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Restart |Karlnapity| by QuestionableAuth0r
Restart |Karlnapity|by QuestionableAuth0r
Ever since Schlatt drunk himself to death, Quackity has been having trouble with moving on. Flashbacks, Memories, and even Hallucinations haunted him daily, and he hated...
DSMP Soulmates AU by Mystik244
DSMP Soulmates AUby Mystik244
At any point between turning 17 and 18, a mark appears showing where your soulmate first touches you. Essentially, a group of dense idiots finding their soulmates -in pr...
Find Me ~ Karlnapity by ravencrossing
Find Me ~ Karlnapityby raven
Karl, Sapnap, and Quackity had been friends for a long time. On Sapnap's birthday Karl and Sapnap have some news for Quakcity. The news breaks Quackity and it leads Karl...
ו~secrets~•× /Trans Karl/ by Sxnshine_Gorxre
ו~secrets~•× /Trans Karl/by Sxnshine_Gorxre
Sapnap, quackity and karl are dating. but karl has a secret he definitely doesn't want to reveal to his boyfriends, he knows they would accept him but he's so afraid of...
Two? | Karlnapity Soulmate au by gra-eimear-ly
Two? | Karlnapity Soulmate auby gra-eimear-ly
Karl has spent his whole life looking forward to his 15th birthday, because that was the day that a tattoo of your soulmate's name appears on your arm. But when Karl fin...
Broken [] Karlnapity by tallGh0st
Broken [] Karlnapityby :3
Quackity stays with his friend George and George's boyfriend dream after the loss of his husband Schlatt who drank himself to death and the loss of a son who got took aw...
Silent love  by AnnieMilkshakes
Silent love by Annerod
The time Dream fall in love with the muted boy and George fell in love with his high school bully a classic love story right..? ________________________________________...
Mistakes- Karlnapity by Pippy_Tay
Mistakes- Karlnapityby Pippy_Tay
Karl and Quackity dated in high school. That was until Quackity broke up with Karl because Schlatt had confessed to Quackity. Since then Karl met Sapnap in college. They...
Thruple-Karlnapity by Pippy_Tay
Thruple-Karlnapityby Pippy_Tay
A sequel to Sweet Hibiscus Tea. This story focuses on Quackity as well as Karl and Sapnap. I would recommend reading Sweet Hibiscus Tea first but you'll most likely be a...
Private school || dnf  by ykimlame
Private school || dnf by ykimlame
Class clown? Gay? Homophobic parents? George is on his last chance in school, and at home. Suspensions, school pranks, failing classes, coming out. Wait what? George's p...
daisies of blood   [karlnapity] by froponii
daisies of blood [karlnapity]by ney
[KARLNAPITY] Quackity has finally had enough of living with Schlatt, so he decided to pack all his stuff and leave. What he didn't know was that he would stumble upon a...
Sleepyboisinc But Oneshots by C1ementine_
Sleepyboisinc But Oneshotsby Clementine
just some one shots that pop into me head
Dream SMP ~«One Shots»~ by whitetiger200
Dream SMP ~«One Shots»~by Animé kitty
So, I recently got into writing fanfics for the Dream SMP and just filled my random one shot book with them so I'm gonna be moving all those drafted one shots here but s...
Roommates || Karlnapity by Lxnk_e
Roommates || Karlnapityby Lxnk_e
And they were roommates! yes, yes they were A Karl, Sapnap and Quakity fic cause they need more love ------------------ Disclaimer: I don't ship the actual people in any...
Threes a Blessing Extras by BrisTacos
Threes a Blessing Extrasby Bri's Tacos
Threes a Blessing based oneshots bc I can't stop updating that damn book
Karlnapity and DNF smut by FurggleMomma
Karlnapity and DNF smutby FurggleMomma
Karlnapity or DNF? Personally I can't choose, so here's both! Enjoy the one shots! ⚠️ Smut warning ⚠️ ⚠️Kink warning (maybe idk yet)⚠️ I do not ship them in real life...
Feathers | karlnapity  by alicethehabibi
Feathers | karlnapity by Alice
Quackity and Schlatt, and Karlnapity angst and fluff Set in Manburg times This is about their dreamsmp characters not them in real life! Me and my friend wrote this! Th...
Threes A Blessing  by BrisTacos
Threes A Blessing by Bri's Tacos
THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT THE PERSONAS NOT THE IRL PEOPLE. ART CREDIT: @/jackthe_king on Twitter. Karl x Quackity x Sapnap. After his abusive ex husband falls dead, Karl and...
Poly Feral Boys by urlocalsavior
Poly Feral Boysby urlocalsavior
There is not enough poly feral boys fanfics in the world, so I present you feral boys poly oneshots and short stories! Mostly fluff, maybe smut, but I don't really know...
Twitterpated by -ChaosByCari
Twitterpatedby Cari <3
When they have to write down their daily thoughts for a grade Started ♡ March 30, 2021 Ended ♡ ongoing