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Yui's little sister by giancath0306
Yui's little sisterby Mochii.Chan0306
Yumi Akiko Komori is the little sister of Yui komori she is the total opposite of her sister she's quiet, polite, smart, shy, artistic and beautiful her looks are that o...
Little duck (diabolik lovers) by Joanna09876543216
Little duck (diabolik lovers)by Joanna09876543216
When a small boy is found abandoned in the woods the local vampire knew he had to look after him and take him back to his house. A small child is thrown into a world ful...
The Sound of Blood by _DweebWeeb_
The Sound of Bloodby _ThatOneDweebWeeb_
Ritsu Komori is Yui's younger brother. Despite living in her shadow the two siblings get on very well. However Ritsu has very little presence and keeps to himself making...
Sakamaki Arranged Marriages by Cherrybomb9824
Sakamaki Arranged Marriagesby Cherrybomb9824
You're arranged to marry on of the Sakamaki brothers! You can decide if you want to marry Shu, Reiji, Ayato, Laito, Kanato, or Subaru!
attention seeking vampires (diabolik lovers) Adoption by Kyro_Rose29
attention seeking vampires (diabol...by Kyro_Rose29
Ren Jinguji, living in a world that others who suffered as paradise and a new chance to redeem. Not for Ren case, the world he lives in is dark, lonely and filled with t...
REM• by _crepes_
REM•by •Fanfic/Storyteller•
I forgot about it now I refound it. I have no clue where this is going Diabolical fanfic? Bxb Yui bashing Spelling errors, literally everywhere. Kids cover your eyes (A...
we fell in love in october... (Yui x Fem!reader) by SoftGalaxies
we fell in love in october... (Yui...by Gal
It started as a one sided crush from (Y/N)... but soon became something far more than she ever imagined.
Yui's vampire brother: Yandere Diabolik lovers x Male oc by Nikei-Yomiuri
Yui's vampire brother: Yandere Dia...by Exhausted writer
Teruya Komori is Yui's adopted brother but he's a vampire so when they live with the sakamaki brothers they take a liking to Yui's sister. I own my oc