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1 out of 5 //A Todoroki Family Story// by LicoriceCoffee
1 out of 5 //A Todoroki Family oof machine
My father only ever cherished one out of the five of his children. I would never call that love though. No. my brother Shoto is his tool, and the rest of us are discarde...
Hawks x Reader (Omegaverse) by GaylandAvenue
Hawks x Reader (Omegaverse)by GaylandAvenue
Being a small unmarked omega was a problem for you. Most people get marked and find their mates before they become an adult, you on the other hand, had not found anyone...
MHA  Boyfriend Scenarios, Headcannons and Oneshots by d3d_fl00f_b4ll
MHA Boyfriend Scenarios, ghosty
Just some oneshots with some of the mha characters. I apoligise for any grammer or spelling errors in this. I just write these for fun. I will try to update often so yea...
Jetstream (Hawks Angst) by emo_the_emu
Jetstream (Hawks Angst)by emu
Hawks has never felt love. not a day in his life. not from his parents, not from the hero public safety commission who raised him to be a hero, not from himself. sure...
Dabixhawks Hotwings by ErinDewey3
Dabixhawks Hotwingsby Erin Dewey
hey so this story will have NSFW and possibly dbsm
hawks one-shots by ilovedracotoo828
hawks one-shotsby donk donk
one-shots of the one and only hawks.
Silver's Unfinished DabiHawks  by Silver_of_Dragons
Silver's Unfinished DabiHawks by screaming
All my prompts, half finished oneshots and unpublished DabiHawks content at your fingertips. Take it or leave it, it's a free for all here.
Baby bird by itssarahstfu
Baby birdby 😩🤟🏻
"Naughty bird who were u talking to just now" he smirks I gasp feeling his hand trail up my thigh closing my thighs feeling tingly "hmm?" His finger...
dabi x hawks smut by lagbtqstorys
dabi x hawks smutby lagbtqstorys
⚠️tw⚠️s/h,bullying,potential abuse,and smut
{heyo baby bird~} °hawksXM!Y/N° by simpforabirdman
{heyo baby bird~} °hawksXM!Y/N°by Milo~Kun
this like -hey there baby bird- But you be a villain with a mission from you have a restaurant which you can only afford from killing heros. And sales of course! Your w...
Hawks x reader (l'm not your angel) by Skywind16
Hawks x reader (l'm not your angel)by Skywind16
description: you join UA Broadcast to study how every a incident that happen to you change life forever. The images and drawing are not mine Warning this book got smut S...
Kiego Takami (Hawks) by animestories001
Kiego Takami (Hawks)by animestories001
Short story/fanfic about you and hawks from My Hero Academia
Love is respect by Readytooread562
Love is respectby Readytooread562
Hawks x oc Enemies to lovers
Anime one-shots by enyo4dabi
Anime one-shotsby enyo4dabi
Random stuff that pop into my head request are more than welcome
Overthrow  by BellaDonnaCrayk
Overthrow by Bella Donna Crayk
an MHA fanfic for an oc I made ⚠️manga spoilers⚠️⚠️not everything is cannon⚠️you were warned. Go on and skip the prologue if you want it's not my fault if you don't know...
HAWKS X READER Stellar Collision by KooKoffe
HAWKS X READER Stellar Collisionby Koo Koffe
"We could build our own nest together someplace somewhere babybird"
"You're perfect." A M4A hawks fanfic (comfort for body image issues) by hawks__simp
"You're perfect." A M4A hawks Clover 🌸✨
(I do not own the cover art!) This is a short comfort story about hawks comforting you, the reader, about body confidence issues. Just so you know, you're a badass ;)
Bakugo's Siblings by MHA_SHIPPPERRR
Bakugo's Siblingsby MHA_SHIPPPERRR
This is a different AU where Bakugo's siblings are Marinette from MLB, Willow, Clara, Nieto Monoma/ BAkugo, Hawks/ Kiego Takami and Toga