Hello human children and human adults. I am a huge anime, manga and other random shit fan. I don't care if I don't ship it or I don't crush on the character, if it's a book I will read unless it's like an 18 or something because I'm only 14. Anyway I have a habit of dropping lots of unsenserored swear words in my books so yeah. I don't care about that shit so don't judge me.

Read my stories(if you want to that is) and maybe leave a vote or a comment.

Fandoms: Fairy Tail, MLP, Pokemon, Kokkori-san, Karneval, Ect

Fav animes: Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Kokkori-san, Karneval, Sword Art Online, The Cat Returns, Princess Mononoke, Wolf Children, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars

Fav Tv shows/Movies: Doctor Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, The big bang theory, How to train your dragon, MLP

Fav books: Warrior Cats, The raven mysteries

Senpies: Rogue Cheney(Fairy Tail), Sting Eucliffe(Fairy Tail), Cobra/Eric(Fairy Tail), Midnight/Macbeth(Fairy Tail), Gladion(Pokemon), Toothless(How to train your Dragon), Kazuma(Summer wars), Ame(Wolf Children), Kokkuri-san(Kokkuri-san), Chat Nior(Miraculous Ladybug), Rocket Racoon(Guardians of the Galaxy), Garaki(Karneval), Jayfeather(Warrior Cats), Capper(Mlp the movie)

OTP- Gale/Gajevy (Gajeel x Levy)
Nalu (Natsu x Lucy)
Gruvia (Gray x Juvia)
Miraxus (Mirajane x Laxus)
Cappy (Happy x Carla)
Elfgreen (Elfman x Evergreen)
Bicksanna (Bickslow x Lisanna)
Lyvia (Meredy x Lyon)
Kinabra (Kinana x Cobra)
Jerza (Jellal x Erza)
Froter (Frosch x Lector)
Rurga (Orga x Rufus)
Stingyu (Sting x Yukino)
Ronerva (Rogue x Minerva)
LadyNoir/Adrienette/Ladrien/Marichat (Marinette/Ladybug x Adrian/Chat Nior)
Alya x Nino
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Hey guys so I am going to be taking down my stories but don't worry, I will keep them on a file on my computer so that I can republish them but its just getting to much with all my stories so I will...
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MLP: The cat and the Pegasus(A Capper x OC fanfiction)  by Irondragon4
MLP: The cat and the Pegasus(A Capper x OC fanfiction) Fanfiction
Aurora Feathers is your average Pegasus. She was just doing her own thing, waiting for the friendship festival when a giant airship landed nearby. After three of the princesses had been turned to stone and the army...
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