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The Cat Returns: The Amnesiac Baroness (Japanese Subtitles) by TrionixPrime
The Cat Returns: The Amnesiac Katherine Grace Concio
Ever since Serene can remember, she woke up in a hospital with no memory about her past or her name. She was taken in by the Yoshioka mother and daughter who will help h...
The Cat Returns 2:  Haru x Baron love story fanfic. by mrubenstein
The Cat Returns 2: Haru x Baron M.B.Rubenstein.
This is a simple little fan fake I do not own any of the characters is that the ones that I create in the book so I do not own the cat returns or anything else of the mo...
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-アンダー·ザ·スキンです- (Under The Skin) | &TEAM FF ✅ by UltraAquarian
-アンダー·ザ·スキンです- (Under The Skin) | ☁☁☁
*Final Book to - マーク·オブ·ザ·ムーンです - (Mark Of The Moon)* It is not easy being told you are a threat to everyone around you. Isolation. Total seclusion is what's best for...
Reality Check [ A Doki Doki Fanfiction ] by Total_Idiot
Reality Check [ A Doki Doki Total_Idiot
What if MC wasn't even a player at all? Monika has wished for a route ever since Doki Doki literature Club was created and her wish was granted! Now Monika is the main...
𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙚𝙧 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙬 by analoveshoonie
𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙚𝙧 𝙎𝙝𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙬by anita
The investigation team in Tokyo, Japan is in charge of investigating the case of "Ghost" the most wanted criminal in the world, the girl has the gift of vanish...
Hello, Goodbye by yumatear_
Hello, Goodbyeby パバ
Troubled Nakakita Yuma is sent away to small nowhere coastal town Kure under the care of humble small town newspaper girl Watanabe Hanako. Slow mornings, timid bike rid...
Heartstrings by yumatear_
Heartstringsby パバ
[1.2] A collection of letters and prompts sent to &Team to tug at your heartstrings. AndTeam / &Team Oneshots and Imagines fanfictions
La Lune des Luna by Sapphos_Lover
La Lune des Lunaby Sapphos_Lover
(Title explained in Intro) Sean is a werewolf of the genus Canis Lupis Dingo, living with his heavily influenced pack in the middle of butt-f*ck nowhere. It's been known...
- 叫びます- (The Howling) | &TEAM FF ✅ by UltraAquarian
- 叫びます- (The Howling) | &TEAM FF ✅by ☁☁☁
月の光は、それを愛したオオカミの家でした。 The moonlight was home for the wolves who adored it. ------------------------------- Nakamura Natsuki was a simple girl. A selenophile, if you will...
Purple Hyacinth: Lauki One-shots by SamBam300
Purple Hyacinth: Lauki One-shotsby sammi
"Life really dealt us a crappy hand, huh?" Requests are open! Put ideas on my message board, no smut. All rights go to Sophism and Ephemerys. I do not own...
el fruto de amor by persefonedoll
el fruto de amorby persefone
minos x lune capitulo único
Postcard ✓ by yumatear_
Postcard ✓by パバ
[1.1] "Some part of me believes that not much has changed; that you're still camp buddy Xiu that kept me safe and made me laugh. " An AndTeam / &Team Nicholas...
The Cat Returns 2 by Mint_Majesty
The Cat Returns 2by Mint_Majesty
Haru Yoshioka returns the cat kingdom to visit King Lune and Queen Yuki after a couple of months when she was kidnapped for their wedding. The Baron and Muta will also b...
Just Be Friend by EnigmaMonster
Just Be Friendby Enigma
Sarah, accompagnée de son fidèle Flamiaou, décide de passer la nuit dans un motel, épuisée par son entrainement de la veille. Elle ne s'attend pas à croiser le chemin du...
Âme du monde by helo7276
Âme du mondeby Héloïse
Courte nouvelle sur l'incarnation d'une âme sur terre.
a la tombé de la nuit by jojocooki2008
a la tombé de la nuitby thefox
Julia,une fille de 14 ans,découvre,qu'a la tombé de la nuit,une chose qu'elle ne connaissait pas...
The red moon by Justolia
The red moonby Justolia
It's a story about a young pregnant woman who receives a bad spell. She is fighting to cancel this spell but it looks as if the world was against her...
La Lune bleue by perizim
La Lune bleueby p_zmn
Tout commença avec un ciel noir, comme ne nous l'avions jamais vu. Les joueurs du milieu vont s'affronter, loups garous et villageois. Préparez vous à vivre une aventur...
Baron's adopted daughter by YuichiYuki
Baron's adopted daughterby Inez Fiona Yuwono
Baron meet an orphan little girl, who can shape shift to a cat and a wolf. Baron adopted her and treat and care for her like his own daughter. This is the adventure of B...