Demonic - An Avengers Fanfic

Demonic - An Avengers Fanfic

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Master 'o' Puns By PocketSizedWriter Updated Jan 13

Roxanne is 15 and lives in an orphanage. Until one day H.Y.D.R.A. kidnaps her (because they can't EVER get enough of that), they inject something in her called 'The Antidote'. Afterwards though, she's not the same. Not only did her hair magically change from blond to silver with red streaks, but she know has the DNA of a dragon.

WARNING: Contains swearing.

I do not own the avengers, this cover photo, nor any songs within this book.

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RozaAckerman RozaAckerman May 30, 2017
Did anyone else took this serious part until the part said "shut up and dance with me?" . . . Now i'm banging my head on table to realise it was a song and not someone getting into a fight😑
Lovedawn44 Lovedawn44 May 24
I was so confused for a second. then I kept reading and realized that I knew this song.LOL. I really like this song
ChelseaLandman ChelseaLandman May 06, 2017
im so weird as soon as i read about the half dragon thing i yell rawr (in class, detention anyone?)
Pinkdragon335 Pinkdragon335 Dec 31, 2017
At first I thought of a little girl running away with a ticked of Bucky running after her, with his prosthetic metal arm in her hand. I laughed, I am now crying. Send help.
Lmfao4053 Lmfao4053 Aug 14, 2017
Am I the only one who realized it was a song right off  the bat?
EternalStories14 EternalStories14 Feb 24, 2017
Pain in a scar? By any chance is she related to Harry Potter?