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TRUST FALL, sokeefe | ✔️ by libralulls-
TRUST FALL, sokeefe | ✔️by jessica 🎧
Sophie and Keefe both start at Foxfire Uni, but can they resist the bond that pulls them together? ( human au ) highest rankings: #1 in sokeefe #1 in kotlc
sokeefe oneshots by writing_slump
sokeefe oneshotsby Ellie M.
Team Foster-Keefe for the win! Some romantic oneshots for your single souls. Some angst, some fluff, but I think they're all pretty cute. Edit: I made this story quite a...
Keeper of the Lost Cities: Sophie's Pregnancy by OysterPearl123
Keeper of the Lost Cities: Sophie' Jewel Stuarts
fanfiction inspired by "Keeper of the Lost Cities," Sophie Foster returns to school after a victorious battle with the Neverseen. As she navigates her senior y...
kotlc book theories by writing_slump
kotlc book theoriesby Ellie M.
The title doesn't really make sense, but this is some theories and ideas/opinions I have about the 9th book in the KOTLC series, because I know that I'm having a hard ti...
The Moonlark by soccerloverrr16
The Moonlarkby Soccerloverrr16
The Lost Cities, was ruled by the Vacker Family. Prince Fitz is heir to the throne. The people are living their best lives, and only feared one thing. The Moonlark. No o...
Rebellion by kotlc1dog7lover
Rebellionby J
Preview: "Sophie please just listen," "No Fitz you cheated on me and that is not something I can just forgive!" "Sophie look out!" and the...
PERIWINKLE POV by Writer_Writing1
Disclaimer: None of these characters, places, or plots are mine. They are Shannon Messenger's from Keeper of the Lost Cities. PERIWINKLE POV is Keeper of the Lost Cities...
I love you. Dex. I really do. by Delanes14
I love you. Dex. I really Delanes14
This is a story depicting Dex. He needs more love and appreciation. No ships, just pure Dex fluff. Rated T for swearing
Kotlc Memes! by CassiaSencen_24
Kotlc Memes!by ~✨welcome to the dark side✨~
This is a book where I write a lot of Kotlc Memes! Hope you consider reading! Have a nice day! -Cassia A.S.
KOTLC MEMES by C8isawesome
KOTLC MEMESby Puppylove25
KOTLC MEMES. Quick disclaimer. None of these memes are mine, they are off the internet. The characters all belong to Shannon messenger
Elves and Demigods (Kotlc and Pjo crossover) by sketchyhorse121
Elves and Demigods (Kotlc and sketchyhorse121
this is a collaboration with sketchycats This is kotlc and Hoo crossover and take place after flashback and after Blood of Olympus but Leo is still here. What happened...
Sokeefe after unlocked by mshamah14
Sokeefe after unlockedby fantasynerd128
Sophie is distraught by the disappearance of Keefe. Keefe has a plan that might ruin his life, if it ever goes back to normal. And the Neverseen get bolder and rasher th...
Desiree The Half Elf Princess Warrior: Keeper of the Rune by dnyce37
Desiree The Half Elf Princess D. D. Hudson
From all appearances, Desiree Lovely is an ordinary teenager with an ordinary life. But looks can be deceiving. Enter, the Rune of Aderise, a magical stone set inside a...
Keefe is a God. No, like a literal God. He's the son of Zeus and Aphrodite. No duh. Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty, and Zeus is the king of the gods. Makes sense, do...
Sokeefe in the forbidden cities by Kotlc_sokeefe4ever
Sokeefe in the forbidden citiesby Kotlc_sokeefe4ever
This is a story of Sophie Foster and Keefe Sencen going on a journey by themselves to finish the Neverseen. It mostly takes place in the forbidden cities. *most charact...
KOTLC STUFF by sokeefeforlifeduh
so these are sokeefe memes they also include other shippings too. this is my first book. I hope it is funny.