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Rio x Male Reader by Hauntez
Rio x Male Readerby 👻Haunted👻
Blu and Jewel, two domesticated female Spix's macaw's who are taken to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a free-spirited, hard headed, male Spix's macaw, Y/n. (None of the pic...
Lucifers beloved daughter by Sterre456
Lucifers beloved daughterby Sterre456
When Lucifer went to earth, he left his daughter, Lucy to be the 'temporary'ruler of hell. Before he left, he told her he would come back after two years, max three... W...
Young Royals - Season 3 (Version 2) by China4319
Young Royals - Season 3 (Version 2)by China
Is August going down for the sex video? Is Simon going down for the drugs now that Sara has reported August? What are the Queen and the rest of the world going to do no...
My Teacher Is The Devil?! (Lucifer Morningstar x Reader) by ASE715
My Teacher Is The Devil?! ( ASE715
First day of senior year. (Y/n) has a long and boring year ahead of her before she graduates... or does she? Something weird is going on and the new teacher at school is...
Season 3 Young Royals (Version 1) by China4319
Season 3 Young Royals (Version 1)by China
Our story picks up where we left off at Hillerska's 120 year Anniversary Jubilee to find out how everyone will react and what the fallout will be from the royal family...
mystery life  by gavi_fp
mystery life by Lena_g
this story is about gavi and linda's love for each other. This story is full of mysteries and lovely things. Gavi is a football player who plays for barcelona he is 19...
Nico x Reader (Complete)  by kilogrammillimeter
Nico x Reader (Complete) by Hoodleppy Okay
This Nico x Reader is following the events of the movie. I made this 1 year ago but edited it so it's more readable. I hope you enjoy! ♡
Love in the Jungle ( Rio 2- Roberto love story) by TheUltraWriter
Love in the Jungle ( Rio 2- S.C
This is for all you Rio movie lovers! This story takes place after Rio 2 but holds those characters. The movie Rio does not belong to me! Only my character Tiki belongs...
The history book on the shelf is always repeating itself by MajaUrsic
The history book on the shelf is Agnetha Ulvaeus
Agnetha & Björn and Frida & Benny, what does life have in store for them now? *Really appreciate your opinion comments are welcome.
The Mitchells Vs The Machines X Female! Reader by TheFandomofFun
The Mitchells Vs The Machines X Idk-
Haha very funny having a robot apocalypse coming on your world and another thing, you don't even know what's going on but fortunately you get dragged by your best friend...
We're Working on Trust Lucifer's Daughter by KighaWolf
We're Working on Trust Lucifer's KighaN.
Story cover by: @BlowyFlameball "No, stay. I believe I know who your father is" He said turning around to face you as you backed away from him. "It's okay...
Grow Up Belcher- Louise & Logan Fanfic by FranH333
Grow Up Belcher- Louise & Logan FranH333
Seventeen year old Louise Belcher is in her last year of high school and is slowly take over the family business. During spring break an old (kind of) friend, Logan Bush...
A Cry in the Park - A Bob's Burgers fanfic - by BobsBurgersStories1 by A-Pink-Rose
A Cry in the Park - A Bob's Lauren
An encounter with Logan leaves Louise trapped. The town joins together to save her, but rescue isn't as easy as they think.
Tanzanite - Rio (Ongoing) by AlexNeko_990
Tanzanite - Rio (Ongoing)by AlexNeko_990
Tanzanite (Ongoing)⏳ --- Azure is an Indigo Canary. He lost his mother when he was young, he was captured when he was young along with Blu, a while later Linda found the...
See Me As I Am by AngelaLott9
See Me As I Amby Writesalott
What if when Chloe shot Lucifer in episode four he'd been invulnerable? What if she'd know the truth from the very beginning? Deviates from canon after the shooting scen...
Little Sister ~ Eastenders! {Finished} by aeh2016
Little Sister ~ Eastenders! { A✨
Nellie Carter arrives in the village. There's surprises in store and shock for her parents and siblings. Read to find out more...
Dragons: The Nine Realms (Jun Wong x male reader) by TheRavenclawPrince03
Dragons: The Nine Realms (Jun TheRavenclawPrince03
Ryu Kullersen is Tom Kullersen's older brother. This how the story would go if he had an older brother. All rights go to the makers of Dragons: The Nine Realms. I only o...
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink Machine Story) by InkyFalls023
Broken Down (A Bendy & The Ink William
Nobody knew about Bendy's existence but Joey Drew, not even Henry had knowledge of the ink demon hidden in the studio. Thirty years later after the Studio was shut down...
Save You by emilieautumnays
Save Youby emilieautumnays
Dorothy McCartney is the daughter of Dot Rhone and Paul McCartney. After 15 years of little to no contact with her father, he now wants her to come live with him in Engl...
Evermore (Devil's ʻĀnela) [ON HOLD] by TheQuietHufflepuff
Evermore (Devil's ʻĀnela) [ON HOLD]by TheQuietHufflepuff
Leilani, known as Lani, Iosua is the epitome of goodness. She never drank underage, she's never taken drugs, she follows the rules of the road, she barely even cusses. ...