KNB Scenarios by Hiiimeeee
KNB Scenariosby アビ
KNB Scenarios x Reader © Fujimaki Tadatoshi
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Nexus ~ AKAKURO (bxb/yaoi) by _usagiii
Nexus ~ AKAKURO (bxb/yaoi)by Usagi
KUROKO NO BASUKE ¡AU! <I DO NOT OWN KUROKO NO BASUKE> PAIRING = AKAKURO (top!akashi bottom¡kuroko) A certain red haired boy never knew that his Nexus is a pe...
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Twin Sister (Kuroko No Basuke/Basket Fanfic) by PurpleManiac35
Twin Sister (Kuroko No Basuke/Bask...by PurpleManiac35
Kuroko Miyuki has returned to Japan!! What will happen when she goes against her ex-teammates, the Generation of Miracles?? ~~~~~~ Hello there!! New readers, welcome! Th...
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Kiseki no Love | Kuroko no Basket One-Shots by Cora-chan
Kiseki no Love | Kuroko no Basket...by ~
Watch him put his basketball talents aside as he uses his romance skills to try to score something much more important than any two- or three-pointer: your heart. Kurok...
  • murasakibara
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أسيرٌ عند الإمبراطور by SejeroAkashi
أسيرٌ عند الإمبراطورby ❤عاشقة أكاشي سيجيرو❤
♡ Akakuro ♡ كوروكو تيتسويا & أكاشي سيجيرو كوروكو تيتسويا يهرب مع والدته إلى قرية صغيرة و هنا تبدأ مشكلاته بالظهور مع أكاشي سيجيرو تحذير : يأوي (boy x boy) ، كلام بذيء 18...
  • كوروكو
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Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction) by AizawaMio
Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction)by Aizawa Mio
Their friendship last eversince Winter Cup ended and now, they made a promise to have a match again in National. However when Seirin fought Kaijo, suddenly a certain blu...
  • kuroko
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Their Secret Ace (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfic) [COMPLETED] by RSE_ME
Their Secret Ace (Kuroko No Basuke...by MJ
Kaiga Kudo was a member of the Generation of Miracles that was not remembered very well by most peopl, but his exceptional plays still remains as a legend. But things ha...
  • sports
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SHADOWS WRATH (KNB FANFICTION) by kpopanimeaddict18
We are just a shadow so it is alright to hurt us? called us weak? and worthless?. We're so sicked of being looked down by our oh so called light. Starting from now on w...
  • aomine
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Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edition by Hajime_saitoc3
Reborn: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Edit...by Hajime.saito
Saito is a second-year student in Namimori Middle School. Aside from being in the kendo club, he is also a devoted member of the disciplinary committee and he is very st...
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Kuroko No Basket Lemons?? Pt.1 by WendysApplez615
Kuroko No Basket Lemons?? Pt.1by WendysApplez615
These are ecchi fanfiction oneshots / twoshots with KnB characters. For these lemons there will be a vanilla-ish version and a naughtier version of each situation/ with...
  • yaoi
  • lemon
  • wattys2018
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The Undercover Agent (Kuroko No Basket) by HilariousKID
The Undercover Agent (Kuroko No Ba...by HilariousKID
Kuroko Tetsuya is a talented agent with special abilities. He may looks pale and weak but "don't judge the book by its cover."
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Kuroko no Basket one-shots ♡ by cherriizi
Kuroko no Basket one-shots ♡by :x
Ello! Welcome to this book of Kuroko no basket one-shots! Hope you like the stories. If their bad, then I'm sorry ;-; Requests are open, so go ahead and send me a messa...
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I Will Never Forget You =ongoing! Slow Updates by celiannacada
I Will Never Forget You =ongoing...by CADA
"I don't know if it is a blessing that I met you or a curse, but I will never forget you, please save me Seijuro" Kuroko cannot hear, he also has a lot of prob...
  • kuroko
  • aomine
  • akashi
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*Kuroko No Basket* The Hidden Star by JudeMathis16
*Kuroko No Basket* The Hidden Starby HonorsStudent
A former Generation of Miracle returns back from America. What will happen when she starts going to Rakuzan and meets Akashi once again? Will the meeting with Akashi cha...
  • basktball
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  • sport
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Darkness |knb| by Kael_ai
Darkness |knb|by ~REYSHI~
Kuroko Tetsuya is a lie, a fabricated lie. Hidden behind a thousand curtains, the real him lies, because a shadow without a light--- is the absolute Darkness. .... Kurok...
  • akashi
  • seirin
  • kagami
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Karma {A KNB fanfiction} by Taewyun
Karma {A KNB fanfiction}by Taewyun
Seirin lost their match with Rakuzan at Inter High but instead of encouraging each other to persevere and grow stronger, they blamed their loss on Kuroko. Oh well, Karma...
  • knb
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Technicolor [Kuroko Tetsuya] by author-sanofficial
Technicolor [Kuroko Tetsuya]by author-sanofficial
[kuroko tetsuya x oc] [temporarily completed; will still continue forth with the EXTRA/LAST Game arc once the movie is out online] "You are, and always will be...
  • kuroko
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Hugot!!! ng Kiseki No Sedai by Alysa_Villanueva
Hugot!!! ng Kiseki No Sedaiby alysachii
Hugot!!! Ng Kiseki no Sedai
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Don't Let Go (Akashi Seijuro Fanfic) (ON HOLD) by AkashiJuri
Don't Let Go (Akashi Seijuro Fanfi...by AkashiJuri
"Seijuro, I'm sorry." She whispered as her hand started to go cold. "JURI DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!" He grabs onto her wrists tightly. "Goodbye...
  • aominedaiki
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  • tetsuya
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You're a Survivor, a Warrior - Knb X Khr by Ermmys
You're a Survivor, a Warrior - Knb...by ERM haitus
"Honestly, this wasn't the first time being invisible to everybody but then I manage." Kuroko admitted. "R- really? What happened then?" Tsuna asked...
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