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The Cup Half Empty by aghabour
The Cup Half Emptyby imperfectstranger
Some poetry for those who need something to relate to.
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This story is about a girl,Emily,on the verge of pursuing her dream of graduating in London.When on the airport her suitecase is accidentally swapped.
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Quotes by AKMM_05
Quotesby A.K.
here you will find my favorite quotes and every teenager lines, lol, hope you'll enjoy them too.
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Sprot :) by -ANGELKAY
Sprot :)by love, katie
rEaD mE [this is not a book, this is just the story of my everyday teenage life, ft. boys, friends, tea, tags, unpopular opinions, school, sadness, and...memes. ]
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• HALYCON •  by tommohearted91
• HALYCON • by Shenaya Jay
(adj.) Calm & peaceful. Happy, prosperous Times that I pour my heart out to words, because life is too short to not be honest~
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The Relative Truth by angoissee
The Relative Truthby Bella
The real beginning of your life is always in high school. It's full of heartbreak, backstabbing, stress and finding yourself along the way. It's everything and nothing l...
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Leah by ariana123marie
Leahby SWIFTY_1989
Lisa Elizabeth Alexandra Hamilton is a desperate 13-year-old who wants to find love and satisfaction in her life. After the devastating disappearance of her parents, she...
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Being a Teenage Girl! by Angel_Fariha
Being a Teenage Girl!by Fariha Syed
This isn't exactly a story, just my opinion on what teens face on a regular basis!
Girl of hope by starlingsilver
Girl of hopeby L ~ I ~ L ~ Y
Spam book
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Cover My Mouth by StephanieRRead
Cover My Mouthby StephanieRRead
The 21st Century. School. Pressure. Requirements. Demands. Anxiety. Liyana.
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Black Rose by xee_xavier
Black Roseby _the insomniac
poetry is life it's my world so step into my world of c h a o s my safe haven of words the things we cannot say and things that do not want to be heard are the most im...
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The Story Of My Life by GirlOnline1101
The Story Of My Lifeby The Story Of My Life
This is the true story of a 13 year old girl. My name is Zara. I'm currently 14 years old (writing this) and attend an all girls school in the UK. I have an annoying you...
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Silly Squad Studios: From The Beginning (Book 1) by _ingridschmdt_
Silly Squad Studios: From The MαԃιȥαɳPɾσԃυƈƚισɳʂ🚫
Sooo, Since my other stories are pieces of sh*t! I decided to create this one.. This story started on how we all met.. From being the new kid in school, to creating a sq...
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Jasmine's Diary: KEEP OUT! by Nina_BonitaLov
Jasmine's Diary: KEEP OUT!by Torres
A young girl named Jasmine Rivera,who has a lot of problems in her life but does not let anyone try to ruin her days of fun. She has divorced parents and has to go to he...
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The High School Trap by musiclover4ever1610
The High School Trapby Raina Valdez
This is a relatable poem of the life of a teenager in high school. It is that time of the year when we all get stressed about our exams and when we get stressed out by...
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#LifeAche by somynameispaige
#LifeAcheby somynameispaige
My name is Cinder Ella Tidsley. And no, I don't know why my parents named me after a fairy tale character. My friends tell me that I look like a Disney Princess, but I...
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Crash and Break (a mermaid story) by MikiMikaMoka
Crash and Break (a mermaid story)by MikiMikaMoka
I know... a mermaid story... it just happened... so yeah... hope you enjoy it... here you go! Here is a beginning thing... Cuz others do it... So why not... You know...
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Abuse by halfbeauty_
Abuseby • endia •
About this 16 year old girl who has been getting bullied and struggling with anxiety. Her name is Rose but sometimes they call her RoseMay or even Flower. Has one sister...
My Prisons by imlostinmynightmares
My Prisonsby A lost teen
Each chapter is an individual prison that I have to face
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Thoughts Cannot Speak by leiainwonderlandxo
Thoughts Cannot Speakby Syko
Alana White is a young woman who has gone through a lot, all of her thoughts and life events are in this story. *with different pov's maybe*
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