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A Chocolate Contract [Murasakibara X oc] by Scarlet76
A Chocolate Contract [Murasakibara...by Scarlet76
Naruse Aoi is a sweet girl who has the scent of chocolates. Murasakibara just had all of his sweets taken because of his aching tooth. What will happen, if you put a swe...
Kuroko No Basket × Reader Oneshots by Nikourou_Nick
Kuroko No Basket × Reader Oneshotsby Nick
Updated description (Jan 2021) Story titles with 💙 emoji were written/published from 2017-2019 from when I was still in high school and early university. Story titles w...
| LOVE EXTREMITIES | Yandere! Himuro Tatsuya x Reader LEMON by Baeshounen
| LOVE EXTREMITIES | Yandere! Himu...by ❋ Jessica ❋
Himuro Tatsuya. That name alone attracted most - if not all the females in Yosen's attention. He was perfect: No flaws both physically and emotionally. A perfect gentle...
Betrayed Phantoms by VoidlingVibez
Betrayed Phantomsby Voidling
What if Kuroko was holding back? What if he was secretly richer than Akashi? What if he was closer to the others than he showed? (Kasamatsu, Takao, Himuro, Mayuzumi and...
Intertwined Destiny by Artemis_Ko
Intertwined Destinyby Artemis Ko
Shattered by the devil's hands and his intentions, Kuroko escaped the clutches of Teiko empire. The furious devil master, possessive of his love, had refused the innocen...
Orenji (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfiction) [SLOW UPDATES] by greentofu11
Orenji (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfictio...by Mil
Have you ever realize that the Generation of Miracles actually resembles the color of a rainbow? Like Akashi as red, Kise as yellow, Midorima as green, Aomine as blue, M...
Colorful Bliss! (Boy x Boy KnB Fanfic) [DISCONTINUED, TO BE DELETED SOON] by MoonlikeMirror
Colorful Bliss! (Boy x Boy KnB Fan...by Jandy De Jesus
Tetsuya Kuroko's life has never been colorful and exciting, he was always emotionless and naive, until he met three people who made big impacts on his life and made him...
TALL GIRL, knb by dvrkai
TALL GIRL, knbby 𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓀
❝ YOU'RE PRETTY SHORT FOR A GUY ❞ 神威 ────── Murasakibara is only into girls taller than him, he finally meets her on his first year in yosen ...
He's Mine! Knb X Male Reader by _waifu_material_
He's Mine! Knb X Male Readerby Slay
You woke up and realised that there's a stranger sleeping beside you on YOUR bed.... You met the Generation Of Miracles... They fell for you.... Read it!
Figuring It Out by ninemangoes
Figuring It Outby 999
No matter how hard these pairs want to deny their feelings for each other, they will eventually have to face the truth. Kagami and Kuroko are already in a stable relatio...
[Kagami Taiga x OC] Summertime Memories (#Wattys2016) by Berrydere
[Kagami Taiga x OC] Summertime Mem...by ♔Berry-sama (●´ω`●)♔
Kagami Taiga y Akari Totsuka llevaban una estable relación de pareja... ¿O no? Un día, Kagami decide repentinamente terminar con esa relación que tan felices les hacía...
When a tall sweet loving giant meets and anxiety filled girl who loves to cook bake and eat. What will happen when they meet will they become friend or become more than...
Empress of The Court ||KnB x reader ♥︎|| by kazu_jikan0110
Empress of The Court ||KnB x reade...by ♔кαzυ- ѕєиραι♔
(f/n) Mashiiro is the cousin of Kuroko Tetsuya and also the coach of the Generation of miracles.She left them for better studies in a far away country.What will happen i...
Hybrid Child (KnB Style) by seijuro96
Hybrid Child (KnB Style)by seijuro96
Sometimes love did not last Endless tears will fall Forever alone-- Sadness-- But, The light will always there At the end of the journey
wipe your tears by seijuro96
wipe your tearsby seijuro96
please don't cry anymore. i can't bear to see your tears. please...I love you. now and forever. is loving means let them go? even if it true...just remember that I will...
Tipos de amor by Nanase099
Tipos de amorby Nanase099
El amor es ese sentimiento que te hace sentir vivo y impotente, querer tener a esa persona feliz por qué es lo que te hace sentir. -Kagakuro -Aokise -Midotaka -Akafuri ...
Memories : Rewind (Kuroko No Basuke Fanfic) by TunaPlatina
Memories : Rewind (Kuroko No Basuk...by Kielnode
Thousands of time he have repeated the scenes. Thousands of time ending with the same results. He wanted to be freed from the pain, bitter memories. He had no choice. Th...
Our Lovely Manager (DISCONTINUED) by simadekanaka
Our Lovely Manager (DISCONTINUED)by Nasi Rames
Bagaimana jadinya jika seorang lelaki bertubuh tinggi dan cukup berotot diminta untuk menyamar menjadi seorang wanita? Itulah yang dialami oleh seorang Kagami Taiga hany...
The Blue Phoenix by voidspeaks
The Blue Phoenixby voidspeaks
Kuroko has been MIA since the end of his first year of high school. The GoM have tried looking for him, but eventually gave up. The GoM split up in their despair, though...
♈I'm Only Me When I'm With You♈ [*KnB: Akashi Seijuro Fanfiction*][ON-HOLD]♥ by Kuro_Neko09
♈I'm Only Me When I'm With You♈ [*...by ♛Kazu-chi☆♛
Hey! Hey! Hey! So so sorry guys! This your author-chan, this will be on-hold and be rewritten again so it will be in decades again to be published again. 😭😭😭 This is...