The Sassy Fresher [Aomine X Reader]

The Sassy Fresher [Aomine X Reader]

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Aomine Daiki X Reader [FanFic: Kuroko No Basuke]

Aomine Daiki, ace of Touou High School's basketball team is in his second year when he gets introduced to [Name]-chan, one of Kise Ryota's model friends. She studies at Kaijo along with Kise-kun, and happens to be a one of those people who can give Aomine-kun a run for his money. 

Aomine Daiki cannot deny that he's got feelings for her, but [Name]-chan certainly wishes to deny her feelings.

What happens when a commitment-phobic model/dancer/nerd meets the cocky, pervy and highly annoying basketball player? 


A/N: The same story is up on my deviantart profile, and I will be updating on both websites. 

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, they belong to the writer of KnB, Tadatoshi Fujimaki.

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Bassylover300 Bassylover300 Jun 29, 2017
The things that my peverted mind is doing  with me and him😆😆😆😆😆
CanaMono75 CanaMono75 Mar 17, 2016
Yo, [Name] is just simply bipolar. There is no other logical explanation for the quick transition in emotions. First I was lowkey depressed, then I'm super saiyan mad, then I yry to calm down. I can not believe it! #little_einstiens_reference
KelsIsMikasaAckerman KelsIsMikasaAckerman Sep 07, 2016
Dude. You stole my food. Except in my case, I would literally push him out of his chair if he stole my food in real life.
Yasaswini12 Yasaswini12 Mar 04, 2017
Sounds like me. XD
                              I really do hope I don't bludgeon them to death.
FakeHobos FakeHobos Jul 09, 2015
I. Will. Snap. Your. Neck. Aho. And sacrifice you to the dark lord Harry styles