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I.O.U. by Ayanna_Wild
#1 Ayanna
It's a mystery how exactly you got to the point that you owe the devil himself so many favors. You won't tell a soul, and he seems to enjoy keeping the reason behind it...
Free to Be You and Me - A Supernatural Lucifer x Reader Story by Infinity-Angels
Free to Be You and Me - A Angel
Reader gets transported into the world of Supernatural when she meets Sam, Dean, and Castiel. Events get twisted around to where Lucifer has lost his grace, and Reader i...
[😈] All for you || Lucifer by Billybobo5
[😈] All for you || Luciferby Maria 🎐
🌠 You were tired, tired of everything. Your feelings were always in the way, that's why you decided to get rid of them by selling your soul to the Devil. Little did you...
A Sense Of Comfort (Satan X Reader) by wackedout
A Sense Of Comfort (Satan X Reader)by Des
"What the fuc---!" "No cursing." "But aren't you Sata---" "Yes." "..." ____________ This is the story of a young girl w...
Wanted by PrincesJasmine143
Wantedby Lucifer's Left Hand Demon
John Winchester comes to six month baby girl rescue from Azazel, who John thinks is any normal child but actually is half demon and half angel. Follow the life of Mikayl...
Lucifer X Angel!Reader. Misunderstood. by supawholok221b
Lucifer X Angel!Reader. Harmony
Lucifer meets reader who is an angel who faked her death ran and hid. Some fluff.
Lucifer X Reader One Shots by SilentSky115
Lucifer X Reader One Shotsby SilentSky115
A bunch of Lucifer X Reader One Shots for you all to enjoy ❤
Lucifer Morningstar x Reader by Ayanna_Wild
Lucifer Morningstar x Readerby Ayanna
Lucifer Morningstar x Reader imagines and oneshots!
Fallen Angel | Lucifer x Reader by Wendigo_Demoness
Fallen Angel | Lucifer x Readerby Kius The Demon
(Y/N) is a fallen angel. She used to be in heaven but she killed one of the most powerful Angels in heaven so that threw her out. Recently, she has been taking care of t...
Mystic Messenger Headcanons, OneShots and FanFics Part 1 by RukaChan707
Mystic Messenger Headcanons, juminsmysticmc
200 Headcanons and FanFics about the RFA
Obey me!《One shots》(request open) by MagicThott
Obey me!《One shots》(request open)by ♡♡Y/n♡♡
Obey me! Oneshots bc why the hell not. 🥀- Lucifer 💸- Mammon 🎮- Leviathan 📚- Satan 🍑- Amadeus 🍮- Beelzebub 💤- Belphagor 🖤-Diavolo 🧙‍♂️-Solomon 🐶-Luke ⛪-Sim...
Supernatural Oneshots by rmorningstar21
Supernatural Oneshotsby Rachael Morningstar
Current OneShots Include: -Castiel -Gabriel -Sam -Lucifer -Balthazar -Crowley -Dean -Benny -Gadreel -Cain -Sully *This collection is completed, but I do have a second bo...
Amnesia (Lucifer X Reader ) [COMPLETE] by KileyStorm
Amnesia (Lucifer X Reader ) [ Kiley
(Y/N) is a normal girl in her twenties just trying to get by when a twist of events sends her to L.A. where she loses her memory and her mind over a handsome devil.
I Go By Many Names (Lucifer {Ryo} x Reader) by Katjaface
I Go By Many Names (Lucifer {Ryo} Katjaface
Book 2 of my Devilman Crybaby fanfictions! How did the reader even meet the boy who now goes by Ryo Asuka? This is that story.
Obey Me- Lucifer X Reader by LaurenAllen9
Obey Me- Lucifer X Readerby Lauren Allen
I wanted to do a fanfic about Lucifer, so I just thought of a bunch of short stories. Sorry if they're bad, I'm not that good at writing... anyway, Lucifer is my favorit...
𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐓 | Saeyoung Choi by NAKANHOE
𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐓 | Saeyoung Choiby ☁️
mystic messenger | saeyoung choi - "I love you. But you don't remember me." - Where he keeps his distance for her sake, but no matter what, his feelings won't...
Supernatural imagines/Preferences by Superwhogirl128
Supernatural imagines/Preferencesby Superwhogirl128
Supernatural imagines/Preferences! Requests are closed.
Bound to Lucifer  by queenofthecrxssroad
Bound to Lucifer by queenofthecrxssroad
The Winchester boys help you out when a lone hunt goes wrong. Being injured you were driven back to the bunker till you run into a certain someone. The story is revolve...
Shall we date: Obey Me! Reader insert + Requests ON HOLD by _softzuuu
Shall we date: Obey Me! Reader _softzuuu
Enter the world of Devildom where you try to stay alive for a year! But with 7 demons around to help you and become closer with you. From being an Otaku with Levi, eatin...
Heaven (Mystic Messenger x Reader) by PhantomasRain
Heaven (Mystic Messenger x Reader)by Ray
This is a *inhale* Zen, Seven/Luciel, Jumin, Yoosung, V, and Sarean X Reader *exhale*. I don't see much of these out there, by that I mean barely anyone writes a MM x Re...