soft serve || carl gallagher/shameless by pvachy
soft serve || carl gallagher/ a.
*i wrote this in 2015.. it's very bad:)* [ COMPLETED ] [ © PVACHY ON WATTPAD ]
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Best Friend Lovers//Shameless by GamerKenz24
Best Friend Lovers//Shamelessby ✨suicidal princess✨
Bonnie Milkovich is the youngest sister of Mandy and Mickey. She always had the hugest crush on her best friend Carl Gallagher
  • romance
  • carlgallagher
  • shameless
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NUMBERS || SHAMELESS {slow updates} by luvbug_26
NUMBERS || SHAMELESS {slow updates}by Macy
"What kind of name is Numbers?" "The kind you get when you beat the shit out of a Northside chick while counting each swing you took." In which...
  • mandymilkovich
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Elizabeth Gallagher - Shameless US by Alliepascoe
Elizabeth Gallagher - Shameless USby Allie Pascoe
Elizabeth Gallagher is a 10 year old girl living on the south side of Chicago. Her parents are Frank and Monica Gallagher. Yes, that's right, another Gallagher. How will...
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Partners In Crime // Carl Gallagher (COMPLETED) by kitkatzoo2
Partners In Crime // Carl kitkatzoo2
We were always together. They called us partner in crime. But victims in love. Missy Milkovich. A loud, fiesty, south side stereotype. And Carl Gallagher. The boy every...
  • liamgallagher
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Mickey Milkovich imagines by voices_of_the_night
Mickey Milkovich imaginesby Writing is life. We've all go...
read them, don't read them, it's whatever man. Warning: sexual content and explicit language(obviously, cos it's Mickey Milkovich). Enjoy!
  • love
  • veronica
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shit gets tough,                                                 lip gallagher ✓ by badd-reputation
shit gets — j 🐝
you need to understand why slowly going under major reconstruction.
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Gallavich One Shots by dylmastrash143
Gallavich One Shotsby dylmastrash143
Everyone's favorite gay Southside couple. Includes smut, fluff, and other shit. Read it or not, I don't care. In the wise words of Shameless. Fuck you, You Fucking Fuc...
  • boyxboy
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  • gay
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i was so in love with the stars but so afraid of the dark. | diorplanets 2018
  • fiona
  • dolantwins
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gallavich oneshots  by Mickeymilkovich66
gallavich oneshots by Mickeymilkovich66
Mickey and ian being cute
  • mickeymilkovich
  • gay
  • milkovich
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Shameless - Gallavich  by xMindy8
Shameless - Gallavich by M i n d y !
Ian last saw Mickey behind plate glass in prison, where he shattered his heart and walked out on him. Three months have passed and Ian still regrets it all. After months...
  • milkovich
  • boyxboyromance
  • mickeymilkovich
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Gallavich One Shots  by malecxgallavich
Gallavich One Shots by malecxgallavich
A book of Gallavich one shots.
  • angstwithhappyending
  • angst
  • iangallagher
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Gallavich Stories by OddlyLonelyFriends
Gallavich Storiesby Love Fiercely
"A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them." A...
  • gay
  • fionagallagher
  • anxiety
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Gallavich - Ending  by Nerd_707
Gallavich - Ending by Nerd_707
This is about Season seven when Mickey returned but with my own twist... Mickey 's POV
  • ian
  • milkovich
  • mickey
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Shameless - Mickeys POV - Gallavich  by xMindy8
Shameless - Mickeys POV - M i n d y !
I had an awesome supporter ask me if I could write another Gallavich story so I went ahead and gave it a shot. It starts off with Mickey taking Kash's gun and Ian confr...
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south side ➪ shameless gif series by cutkoski
south side ➪ shameless gif seriesby kate
your daily dose of the gallaghers, milkoviches and kev & v. 90% are probably gallavich.
  • carlgallagher
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You hurt me | Mickey Milkovich  by InsaneRiggs
You hurt me | Mickey Milkovich by InsaneRiggs
Mickey Milkovich
  • debbiegallagher
  • fionagallagher
  • shameless
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A Beautiful Disaster by gallavichneverends
A Beautiful Disasterby gallavichneverends
A Gallavich story from Mickey's point of view.
  • shameless
  • fanfiction
  • gayfanfic
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shameless preferences.  by lovsers
shameless preferences. by problematic princess
includes the gallaghers and the milkovichs!
  • mandymilkovich
  • debbiegallagher
  • lipgallagher
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Gallavich Oneshots by animangalover15
Gallavich Oneshotsby Ari DLG
One shots of the best couple on shameless. Because seriously, they're adorable. Mentions of other characters, obviously, and other couples, not too much though. Leave...
  • comedy
  • iangallagher
  • milkovich
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