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Forgotten goddess by Cherrybomb4444
Forgotten goddessby CHERRY BOMB
Y/N used to be a name many people feared. Until you were replaced. You were the goddess of death, destruction, phsycopaths, murderers, fire, suffering, the moon, the nig...
Shapeshifter (Avengers Fanfiction) by Cherrybomb4444
Shapeshifter (Avengers Fanfiction)by CHERRY BOMB
Addison is a shapeshifter who can heal fatal wounds. Nick Furry finds out about her and desides she should be an avenger. But nothing about this will exactly be simple.
2. BEYOND US. ━━ peter parker. (Edited ✓) by peterbanana
2. BEYOND US. ━━ peter parker. ( ┃❝𝙈.𝙈❞┃
B | After the vulture was defeated, now it was time for Peter and Nikolas to work on their relationship but an enemy out of their range would get in their way causing t...
In Hiding | Marvel by mcuculture
In Hiding | Marvelby mcuculture
Hiding from HYDRA and the Red Room for 6 years isn't easy. But when staying in New York brings unexpected, and unwanted guests to Ella Chiesa's home, she finds out that...
Demonic - An Avengers Fanfic by PocketSizedWriter
Demonic - An Avengers Fanficby Master 'o' Puns
Roxanne is 15 and lives in an orphanage. Until one day H.Y.D.R.A. kidnaps her (because they can't EVER get enough of that), they inject something in her called 'The Anti...
Spiderson/irondad by Cookie0929
Spiderson/irondadby Cookie0929
Some fluffy/angsty one shots of irondad and spiderson...... endgame did a number on me ok! So um yeah let's get to it!
Her Sin, His Addiction  by ava-izzy
Her Sin, His Addiction by ava and izzy
THIS STORY IS RELATED TO 'HE OWNS ME' YOU WILL FIND OUT IN LATER CHAPTERS!! You have been fed lies by your father growing up. You where told that thor and everyone in a...
The Winter-Soldier's Dark Angle by ElishaMoon24
The Winter-Soldier's Dark Angleby ElishaMoon24
Hydra took many innocent lives but it was not usual for them to make their victims suffer. They usually killed them as soon as possible but that is they kidnap a young w...
The Beautiful Now | FitzSimmons AU| by Toobigofadreamer
The Beautiful Now | FitzSimmons AU|by Anna Sun
They've been best friends for as long as she could remember. It was always Fitz getting her through the hardest times in her life. Jemma knew that she couldn't survive a...
Akward Love (IronStrange) by CurruptedStrange
Akward Love (IronStrange)by Stephen Strange
Another normal day, Another normal night. The same runtein, Reading to practice spells, to looking out windows, to pretty much saving the world again And his levitation...
Loki's Troublesome Girl by ebeth77
Loki's Troublesome Girlby Loki's Cherry Girl
Original story. I'm still kind of new to writing and not reading so please be nice. The main character is the daughter of Tony Stark. She is a handful and a true trouble...
The Rest Is Still Unwritten (A collection of one-shots and short stories) by Emma_Gauerke
The Rest Is Still Unwritten (A Emma
A collection of one-shots and short stories written by yours truly! I do take requests, so PM me or comment them.
HYDRA villain high *Extremely slow updates and editing* by _peteywentzy_
HYDRA villain high *Extremely Hunter
The teenage children of MARVLE's villains go to a school that is only for villains children. The children include: Lesley the eldest daughter of Loki, Jackie youngest da...
Izuku the fanged hero by kingkaifister
Izuku the fanged heroby kingkaifister
What if izuku had a quirk that makes him like blade. Uh-huh he is izuku midoriya the day walker
The Past Is Never Truly Forgotten  by Sloth-02
The Past Is Never Truly Forgotten by jen higuera
Peter Paker always felt like he was missing something. Unfortunately having lost so much at such a young age made him forget something important. As his life unfolds wil...
Black And Red Echo (Avengers X villain reader) by ScarlettsSong
Black And Red Echo (Avengers X FeralPride
so you are a super villain with wings and some super sarcasm. You beat up the Avengers a few times before they capture you. What will you do?
Caps girl  by lisa_woodmend
Caps girl by lisa_woodmend
Lucy hasn't worked for SHEILD in months, but when fury puts up 50 thousands on the table, she can't help but take it. The avengers initiative begins, starting with Loki...
Criminals (IronStrange) by CurruptedStrange
Criminals (IronStrange)by Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange is a successful person in life, yet in his lifetime he steals for money yet he doesn't care as long as he get his deal and money, but one day something h...
If I snap my fingers instead of tony by rosiewolfgirl
If I snap my fingers instead of rosie wolfgirl
this is an endgame au and it about if my mcu oc mystery snap her finger instead of tony and I really hope you injoy.