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brothers love by storysmactinus
brothers loveby storysmactinus
this story is about brother love
Him. // Martinus Gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
Him. // Martinus Gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Just the thought of him made the world seem like a better place. Maybe he could save her and take the pain away. Or just make it worse. Cover made by blurryfan...
Marcus and Martinus imagines by GunnarsenBaess
Marcus and Martinus imaginesby GunnarsenBaess
Hey! First things first, I'm not a writer, I just like trying new things and this might be one of them:) For now, requests are closed, just so you could see my first ima...
Playboy and his brother // Marcus & Martinus  by blurrygunnarsen
Playboy and his brother // mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Marcus Gunnarsen, biggest playboy in Trofors. Every girl dreams about him. New girl almost every day, fucking everyone who walks by. Then there is Martinus Gu...
I'll always be there for you [Marcus and Martinus]  by anja_paternes
I'll always be there for you [ Anja Paterneš
[COMPLETED] (Here is a love story about both boys) You just moved from Slovenia and you met two interesting guys named Marcus and Martinus. After some time you find out...
imagines #2 by storysmactinus
imagines #2by storysmactinus
imagines - dirty/sad/cute My acc on Instagram (where you can ask me for one) - @/xmactinusfanpagex and @/xmactinusgnrx
who say that I can not love you by storysmactinus
who say that I can not love youby storysmactinus
This is story about twin brother and sister who fall in love with echoder. They relationship will be hard and hidden. But what if someone found out ? It will be hard fo...
Without you // Marcus & Martinus by blurrygunnarsen
Without you // Marcus & Martinusby mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Marcus Gunnarsen, from the popular duo Marcus and Martinus, dies and it breaks his twin brother Martinus' world.
Love for years! by luvmarcusandmartinus
Love for years!by ❤️Marcus and Martinus❤️
(COMPLETED) Sofia, lives in Trofors next to her all time best friends, Marcus and Martinus. But she seems to want more with one of the twins.. Cover by: @TroforsSquad
New life by milla_gunnarsen
New lifeby Milla
Jessica has a perfect life in New York. But one day it all changes. She has to move to a new country. She has to leave her boyfriend and friends. But who are her new nei...
Life Lessons and Love by einternicola939
Life Lessons and Loveby eMMber Lane
Fifteen-year-old Amelia Waters is a girl who struggles with dealing with her emotions and whenever she gets emotionally or even physically hurt sometimes, she tends to t...
I hate him, i love him by mac_tinus1234
I hate him, i love himby mac_tinus1234
The story is about a girl named Lia and the boy she met the first day she moved (Marcus Gunnarsen). They are in love but with some few issues there. 13+ Warning!: This s...
Action || m.g ✓ by _littlea_
Action || m.g ✓by 可尼塔
❝"Help!" I hear her voice in the distance. "I need the ambulance, like, now!" "My name?" she pauses as if hesitating. "Isla...
Idols by storysmactinus
Idolsby storysmactinus
Kimberley is MMer for some months and she love Marcus and Martinus a lot. After their concert she meet them again but shw saw her best friend with them. She start to tal...
love has no limits by storysmactinus
love has no limitsby storysmactinus
read if you want to know about what is this story
Double Love || Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen  by Dya_didi101
Double Love || Marcus and « 𝙳𝚒𝙳𝚘 »
*completed* What happens after hate turns into love? •••••• The twins Roza and Roz are on their first day at school. They meet another set of twins Marcus and Martinus. ...
Together by milla_gunnarsen
Togetherby Milla
Story about Marcus & Martinus. read to find out more.
murderer // martinus gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
murderer // martinus gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
when a peaceful summer night turns into a nightmare. cover by daddymactinus (ig)
Our own world... by Mactinusxstoriess
Our own Mactinusxstoriess
[TW: THIS STORY CONTAINS SELF HARM AND GENERALLY THINGS THAT COULD TRIGGER YOU] Everything seems to be fine again after a long time After a long time of trying not to g...