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The Heir and the General by druidrose
The Heir and the Generalby MB | M.Dalto
Forced into an engagement with a man she doesn't love, Reyna must ignore her bond with her father's general in order to avoid a war and save her throne. ...
Red's Wolves by druidrose
Red's Wolvesby MB | M.Dalto
Alera lost her mother early in life and was raised by a strict king for a father and the many nursemaids who crossed themselves before touching her. It wasn't until she...
Cut To The Bone by druidrose
Cut To The Boneby MB | M.Dalto
Azima Rousseau, a demon hunter destined to save her world from the denizens of the Underworld, has to venture through the Seven Levels of Hell in order to face its Princ...
Amongst Thieves by druidrose
Amongst Thievesby MB | M.Dalto
In the Den of the Kingdom of Dreduor, money reigns supreme and one's skill at deception determines how much you can make, and how much longer you will survive. Maize is...
Two Thousand Years | The Empire Saga #1 by druidrose
Two Thousand Years | The Empire MB | M.Dalto
Welcome to the Empire. Where the Prophecy is law, and betrayal is the only way to survive it. ***** Tw...
Reylor's Lament | The Empire Saga Novella #1 by druidrose
Reylor's Lament | The Empire MB | M.Dalto
After being banished for questioning his own Fate, Reylor spent his years alone beyond the Borderlands, biding his time and honing his skills until the perfect moment to...
Of Flowers and Flames | ONC#2020 ((ON HOLD)) by druidrose
Of Flowers and Flames | ONC#2020 ( MB | M.Dalto
Fiama is a princess who wants to escape her royal ties and actually do something good for her kingdom- something good that doesn't involve sitting on a throne wearing pr...
Straight Through The Heart ((ON HOLD)) by druidrose
Straight Through The Heart ((ON MB | M.Dalto
|| Sequel to CUT TO THE BONE || Alisa Rousseau always knew she was born for greater things. She just didn't know how great... Eighteen years after the War of the Rift...
Coffee Talk by druidrose
Coffee Talkby MB | M.Dalto
"And the Christmas lights serve to remind us to provide light to others during the holiday season and throughout the rest of the year. Sometimes it's hard to remain...
Rain Rain Go Away | #ONC2021 by druidrose
Rain Rain Go Away | #ONC2021by MB | M.Dalto
|| ONC 2021 HONORABLE MENTION || ONC 2021 ROUND TWO FIRST PLACE WINNER || Three friends. One secret. Thoughts of a summery vacation in the middle of winter sounded fanta...
Blood Roses | #ONC2022 ((ON HOLD)) by druidrose
Blood Roses | #ONC2022 ((ON HOLD))by MB | M.Dalto
The sun disappeared on Lilith's sixteenth birthday, and ever since she's been living with the curse that lingered in her blood since birth. She was dhampir, and the cho...
Celtic Cross | #ONC2019 by druidrose
Celtic Cross | #ONC2019by MB | M.Dalto
|| ONC 2019 OVERALL THIRD PLACE WINNER || Every card has a meaning, but not all are pleasant. Siobhan Brady is a Tarot reader, a profession that called to her ever sinc...
Love Hurts ((ON HOLD)) by druidrose
Love Hurts ((ON HOLD))by MB | M.Dalto
Malisa has been cursed since birth. A threat to those who dare to love her, she must venture to the home of the God of Love himself and endure his sadistic trials to bre...
Lady Mutiny by druidrose
Lady Mutinyby MB | M.Dalto
[[ 2018 WATTYS LONGLIST ]] When assassin Lilia Cortova is betrayed by the Leader of her Guild, she must decide if her vengeance is greater than her love for her family...