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Married in Hogwarts (Dramione) by MuslimOtaku
Married in Hogwarts (Dramione)by Shadowstrike
Saw a Headcanon on Tumblr and thought eh why not? Concept is partially inspired by a story @MizuChanBoii used to tell me about so make sure you follow her if you read th...
Voldermort is Gone Tom Riddle Is Here by Bangtanarmy581
Voldermort is Gone Tom Riddle Is VaeRyn
Voldermort rose in Draco Malfoy's 3rd. At the end of the year. They did not know why or how or what happened. They had been attempting it, Draco knew despite his father'...
Punishing Potter (boyxboyxboy) by TheArchived
Punishing Potter (boyxboyxboy)by Jezebel
Part One: Harry Potter needs punishing... don't worry. Malfoy and Snape got it covered. Part Two: Draco and Harry lose house points for kissing... can they change Severu...
Draco and Legolas by Bangtanarmy581
Draco and Legolasby VaeRyn
Draco blacks out after a rather harsh punishment from his father. Uppon waking, he realizes that he was not anywhere he knew. Confused, hurt, and in pain he wanders abou...
hola soy whora 😉🤪🥵💅🏼🍆🍑 by rainthe3mo
hola soy whora 😉🤪🥵💅🏼🍆🍑by balls deep in ur nan
A story you only need one hand to read😍😍🫢🫢🫢😜😋😋👍😙🥲💔✊💀🦊🐩💀❎🤨🤩🥰🪦😡😡🌜🌜😡😡😡Dora the explora's daddy issues go too far when she flies off the rails and...
Baby Harry by Sebastain500
Baby Harryby 🌸Sumire and Otiz🦊
A story of how Harry was classified and became Lucius' and Severus' little Chapters will be short and sweet Making slight changes
EFFORTLESSLY - [Draco Malfoy] by xxgeorgiarose_
EFFORTLESSLY - [Draco Malfoy]by G. Rose
Two families. Two purebloods who fell in love. A short Draco Malfoy love story.
Above Them All by GabbyAddison1
Above Them Allby GabbyAddison1
The Malfoy's daughter is unappreciated and sent away as much as possible. She spent lots of time with her aunt Bellatrix, but not even Bellatrix likes her. But one day s...
YANDERE Harry Potter x Reader > oneshots < requests open. by SPACE_HIPPIE-
YANDERE Harry Potter x Reader > SPACE_HIPPIE-
Hi, this will be a series of yandere harrypotter characters x reader, you can give me requests of characters and plot ideas! Some characters may be out of character but...
if things were different by Allexiiisss
if things were differentby Allexiiisss
What happens when the weasleys had another daughter but she wasn't like them at all What happens when a certain blonde boy becomes infatuated with her well find out in...
harry potter smuts by clara_riddle
harry potter smutsby clara_riddle
this for the girls who love snape, lucius, sirius, remus, and james as much as i do☺️ (ill be making another smut book with the regulars you know what i mean ;))
Deal by iceygirl200510
Dealby Slytherins Bride💚
What if Harry Potter made a deal with Voldemort? The light really fucked up on this one. "Ruin me then, my lord." Oh he would, in a way you wouldn't think. But...
Blood Is Thicker Than Magic by Bo4kenzi
Blood Is Thicker Than Magicby I Wish For Death
Harry, Lucius and Draco are a powerful family together. Dumbledore feeling threatened makes a mistake that he can't fix. Harry/Lucius
The Half-Blood Princess by MongVie
The Half-Blood Princessby MongVie
Severina Snape, Half-blood who tries her best to suppress her feelings toward Lucius Malfoy....
Damaged || Draco x Reader (Finished) by dracoXreaders
Damaged || Draco x Reader ( ♡ Draco ♡
Draco is a Gryffindor. The second he got sorted his family disowned him, not a single Gryffindor trusts him. He goes through Hogwarts without anyone. Y/N is a girl who m...
The Marauders Imagines  by maddiedoro
The Marauders Imagines by maddiedoro
Imagines based off of the Marauders Era from Harry Potter. A/N: I don't own any of the photos or face claims I use in my fanfic. All credit goes to their owners. I'll b...
Awakened (Severus|Lucius) by Iggypaige
Awakened (Severus|Lucius)by Iggy Paige
Lucretia Vaire is a 17-year-old witch that comes to find out that her parents who have been homeschooling her are famous Pure-Blood Gryffindor's who fought the Dark Lord...
Through the Eyes of Draco Malfoy by Elorha_
Through the Eyes of Draco Malfoyby Elorha
!!(Complete atm)!! !!!{{[ Future chapters to be posted]}}!!! ___________________________ Draco Malfoy has been used and abused by his father and family since he was a ch...
Shut up, Malfoy (Draco x Harry) by wild_hog
Shut up, Malfoy (Draco x Harry)by W. Hogg
-this story is complete- -there is ron x hermione - -all student depicted unless stated otherwise are 16- -warning for cursing and use of homophobic slurs briefly- Did y...