all of you (Aoi Fanfic Sequel) by RukiYoshida
I want to love all of you (Aoi RukiYoshida
A year after Ayame left to pursue a new dream. Now in a successful band. She has almost forgotten what her heartbreak felt like. Until they meet again.... //I know, the...
• VΞИФM || Visual Kei boyband by Earth-To-Felix
• VΞИФM || Visual Kei boybandby LEE~♡︎~FELIX
VΞИФM is a Vkei co-op band that was formed in 2002, originally called †Ö×̧M. They changed they're band name to VΞИФM in 2008 after the co-op band splitted into VΞИФM th...
vkei/jrock reactions/oneshots .・゜゜・🦇 by bl1ndingh0pe
vkei/jrock reactions/oneshots .・゜゜ didi <3
like the title says I will be writing oneshots, imagines, reactions, most likely to ' s abt vkei/jrock bands in this book! if you'd like to know for which bands I will w...
Gazette oneshot collection by kim-chan
Gazette oneshot collectionby 김하늘
A compilation of the Gazette one shots.
FAR AWAY by zyxzza
FAR AWAYby Ai Zhang
Akira had been foolish through out his life, as well as Ami. Both never had been good enough to express each other's feelings, leading to a chaotic relationship. People...
The Compendium of Clean J-Rocker One-shot's by YourWorstKeptSecret
The Compendium of Clean J-Rocker YourWorstKeptSecret
The purpose of this one shot compilation, is for those who maybe want to read stories of their favorite J-Rockers but don't necessarily want to see or read sex scenes. S...
Gangsters and A Nerd (Fanfic) by kathiem_
Gangsters and A Nerd (Fanfic)by Kathie M
Aika Okazaki was always bullied by the GazettE, the famous heartthrob gangsters of the Canthory Academy. Her life changed when she met Uruha, owner of the campus, the st...
bloody mary [jerome valeksa] by starduster-
bloody mary [jerome valeksa]by ❤︎ 𝐤𝐚𝐭
"ya know, i had always thought murder was more of a solo gig- but when i met him, i knew that i was absolutely fuckin' wrong."
Interchange {ReitUki Edition} by xAwesomeNerdx
Interchange {ReitUki Edition}by Kya Six (=^ω^=)
-Just a little collection of drabbles, scenarios and fluffiness ^^- Scratch that; collection book of whatever the fuck your little hearts desire :'D Interchange: Excha...