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Regrets (Aomine Daiki x Reader) by skylerx21
Regrets (Aomine Daiki x Reader)by Skyler
You and Aomine are best friends since you were young, including Momoi. However... why is it always you that Aomine seems to be bullying? Why is his eyes always on Momoi...
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MiRACLE (KnB Fanfic) by -idxris
MiRACLE (KnB Fanfic)by ⁎°-aris.
『 Until the illusion breaks. 』 His last years of life was spent strapped to a bed, mourning lost glory and facing unrelenting pity from the entire world. So when he wok...
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Kuroko no Basuke Scenarios by Rukoreos
Kuroko no Basuke Scenariosby ✖ Marin McClain ✖
This is how I show love to fictional basketball players without armpit hair © Ruko Izumi | 2014 - 2015
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Forgot About Them by MissEnigmaticPrince
Forgot About Themby P R I N C E
After their Graduation day in Teiko,All of the GoM have planned to take their separate ways leaving Kuroko behind and broken. While Kuroko was on his way home,a rushing...
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The Seventh Player by SleepyBunBunny
The Seventh Playerby SleeplessBunny
Kimiko Yukimura was the seventh player in the Generation of Miracles. She was a basketball player in Teiko Middle School, until she was moved to America. She was known a...
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Rainbow Drops (Kuroko no Basket Fanfics) by Maplez12
Rainbow Drops (Kuroko no Basket Maplez12
"Perfection is not completion - Shiroma Petit Yuki" Shiroma Petit Yuki is a half-Japanese, a quarter-British and a quarter-French. Her family name contains the...
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The One Who Completed The Rainbow. (Kuroko no Basket/Basuke) by realityoranime
The One Who Completed The lazy
Have you ever wonder why the Generation of Miracles prefer being known by their last name rather than their first name? It's been their lasts name all have one thing in...
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Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi Satsuki?! [discontinued]  by R_edge_ina
Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi regina 💛
[DISCONTINUED] _ Note: This Momoi will look and act differently from the original one. _ I died. Those two words pretty much describe what the hell happened to me. Then...
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Betrayed (kuroko no basket fanfic) by TheTeamCraftedFan
Betrayed (kuroko no basket fanfic)by little bunny
After the Inner high, Seirin has lost. Everyone was furious at kuroko even though it was also their fault. But what happens when they say something very hurtful. I don't...
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Bad Girl meets Emperor (Kuroko No Basuke - Akashi Seijuro) by NoOneWillStop
Bad Girl meets Emperor (Kuroko NoOneWillStop
The Red Queen and The Red Emperor meets? What if The Red Queen from America who is known for being Bad Girl- meets The Red Emperor who is always right?! The Red Emperor...
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My Dignified Imouto (Kuroko no Basket Fanfic) by Maplez12
My Dignified Imouto (Kuroko no Maplez12
"It all started one winter night.." The Akashi household adopted a 5-year old girl after she had became Akashi Shiori's donor. The girl lived in the orphanage...
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Changing Peach Hearts (Akashi X OC) by matcha_to_latte
Changing Peach Hearts (Akashi X OC)by hiatus
"I will never leave you alone. That is my promise to you as the student council president, as the captain of our basketball club and as the emperor of your heart. I...
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He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction: Aomine Daiki] by iLoveTetsuyakuN
He Meets His Match [Kuroko no Mimura Riko
ONGOING (Slowly editing and very slow updates) Kagami Chiyori is your typical fanfiction girl who loves basketball and whose choices didn't really matter. She's got no s...
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The Seventh Miracle (KNB Fanfic) by Crazy_Otaku_55
The Seventh Miracle (KNB Fanfic)by Naomi (pen name)
Winter Cup is over and Seirin won.They are now champions in Japan. But, what will happen when Riko gets an invitation on World Cup? Will they be prepared to win against...
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Generation of Miracles' Craziness by trishakeithpantua
Generation of Miracles' Crazinessby Kawaii Potato
"My Vanilla Milkshake" "Are you defying my orders?" "Urusai nanodayo" "Kurokocchiiiiii Marry meeee" "Deym Mai-chan's oppai a...
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The Phenomenon [黒子のバスケ] by ShioioSalt
The Phenomenon [黒子のバスケ]by Shio Tachibana
(Warning! Slow Updates!!) After the Generation of Miracles graduated from middle school, each one of them transferred to different schools. Their bonds to each other, g...
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Dance Of The Wild Shadow-GOM x Kuroko by NormalIsUnnormal
Dance Of The Wild Shadow-GOM x Writing
((KNB AU)) Kuroko is a popular ballroom dance instructor and Elementary Teacher, enough to get him to high-ranks in the social life. But he doesn't want that. He neve...
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Dreams of Life (Kuroko no Basket Fanfics) by Maplez12
Dreams of Life (Kuroko no Basket Maplez12
"You are free to dream." - Manai Yume Manai Yume is a Special Academic Excellence Scholarship Student at Teikō Middle School. Yume is a reserved and softspoke...
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[EDITING] Arrested (Knb: Aomine x Reader) by kyralovesanime
[EDITING] Arrested (Knb: Aomine Kyralovesanime (Hiatus)
{COMPLETED AND UNDERCONSTRUCTION} Life has been particularly cruel to (y/n). What will Aomine Daiki do to get his friend happy again? Find out in Arrested (Aomine x read...
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『 Akashi x OC 』The Dragon Empress by RandomVC
『 Akashi x OC 』The Dragon Empressby Rias Kirishima
What if there was a person that had all of the Generation of Miracles' talents? Akemi Ryuu, is a girl that has the Generation of Miracles' talents... but she doesn't ha...
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