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Gifted by eat_sleep_read
Giftedby eat_sleep_read
Elizabeth is gifted. Or cursed is what she likes to call it. She has one of the most feared gifts of all. All she wants is to be normal, but it's harder than she realize...
  • golf
  • killing
  • blake
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Crazier || Harry Styles by SmileForNiallx
Crazier || Harry Stylesby Lauren
Natalie was excited to spend the summer at her best friend's lake house. That is until she found out her best friend's cousin, Harry Styles, was planning on joining alon...
  • niall
  • megan
  • lake
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The only good witch [Souleater  X Witch! Reader] by Heir_of_Heart_
The only good witch [Souleater Dai M.
Being the daughter of a witch is not very safe in this world were people hunt down them for fun and empowerment. But being the only good one I don't know what really is...
  • patty
  • xreader
  • liz
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Spiderman oneshots  by boommmchakalaka
Spiderman oneshots by boommmchakalaka
A series of events with peter and the avengers ? Mostly sad oneshots
  • ned
  • peter
  • civil
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Possessive Love (Draft) (Editing) by Musicholic
Possessive Love (Draft) (Editing)by Musicholic
Highest Rank #2 in mystery and thriller Dear Lizzy, How beautiful you look all cozy in your bed, how lavish your sheets look tangled up in your smooth legs, as I look a...
  • wattys2017
  • wattys2018
  • stalker
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Sword art online : Protection by Chronicle_holder
Sword art online : Protectionby Chronicle_holder
  • são
  • liz
  • kirito
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Chaotic Order // Rio fic by mikaylapast
Chaotic Order // Rio ficby Mikayla
Violetta Boland was a businesswoman, she kept her business and family life as seperate as possible but when she's forced to clean up her brother's mess it seems like bus...
  • liz
  • girls
  • druglord
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Protect Me  (Being Edited) by PrincessSerena3
Protect Me (Being Edited)by Princess~
Ahn Dahye-violent personality ,green eyes Lee Chaera-immature babyish personality ,gray eyes Wang Naye - sassy personality, blue eyes Yoongi fan fiction Book 2: you ar...
  • suga
  • younglove
  • abusivefather
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the 8th sin? meliodas x reader by Emoji_Anime_Lover
the 8th sin? meliodas x readerby Power Rangers, NinjaGo and An...
What if there was 8 sins instead of seven? What if this sin was even more powerful then the sin of wrath and the sin of pride together but her powers where seld away? Wh...
  • liz
  • xreader
  • fanfic
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Letters From Liz by 11tay99
Letters From Lizby Taylor
Liz meets Cody, a broken boy who is pining for his lost love, Peyton, whom Liz knew when Peyton was alive. Liz has to fight love against loyalty as she tried to remain s...
  • letters
  • peyton
  • cancer
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CAUGHT IN HIS WEB//SMH// ℙeter ℙarker by Batbooo
CAUGHT IN HIS WEB//SMH// ℙeter ℙ Batbooo
"Peter...either Aunt May's brownies had drugs in them making me hallucinate this, or you're actually spider-man...." "You're the Spider-Man from YouTube...
  • liz
  • ned
  • spider
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Sinful Love (GxG) by Musicholic
Sinful Love (GxG)by Musicholic
Delectable cover by: @ Antionicha I spin around on her desk chair forgetting about her appearance as I say, "Im dead serious. He even labeled himself your stalker...
  • liz
  • nikole
  • gxg
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Frozen (Javier Escuella X Reader) by iisome1writesii
Frozen (Javier Escuella X Reader)by iisome1writesii
Elizabeth Perez, former bounty hunter turned outlaw has stumbled upon the Van Der Lin gang. Death, blood, money and betrayal she was expecting. One thing she wasn't? Lov...
  • elizabeth
  • hunt
  • arthurmorgan
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"Football is a Man's Sport" My Derriere. by hobbity0923
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Gracie
Elizabeth Kane's life is pretty normal. School, parents, annoying siblings, you name it. But after a life changing accident that her older brother, Gabriel, goes through...
  • deal
  • ride
  • punch
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¸.•*¨*'•.Shards Of The Past¸.•*¨*'•. (Prince Nuada) {GOING UNDER EDITING} by Poison_Ivy99
¸.•*¨*'•.Shards Of The Past¸.•*¨*' ινу
"Father, what if there was something else than the crown piece that could control the army?" "There is a possibility. I have heard stories about someone...
  • liz
  • army
  • abe
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The Pink Paladin of Voltron by Liz_Rosemoon
The Pink Paladin of Voltronby Liz
Olivia is the first Pink Paladin and was stranded in space for half a year. Now she meets the paladins that always have her back. She'll meet new friends and foes even f...
  • keithxoc
  • pink
  • shiro
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Other Andrews by AllisonAlliSalvatore
Other Andrewsby AllisonAlliSalvatore
Eliza "Liz" Andrews is Archie's twin sister. Since they were little they were inseparable but now they kinda drifted away from each other. New threat is in tow...
  • liz
  • sweetpea
  • andrews
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Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Summer (Klaroline FanFic) by Sophie_Juniper
Klaus & Caroline: The Longing Sophie_Juniper
This fanfiction story continues the story of Klaroline right after s4e23. It is time Caroline and Klaus to go on different ways. Klaus heads to New Orleans and Caroline...
  • spell
  • friends
  • kisses
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My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Jori) by JadeJoriTori
My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Jori)by Jessica
Hello name is Tori. Tori Vega. I'm a little nervous at the bear with me? Well I have a confession to's a hard one at that. I um...well I...
  • gillies
  • victorious
  • west
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On The Run ✔️ by multiple_fandoms198
On The Run ✔️by Multiple_fandoms198
The Blacklist after s2 final. An idea that someone gave me, it won't happen on the show but it would be interesting to see. No clue how this will turn out but let's see.
  • elizabethkeen
  • reddington
  • red
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