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Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge) by frogofwisdom
Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge)by Overlord
George is ftm trans and he's excellent at keeping the secret from the others, but when George, Dream, sapnap, karl and Bad all move in together, it becomes a harder secr...
Ghost Admin by Angst_coffee_inhaler
Ghost Adminby Angst_coffee_inhaler
This is a Ghostdre or dead dream fanfic. I saw this au everywhere so I decided to join the fun.
Restart |Karlnapity| (On Hiatus) by QuestionableAuth0r
Restart |Karlnapity| (On Hiatus)by QuestionableAuth0r
Ever since Schlatt drunk himself to death, Quackity has been having trouble with moving on. Flashbacks, Memories, and even Hallucinations haunted him daily, and he hated...
~More music than normal~ by Kennelkenn
~More music than normal~by ~Kennel~
Everything was going wonderful for Sapnap and Karl, when the age of sixteen came, they could start hearing the songs their soulmates were playing . With this information...
Tommy Adopted AU /Karlnapity by NinoDontForgetIt
Tommy Adopted AU /Karlnapityby Nino Ù<Ú
In this AU Karl, Sapnap and Quackity adopt Tommy. Tommy has been abandoned by everyone and felt like he had no one left. He ran to the woods where he met up with Karl, t...
The Swan by Fox_why
The Swanby Fucking Whore
A man who loves to ice skate somehow is able to bring the attention of two unsuspecting males. WELCOKE BACK TO ANIMAL PLANET- lmao jk- KARLNAPITYYYYY inspired by someone...
three dads (karlnapity reader insert) by 4ngstyt33n
three dads (karlnapity reader inse...by 4ngstyt33n
14 years old y/n gets themselves trapped in an egg what the hell happened here y/n has three dads after their dad's husband died things got a lot better in their life a...
Omegaverse Dream x George and Sapnap x Karl x Quackity by omw2stlurb
Omegaverse Dream x George and Sapn...by TooManyFandoms
Once omegas are matured they enter the festival. In the festival they spend a few days meeting the Alphas interested in them. They are entered into "The Hunt"...
Just a pet or something more? | DNF | by Tommywasneverhere
Just a pet or something more? | DN...by =)
(Inspired by the gacha povs on my fyp) At the age of 16, you get to determine whether you are a pet or owner. tws at the beginning of the chapters Start of story: July...
3rd times a charm by literallydontexistrn
3rd times a charmby alex
after his first boyfriend turned out to be an abusive asshole and his second boyfriend moved away without saying anything, Quackity wanted to just give up on love and be...
My little detective~ Skephalo Mafia Omegaverse au by HaLo18753
My little detective~ Skephalo Mafi...by HaLo18753
Skephalo, Dnf, Karlnapity (COMPLETED) Darryl is a very skilled and smart detective who always gets the job done with ease. He works undercover and doesn't want his ident...
tug of war  ~karlnapity~ by queer_queen22
tug of war ~karlnapity~by m :]
(BOOK 2 OF THE FLORIDIAN BOY SERIES) Karl likes two boys, who both like him back. But then they both ask him out, and he doesn't know who to say yes to. His friend group...
Rooftop Boys (Karlnapity) by happyhonkboy
Rooftop Boys (Karlnapity)by ohcomeonnow
"if you're here to stop me, don't." "Oh I'm not." The younger scoffs "mind if I join you?" Main Tws for this story: suicide mention/attemp...
highschool thoughts~ karlnapity~Highschool AU by RandomNex
highschool thoughts~ karlnapity~Hi...by Nex random
Alex,aka. Quackity, is a 17 year old highschool student with average notes and friends like any other teenager. But he doesn't have the best of luck, certain events in h...
Secrets (Karlnapity/ Karl angst) complete by Loveislove3100
Secrets (Karlnapity/ Karl angst) c...by Loveislove3100
nobody knows but Karl is a Timetraveler but he is also immortal. When he travels he comes home late this makes Sapnap and Quackity worried. They think he might be cheat...
Good Things Come In Threes - Karlnapity by _TeaCake_
Good Things Come In Threes - Karln...by Tea
Karl never believed in love. So it comes as a shock to him when he moves to a new school and meets the two people that will change his life forever. Quackity was always...
AweSamDad(I will be remaking this soon with a little bit different of a plot) by Poro_Raine
AweSamDad(I will be remaking this...by
Welcome to this book I may delete this and remake it but who knows :D
Three Awesome Dads, One Happy Child! | Karlnapity & Tommyinnit by girlyduck2017
Three Awesome Dads, One Happy Chil...by Duck Fails At Everything
✨ The main ship is Karl x Sapnap x Quackity! ✨ ----- Tommy was just a baby. His father and mother had no choice but find him a place for safety until they could knew 100...
Las Nevadas: A blistering group chat! by shookaroki
Las Nevadas: A blistering group ch...by shookie
What happens when Quackity makes a group chat for the Nevadas crew to talk about business, only for it to turn into - a mess. A giant mess. Spoiler alert! Wilbur and Tom...
room for one more (karlnapity high school au) by xXwaifu_cringeXx
room for one more (karlnapity high...by CQ and waifu
quackity didnt really have a great home-life. his parents never really cared for him. the people that did care for him however, were his friends. things were going smoot...