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⚠BECAUSE...⁉   {U+Z} (Completed) by Sora-Z
⚠BECAUSE...⁉ {U+Z} (Completed)by Sora-Z
ဘာကြောင့်ချစ်မိသွားသလဲ..... ဘာကြောင့်စွဲလမ်းမိသွားသလဲ..... မာနတွေ..အမုန်းတွေကရော..ဘယ်ကိုရောက်သွားသလဲ... အဘယ်ကြောင့်ဆိုသော်.............
A shimmer on the horizon (Sancest multiship) [Discontinued] by Roxine69
A shimmer on the horizon ( European potato
(1st book) Once the world went down. The sea destroyed everything the humans and monsterkind knew so far. Many centuries after that, a pirate group made of monsters app...
till the stars say goodbyes by Nofatejustwhatumake
till the stars say goodbyesby Kasia Del Roman
The young girl's sea green eyes studied her. They stared right into her soul....piercing it. She felt an almost familiar feel take over her....she wanted to hold her tig...
The Legends of Sodor by novarose122001
The Legends of Sodorby Nova Rose The Literature Writ...
There was a legend around an island where machines had their own personalities and living on an island where machines and humans lived in harmony. But, that legend neve...
𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 by rainyeuphorias
𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬by dayvamp
one shots of many characters ! -> two authors
Disventure Time!! by craig_nottucker
Disventure Time!!by craig_nottucker
Craig, a kid in the small mountain city of Colorado, one day gets called over by his friend, that found something that looks "very cool" to his eyes, but not t...
[TRANS][HOPEV] IN THE LIBRARY by kyutieinnovember
Author: yona1998 Translator: Lạc Originally posted: Translated without permission, please do not reup! Bản dịch chưa có sự đồng...
Love Circle by Grapesofpath
Love Circleby Sam
A love triangle occurs when three people fall for each other. Sometimes, a square occurs when there are four. However, this story is a month long journey following 12 ad...
Slender man's younger sister  (creepypasta x Cheshire cat/demon)  by Helluva28
Slender man's younger sister ( Helluva28
June is a nice child. Her mother left her father and 4 brothers for her Childs safety. she got left at a dark home. Can She Escape And Find Her 4 Brothers?Will her life...
Related Far Apart, Book 1 by SaigeYak
Related Far Apart, Book 1by SaigeYak
Carley Anderson is a 12 year old girl who has always wanted a sister. When she finds out she does in fact have a twin, she ventures alone to the continent of Europe to...
Colors by L4ghtning
Colorsby L4ghtning
In a world of advanced science and technology, apocalypse threatens to take over. In the final attempt to save themselves, they called to the other eight worlds to help...
Her Path ◘ Henry Cavill by PsychoWinchesterThe1
Her Path ◘ Henry Cavillby Rhysand's Darling
Evangeline ( Phoebe Tonkin ) was born into misfortune and bad luck. She became an orphan when she was only a child and had to live under the tyranny of her aunt in the c...
Story Clips by StoryTaleMaster
Story Clipsby The Bookkeeper
Alright so sometimes I just like to write little clips of stories just for the fun of it and I decided I'd put them here. If you like one and think I should turn it into...
The UmU Chronicles by Absamtel
The UmU Chroniclesby Master Absamtel
'After the plot schemed by ▃▃▅▅, the Races united & foiled the plans of ▂▂▅▅▃▃. 69 Years have passed, the times have indeed been of peace & harmony. But a single questio...
Heart Weaver by T-Moon42
Heart Weaverby T-Moon42
Urban fantasy starring mostly characters who, in my mind, are all bishounen anime people. Magic powers tied to the frequency of the heart, extra-dimensional-god-worship...
Creation. by unparalleledhonesty
#17 unparalleledhonesty
It's sometime in the future (or so you hope) and the world has advanced so much by this time that people have grown entirely bored of it. They work their 9 to 5's daily...
 The Call by nahited
The Callby nahited
A call received on a normal day changes everything. A women facing many difficulties inlife yet finds her self intangled with in a web.
My Roommate Has a Bad Habit by book_worm_fairy500
My Roommate Has a Bad Habitby Kristan Kudera
My roommate has a bad habit of... Of sticking post-it notes on the wall? Murdering all the boys I bring to the dorm? Sewing long furbies to sell on Esty? Using bags of D...