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Bondi lifeguard love by Howler61
Bondi lifeguard loveby NaeNae
At the age of 27, Y/N finally finds her dream job and moves all the way to Australia to achieve it. Will she find love with one of the lifeguards? Will she have the fami...
Bondi's Curse by runninghusky01
Bondi's Curseby runninghusky01
A choose you own story adventure. It will be a little spooky. Don't forget to vote for the option that you like best.
Bondi Rescue One Shots by janie_thomps
Bondi Rescue One Shotsby janie
I take requests! One shots about out favourite boys in blue (all of these stories are mine)
New Start, New People - Bondi Rescue fanfic by KateFletcher14
New Start, New People - Bondi Resc...by Katie Fletcher
Y/N arrives in Sydney for a 10 day long birthday trip from Victoria. Originally a way to clear her mind of all the things happening back home, she let's loose and enjoys...
Lost and Found - A Bondi Rescue FanFic by Bondi_Fan_
Lost and Found - A Bondi Rescue Fa...by Emma :)
18 years ago today Lilys mum jumped off the cliffs at Bondi. She was left at the cliffs with no family members left. She never knew her dad. When she gets found by Deano...
let me be free ✨Bondi Rescue by Aronenarlik
let me be free ✨Bondi Rescueby Aronenarlik
marlow (marley) hopkins is the newest trainee, but not the newest face in the bondi lifeguard tower. Her dad, Hoppo, brought her up as single parent and now she is 14 an...
Chappo's Little Sister by EmilyWinterFalcon
Chappo's Little Sisterby Emily Harron
This is a story about Chappo's 13 year old sister (you) who comes to stay with him in Bondi. I know this is a brief description but I don't want give away anything that...
Bondi Rescue (idk the title yet) by bondiiilifeguards
Bondi Rescue (idk the title yet)by bondirescueeee12008
girl moves to Bondi girl gets in trouble what happens next
Bondi Babe ♡ by BabyInTheSummerTime
Bondi Babe ♡by Kelsey
Alexandra,Alexa, Lexi, Lex ... but more commonly know to the boys as ... sexy! Meet Lexi the girl who dropped out of school to train to be a life guard at sixteen. Her f...
Bondi Rescue Imagines  by heyitsvicki
Bondi Rescue Imagines by Vicki
Based on all the Bondi Rescue Lifeguards. They have inspired me to write this book. Also the support that they're giving me right now is honestly so nice of them! I'm so...
Bondi Rescue Imagines - BOOK 2 by heyitsvicki
Bondi Rescue Imagines - BOOK 2by Vicki
Bondi Imagines - Book 2: A continuation of my first book Bondi Rescue Imagines!
New Beginnings-A Bondi Rescue Story  by crunchy_biscuit_base
New Beginnings-A Bondi Rescue Stor...by Biscuit.base
16 year old Hunter Laurens moved to Bondi from London to start anew, little does she know how much her life will change when she moves into her apartment on the Promenad...
Bondi Rescue Imagines - BOOK 3 by heyitsvicki
Bondi Rescue Imagines - BOOK 3by Vicki
Book 3 of my Bondi series! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! All this writing (in this book) is my own and I made it up myself! As some think I've stolen it which obviously isn't t...
Making dreams come true (Bondi fanfic)  by ShrutiGoti5
Making dreams come true (Bondi fan...by Shruti Goti
First story of mine. A story of a girl who travels to her dream country for getting a dream job on famous Bondi Beach leaving her country to start a new life. To find o...
Boys, Babes, and Bondi by MargaretEsther
Boys, Babes, and Bondiby Margaret Esther
Lacey Duncan is an American marine biology student studying abroad in Australia. Having been a lifeguard for years back home she by chance saves the life of a drowning b...
Bondi Rescue Imagines *DISCONTINUED* by mediagirl94
Bondi Rescue Imagines *DISCONTINUE...by Beth Robinson
*DISCONTINUED* An Imagines books based on the lifeguards on Bondi Rescue! You're welcome :) My brand new obsession...
Seas The Day (Bondi Rescue) by chloerosaliexo
Seas The Day (Bondi Rescue)by chloe
Bella followed in her father's footsteps becoming a lifeguard. Training since she was just 10 years old, she was literally made for the job which she loves despite it's...
never again//bondi rescue fanfic by ThisBitchWhoIsME
never again//bondi rescue fanficby This Bitch
nova, she's a lifeguard at the world famous Bondi beach. she seems like a happy 16-year-old, but the truth is she has a dark side, ever since she was 11 she has been de...
Bondi Rescue Oneshots by Miyapettersen
Bondi Rescue Oneshotsby Miyapettersen
I will do requests but i wont do anything with Y/N.