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Watching One Call Away by BiUnicornBrittany
Watching One Call Awayby On Hiatus
This is were the characters of @writersblock039 story watch her first unmatched records book One Call Away. all rights go to @writersblock039
Tales of Emerald Steel by ChAnBlanger
Tales of Emerald Steelby ChAnBlanger
No matter if you're here because you don't have anything else to do, are in love with the Emerald Steel ship or are trying not to fall asleep while your teacher is talki...
The Daxam Four (Legends of Superflarrow) by WritersBlock039
The Daxam Four (Legends of Superfl...by Miss Moffat
Krypton and Daxam. Sister planets. Bitter rivals. Speculation says their feud started because of a war ending in a stalemate, each side blaming the other for its cause. ...
Watching Won't Let You Down by BiUnicornBrittany
Watching Won't Let You Downby On Hiatus
This is an AU where the arrowverse characters watch @writersblock039 story Won't Let You Down
The Emerald-Steel Collection by AllyBPBR
The Emerald-Steel Collectionby AllyBPBR
A collection of one shots and prompts about the ship many people had no idea they needed: SuperArrow. (multiple ratings from K to M)
Past arroverse reacts The Unmatched Series: One Call Away by sUperxbEnoist
Past arroverse reacts The Unmatche...by sUperxbEnoist
Past Kariver and their friends react to the future (book belongs to writersblock039)
With All My Heart  by Bloodyheroes95
With All My Heart by Olivarryandcompany
This is a story about Kara Danvers & Oliver Queen. Mainly their good selves but there's going to be some Overgirl & Dark Arrow bits in here too.
A New Life on a New Earth by ArrowverseFan833
A New Life on a New Earthby ArrowverseFan833
Oliver Queen decides that he isn't going to go to prison, so he fakes his death and moves to Earth 38. See what happens when the Green Arrow joins forces with Supergirl...
Crisis on Two Earths by AllyBPBR
Crisis on Two Earthsby AllyBPBR
Cadmus managed to put everyone in Kara's world against her, causing an attack that puts her life in danger. Now DEO's in lockdown, and it's not safe for Supergirl to be...
I'll go beyond the stars by Clacefe
I'll go beyond the starsby ˗ˏˋ𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐟𝐞ˎˊ˗
The heroes go to Barry and Iris' wedding, but things don't go the way they planned. Crisis on Earth-X storyline altered! [I am currently rewriting this story because I...
The Age of Heroes AU by GreenArrow0811
The Age of Heroes AUby GreenArrow0811
The Multiverse is in constant danger Lucky a new Dawn is upon it as The Age of Heroes Begins. Takes place on Earth 4
Big Company Owners by tguyton18
Big Company Ownersby OTP:Superarrow
Oliver never loss his company and never went to jail. Earth-1 and Earth-38 got combine and Kara is the CEO of Catco and Oliver is the CEO of Queen Consolidated. Oliver a...
|| She's My Daughter || by pettylight
|| She's My Daughter ||by pettylight
Mon-El abandons his pregnant girlfriend leaving her heartbroken, she goes to stay with her friend who recently moved to National City. Five years later he shows up on he...
Wars and Roses by supercorpsbixth
Wars and Rosesby supercorpsbixth
Kara is human. Barry is human. They all live on one earth. Oliver is Mayor and The Green Arrow- Kara and Barry know. Barry is married to Iris and Kara is engaged to Mon...
|| The Return of Queen and Merlyn || by RedD8rling
|| The Return of Queen and Merlyn...by RedD8rling
What if it wasn't just Oliver and Sara who were on the Queen's gambit? What if Kara wasn't an alien and she the daughter/sister of Malcom and Tommy Merlyn?
Supergirl watches supergirl by ellweb2019
Supergirl watches supergirlby ellweb2019
Reign won the fight and now supergirl is in a coma. The ArrowVerse come to help her by watching her journey. How will she deal with it? Who will she fall in love with? W...
Infinite Crisis by AllyBPBR
Infinite Crisisby AllyBPBR
Thanks to Oliver Queen's sacrifice, life was given a second chance in the universe. Earth Prime heroes are still dealing the lost of a friend, but they have no idea what...
Until I Make You Mine (Superarrow/Kariver) by Doctor231163
Until I Make You Mine (Superarrow...by Doctor231163
Kara, Oliver and Barry all live in the same universe and none of them have superpowers. They all live in Star City. Kara and Barry were best friends since the first grad...
Welcome to the 60's by AllyBPBR
Welcome to the 60'sby AllyBPBR
The Legion of Doom and an unusual ally seeks for the spear of destiny so the Legends asks for Oliver, Barry and Kara's help to stop them from conquering the world. As th...
Glee Reunion by RedD8rling
Glee Reunionby RedD8rling
Part 2 of "It Takes Three" Kara gets an invite from her old school pals.