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Black Wolf Falls: Book I by hknightfantasy
Black Wolf Falls: Book Iby H. Knight
Returning back to Black Wolf Falls after six years, Addison Wren Larson finds that what she thought she knew isn't the truth.
&TEAM MEMES by 17shuaesthetic
&TEAM MEMESby egeutarateu
👑WE LINK👑 •K• •FUMA• •NICHOLAS• •EJ• •YUMA• •JO• •HARUA• •TAKI• •MAKI• -credit to the respectful owners-
Boy's Planet added contestant: Bae Sangwon by vivienne_lim
Boy's Planet added contestant: vivienne_lim
Bae Sangwon is a phenomenal trainee, as expected from SM Entertainment. Now, this is not what SM typically does, sending their prospective idols into MNET survival shows...
My Wolf  | Nichojoo | &team  by Ominisin
My Wolf | Nichojoo | &team by Luné
"You can't be true Y-you are not human !" Euijoo
Reality Check [ A Doki Doki Fanfiction ] by Total_Idiot
Reality Check [ A Doki Doki Total_Idiot
What if MC wasn't even a player at all? Monika has wished for a route ever since Doki Doki literature Club was created and her wish was granted! Now Monika is the main...
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The Cat Returns 2:  Haru x Baron love story fanfic. by MBRubenstein
The Cat Returns 2: Haru x Baron M.B.Rubenstein.
This is a simple little fan fake I do not own any of the characters is that the ones that I create in the book so I do not own the cat returns or anything else of the mo...
Ethan by Becca0106
Ethanby Becca Lee
Lune Academy. The place where all supernatural species are welcome to train to become a Warrior of the Council, or a Warrior of a Kingdom. Students are put through ten y...
- シャドウ·シティです - (The Shadow City) | &TEAM FF ✅ by UltraAquarian
- シャドウ·シティです - (The Shadow City) | Melancholy
Hill Stone. The Shadow City... Wolfblood. They are a variant to the known fantasy creatures, the werewolves. Unlike their counterparts, Wolfbloods are strictly born not...
- マーク·オブ·ザ·ムーンです - (Mark Of The Moon) | &TEAM FF ✅ by UltraAquarian
- マーク·オブ·ザ·ムーンです - (Mark Of The Melancholy
*Book 2 to - シャドウ·シティです - (The Shadow City)* A mysterious object had drawn the attention of nine young wolfbloods into a clearing that overlooks a cliff. Other wolfbloo...
-アンダー·ザ·スキンです- (Under The Skin) | &TEAM FF ✅ by UltraAquarian
-アンダー·ザ·スキンです- (Under The Skin) | Melancholy
*Final Book to - マーク·オブ·ザ·ムーンです - (Mark Of The Moon)* It is not easy being told you are a threat to everyone around you. Isolation. Total seclusion is what's best for...
DKB  imagines, reactions and dating doors✨✨ DISCONTINUED  by Tomans_spade
DKB imagines, reactions and #Black lives matter
Requests are closed sorry requests are taking me too long to make , don't forget to vote, (Slow updates And enjoy reading💘 DISCONTINUED ❤️✨peace✨❤️
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Nice Werewolf Books That Are Completed. by sdazzell
Nice Werewolf Books That Are Cutie Pie
A collection of Werewolf/Romance stories for people like me who love happy endings. : D
Purple Hyacinth: Lauki One-shots by SamBam300
Purple Hyacinth: Lauki One-shotsby sammi
"Life really dealt us a crappy hand, huh?" Requests are open! Put ideas on my message board, no smut. All rights go to Sophism and Ephemerys. I do not own...
L'inconnu qui parlait à la  nuit. by Kyra-Stormlight
L'inconnu qui parlait à la Kyra-Stormlight
"La nuit, lorsque les étoiles illuminent ma chambre, je m'installe, seul, et parle à la Lune."
Moondust by Daolyi
Moondustby Lucas T.
Enfant, Spade Shuffle avait un seul rêve : aller sur la Lune. C'est pourquoi, une fois majeur, il décide de partir de chez lui. Il quitte la pauvreté de la Terre afin de...
When the Sun Loves the Moon   (sun x moon) by Thepotatowithahat
When the Sun Loves the Moon ( Potato with a Hat
Long ago the sun and the moon met on the first dawn. From then on a bond between them blossomed. As the centuries went by they grew closer and closer. But they could nev...
Ramsey et la fille de la Lune.  by coeurargent
Ramsey et la fille de la Lune. by 💦 Poppy 💦
// Games of thrones est une série incroyable, et je me suis permise de m'en inspirer grandement pour cette histoire. Cependant j'ai ajouté beaucoup de modifications pour...
December's Playlist by Lunalostwriter
December's Playlistby Dear, Luna
SEVENTH POETRY COMPILATION December's vibe had caressed her heart in writing poetry again together with her playlist. -DEAR, LUNA
Geechan||Blue and Grey by bunnysvtdkb34
Geechan||Blue and Greyby YOUR BUNNY💕☁️🐰
جي كي.. "نظر لى وعينة تملئها الدموع" ماذا!! أنا أسف لك ارجوك لا تبكى ....
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The Cat Returns: The Amnesiac Baroness by TrionixPrime
The Cat Returns: The Amnesiac Katherine Grace Concio
Ever since Serene can remember, she woke up in a hospital with no memory about her past or her name. She was taken in by the Yoshioka mother and daughter who will help h...