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Twisted ➠ anakin skywalker x reader {2} by cuddlyhemmings
Twisted ➠ anakin skywalker x jen
"I don't believe that for a second." { Story playlist, any suggestions may be left in the comments:
dandelions by r0ckcandy
dandelionsby paringuin
سلام به همگی❤ this is a bl story, let's enjoy it. All the characters are created by myself. The rules of my world are imaginary and not everything is supposed to go acco...
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He Used Me Vsoo by VsooTaechichi
He Used Me Vsooby 나나 뷔
He used me. " I cannot trust you again.i think i also already moved happy with her ( sana ).k.js " Can you atlaest trust me?? Am begging you jisoo."...
Save me || Jungkook ff ✔ by dissismashitteu
Save me || Jungkook ff ✔by bts shit
Jk- hello? Y/N? I started crying as soon as I heard his voice. Me- Jungkook..... save me Jungkook have had a big crush on Y/N since they met 6 years ago. He's been try...
Rating Countryhuman Ships Cuz YES by Devil_CH
Rating Countryhuman Ships Cuz YESby Anvert
Just Rating Countryhuman Ships Cuz YES (nothing in this book is written to offend or upset anyone) Enjoy!
Don't call me angel(seoson1) [Completed] by kingripper_stories
Don't call me angel(seoson1) [ King Ripper
نام فیک: به من نگو فرشته فصل اول🏹 ژانر: سوپرنچرال،امپرگ،اسمات🔞 کاپل: کوکمین👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨یونمین وضعیت: کامل نویسنده: King Ripper🍷
Don't call me angel(seoson2) [Completed] by kingripper_stories
Don't call me angel(seoson2) [ King Ripper
نام فیک: به من نگو فرشته فصل دوم🏹 ژانر: سوپرنچرال،امپرگ،اسمات🔞 کاپل: کوکمین👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨یونمین وضعیت: کامل نویسنده: King Ripper🍷
Enhypen ff stereotypes by AmyAndThatsIt
Enhypen ff stereotypesby
Just stating enhypen ff stereotypes that you'll see in almost every fanfic This is meant for entertainment purposes only And for a good laugh, pls don't beat me up Updat...
Dear the Younger Me ✔ by aestheticainee
Dear the Younger Me ✔by auroaravv 🌈
Dear 10 years ago of me, I have messages for you. I miss you, in a way no words could describe. Sincerely, The older version of you. {Full english poetry} na🌸, one fi...
Randomness by TatonkaTanshii
Randomnessby Luan Lee
I was being tagged and I don't know what to to XD maybe I'll post some art if mine too
Uh Taehyung And Jisoo| Vsoo by AnimeKpopKdramaFF
Uh Taehyung And Jisoo| Vsooby Akshita
v/kim taehyung is a vampire Jisoo is a doctor Hwang In-yeop is jisoo's ex and Lisa and Naeyon are jisoo's sister But she fell in love with a vampire When some magic happ...
Family by dombakecil
Familyby dombakecil
seperti hubungan kakak dan adik yang lain , yap! hubungan aku dan kakak ku kadang baik kadang berantem sudah seperti itulah saudara yang goals,,wkwkwkwk tapi walaupun b...
Fakty by donkey_styles
Faktyby Donkey Styles
Mozecie mnie stalkowac od teraz
لست نوعي المفضل 🔞🔥 by leehyenmin
لست نوعي المفضل 🔞🔥by lee-hyen min
'''لطلما حلمت بك لذلك لن اتركك '''''
My Universe by viamiha
My Universeby 💚
Welcome to my universe! Thank you @tiana9295 for encouraging me to start this and @thesunflowerlegacy for always supporting me on this wild journey ❤️
My simp list because I can  by AkatsukiFan30
My simp list because I can by DazaiKinni
Just character I simp for at the moment just because I can Don't judge me T-T
كِبريتُ الغيرة🎨 by Aefine12
كِبريتُ الغيرة🎨by SoLa KoOk
جَمالُ ألايامِ تَغدو مَعَ أفراد المُجتَمَع ، وَلَكِن لَيسَ كُلِ فَردٍ يُدعىَ بِفرد...!؟ قصتنا هذا تتحدث عن الغيرة المنكوبة في قلوب البعض، لدينا في مجتمعنا الكثير من هذه...
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Szept podsłuchany przez Anioła by bialyatrament3
Szept podsłuchany przez Aniołaby K.D. Iris (Jainta)
Tomik wierszy mojego autorstwa. Wiersze o miłości, bólu, nadziei, życiu i śmierci. Każdy ma swój sposób na radzenie sobie z uczuciami i emocjami. Pisanie to właśnie mój...
Nyla by Shinshinxu
Solo pequeños y acogedores textos para mi o para personas que en su tiempo no me atreví a contarles.