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insanity◦shameless  by -wcnderful
insanity◦shameless by bobby
❝ get your fucking hands off of him. ❞ ❝ or what, gallagher? you'll bring your little negr-- son of a bitch! ❞ ❝ that's what you get for messing with a gallagher. ❞ ❝ yo...
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Tear In My Heart▷ Lip Gallagher by BooBeary123
Tear In My Heart▷ Lip Gallagherby Fran💗
A new girl comes to Chicago after coming from Manchester. She caught the eye of Philip Gallagher. Follow her and Gallaghers and Mlkovich family others crazy story.
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Jump In by Drop4Lunar
Jump Inby I write on the spot.
Lip&OC pairing. Updates as often as possible due to my crazy last semester of college! They say relationships are difficult, and I fully believe that. But me? I'm going...
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MICKEY MILKOVICH ( gif series ) by -shamelesscommunity
❝i tattooed your name on me.❞
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Anne Gallagher  by adenev
Anne Gallagher by long hair princess
Go through the life in the viewpoint of Anne Gallagher. The youngest, and twin to Carl Gallagher (sorry guys. Liam just wouldn't work out in the plot. Although he IS my...
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you get me so high ( shameless )  by sunflowersfeeling
you get me so high ( shameless ) by ☾ °☆ . * ● ¸ . ★ s !
you're my best friend, i'll love you forever ★━━─ ・‥...━━━☆ [ oc x oc ]
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Shameless 13 reasons why imagines  by lovely_apricot
Shameless 13 reasons why imagines by lovely_apricot
Just imagine...
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Baby Mama -  Carl Gallagher by justthegallaghers
Baby Mama - Carl Gallagherby Mrs Carl Gallagher
What happens when Paige Williams gets pregnant with Carl Gallaghers baby
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south side ➪ shameless gif series by cutkoski
south side ➪ shameless gif seriesby kate
your daily dose of the gallaghers, milkoviches and kev & v. 90% are probably gallavich.
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pot || lip gallagher  by olethrus
pot || lip gallagher by πόρνη
❝ what's a girl like you doing in the south side? ❞ ❝ dude, where the fuck else would i sell pot? ❞ [shameless] [seasons one & two] [female oc x lip gallagher]
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𝓂𝒶𝑔𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 | 𝓁.𝑔. by thekillerde4th
𝓂𝒶𝑔𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 | 𝓁.𝑔.by 𝕛𝕦𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕟
After practically two decades of craziness, things are finally coming together for Frank Gallagher's offspring. Tired of suffering the chaos and craziness of themselves...
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shameless GIF series by MaximoffAddict
shameless GIF seriesby MAXIMOFF WINCHESTER
well its what he title says but i really do hope you guys like it
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Opposites Attract by supernatural3073
Opposites Attractby supernatural3073
Phillip "Lip" Gallagher and Elizabeth Williams were from completely different worlds. Elizabeth was born and raised in the North side of Chicago. She had ex...
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roses and red heads (ON HOLD ) by kitties12345
roses and red heads (ON HOLD )by megmeg
Meghan Rose Gallagher Older twin sister of Ian Gallagher. Younger sister of lip and Fiona Gallagher older sister of Debbie, Liam, and Carl Gallagher. Best friend of Man...
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Shameful // a shameless story (1) by kateye41
Shameful // a shameless story (1)by kateye41
Aubrey fisher. The younger sister of Veronica and Marty fisher. She had lived with her father her whole life. Except when him and his evil wife didn't feed her and she e...
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New In Town - Carl Gallagher  by wham_its_sam
New In Town - Carl Gallagher by Skorkk
In which a boy living in severe poverty is taken from his abusive home and is relocated to an orphanage in Chicago
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shameless us  by ianmilkovichh
shameless us by katie :)
ian+mickey. svetlana+mandy. kev+v. basically just some stories about the best couples on shameless (maybe some smut oo)
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Angel {C.G.} by crybbykayla
Angel {C.G.}by crybbykayla
"You saved me from my own personal hell Carl Gallagher. You're an angel to me." {~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~} I love Carl Gallagher Also really slow fuckin...
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believer ❀ ( shameless u.s imagines. ) by beIIsbIakes
believer ❀ ( shameless u.s ˗ˏˋ eden ˎˊ˗
❝ my luck, my love, my god they came from pain! ❞ ( shameless imagines. ) ( preferences. ) ( gif imagines. )
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