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The Unwanted Marriage  by itsnotrory
The Unwanted Marriage by Not rory
Amara Russo , the youngest daughter of the Russo family, which is the American mafia. Is forced to marry a man she never met. Who is the new Italian mafia boss. Damien...
Romano's Lost Mafia Princess  by Ritsswriteshim
Romano's Lost Mafia Princess by Rika
Amaira Romano , the princess of ITALY. A cute little inoccent girl who can make anyone heart flutter at her cuteness. Everything was going smoothly in her life.. Loving...
She went to another country to build her career. But she doesn't know about her encounter with the superstar. He is a superstar, a sensational singer. He fell for a be...
Shortie & Knight by caitygotwords
Shortie & Knightby caitygotwords
I was walking to my locker when I heard someone calling for somebody. "Hey! Little cutie!" They called. I kept waking, since no one noticed me and I doubted...
Equations of Marriage✔️ by Sanyaasiss
Equations of Marriage✔️by Sanya
"You aren't allowed to tell anyone here that I'm your husband" "Wtf that should be my words" ______________________________________________ What woul...
Arranged Marriage to HIM by ju5ta9url
Arranged Marriage to HIMby ju5ta9url
WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 16YEARS OLD SO MAY BE CRINGEY AND TOXIC, YET TO BE EDITED... Rich family. People would think she had it all, but did she actually? Meet Tanvi Khurran...
Too Innocent To Handle!! ✔️  by Peppermint_Kisses27
Too Innocent To Handle!! ✔️ by Peppermint Kisses
"Do you think I will be pregnant ??" He looks at her with wide eyes. "Are you crazy??? Why the hell will you be pregnant??" He yelled. "Huh...
💕မြတ်နိုးခြင်း......သစ္စာ💕 by Lynn-95
💕မြတ်နိုးခြင်း......သစ္စာ💕by Yue Lynn
"ဘေးခြံကလာပြောတယ် ငလျှင်လှုပ်သွားလို့တဲ့.... မဟုတ်ရပါဘူးဗျာ...... ကျွန်တော် နှလုံးသားက သူ့နာမည်လေးကြွေကျတာပါ.... ကျွန်တော်ရင်ခုန်သံတွေကသောင်းကျန်းနေတာ...
You are my Mumma (TK)✅ by seri959702
You are my Mumma (TK)✅by seri
Where son of Kim Taehyung , the most successful businessman of korea takes jeon jungkook , his kindergarten teacher as his mumma . But the issue is that Taehyung and jun...
Cousins Love- Series ✔️ by _AestheticWriter22_
Cousins Love- Series ✔️by A Dreamer🌸
A book of series of cousin marriage! All the series are completed! Peep in to know more!
IVANOV'S  FAMILY CURSE by authorlittlelibrary_
IVANOV'S FAMILY CURSEby authorlittlelibrary_
A family with a curse that no girl will be born in their home .From the last 15 centuries no girl has been born in the household of Ivanov's. But this time a miracle ha...
Annoying brothers 1[Completed ][BTS ff]✔ by luvbangton
Annoying brothers 1[Completed ][ Hyuga Xu Zen
She met them.7 step brothers.Chaos began. "Hyung!She is going to kill me!" "Hyung,save me!" "Get off bitch!" "I hate this little bitch...
Mine ll jeon jungkook ll 18+ by ficneont
Mine ll jeon jungkook ll 18+by ficneonT
jungkook was the bad boy and most feared student of his college with attractive personality, he was not interested in love at all as his mind was in violence and he was...
THALIA by awmhei
THALIAby hihihi
THALIA When a woman dressed in a black suit approached me on a train track, whilst I was holding a bottle of blue spray paint in my left hand and a face covered with pa...
Heart needs a beat by Nazuk_wx06
Heart needs a beatby Nazuk
අහසින් වැටෙන දිය පොදට ආලය බදිමි.. සිසිලස පහව යන තෙක් උණුසුම යදිමි.. සිසිලස දුරුවන තුරු.. හදවතේ ගැස්ම ඇති තුරු.. ඔබට පමණක් ආලය කරමි.. ...
Solace by Meehira__writes
Solaceby Meehira__writes
To New Reader's, I request new readers to not start reading the story right away, as I'm changing a few things, in the earlier chapters, wait for atleast a week, I'll be...
Ittefaq se  by unkiiibaatein
Ittefaq se by Manaheel
Hamza Siddiqui- The new student in the school, whose smile made every girl lose her heart but he is a cold , ruthless and rude demeanor person Fiza Ahmad- An introvert...
Equations Of Love by Sanyaasiss
Equations Of Loveby Sanya
Life is like a chess board, one wrong move and you're checkmate. Ayushman and Diyanshi were in an arranged marriage of convenience. It wasn't a love-at-first-sight kind...
Love Is Science (Ishigami Senku X Reader)  by NatashaTasyaar
Love Is Science (Ishigami Senku Natasha Tasyaar
L/N Y/N is both a musical genius and martial arts expert. Even though she masters in various kinds of martial arts, she always avoids violence at all cost... because the...
My Mafia Husband by bangxrits
My Mafia Husbandby bangxrits
[Marriage series; Book 1] What happens when an 18 year old girl who is just starting her college life gets arranged with the handsome 25 year old billionaire mafia king...