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Kamikaze High School International by lizzie1040
Kamikaze High School Internationalby Príncipes de la Esperanza
Divertida comedia romántica con tintes de drama, acción y fantasía divididas en ocho divertidos segmentos en la que se enlazan los personajes del grupo kamikaze con las...
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We love people we can't have by fuckurchickenstrips1
We love people we can't haveby Megan no!
Marshall is in his third try of 9th grade when he meets a girl and becomes madly in love. She just views him as a friend. He senses she's keeping something from him and...
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LOVE?? by miadamia2017
LOVE??by park hye jin
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La Nueva Escuela Kamikaze 2 by LaConejaXD
La Nueva Escuela Kamikaze 2by Coneja
ya todos conocen la descripcion =P PD: Lee el aviso =,(
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IU'tagram by Miama_x_
IU'tagramby Kedicik
Tek açıklamam suçluyum hakim bey......
My Love From Thailand (Marc Kamikaze) #wattys2019 by Lavademonxx
My Love From Thailand (Marc Kamika...by àmł
"I wish I'm her" katagang gusto ko maging totoo, pero paano? madali kaya? mahirap kaya? hindi ko alam kong maging totoo ba o hindi. Paano kong maging totoo? Sa...
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Infinite (Eminem x reader) by Therealtruth1
Infinite (Eminem x reader)by Multifandomstories
When an untimely event causes you and Marshall Mathers to meet in the most unexpected ways, things start spiraling out of control afterwards. After helping him win a rap...
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Kamikaze by codenamesunshine
Kamikazeby Emily Harper
Svelgane, land of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. A world torn by division and strife. Seven teens, each gifted with their own Force, must stand and unite the Kingdoms aga...
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Eminem imagines (fluff, nsfw, one-shots) by chickacrit
Eminem imagines (fluff, nsfw, one...by chickacrit
This will just be some Eminem imagines and one shots, some nsfw and some just cute because I love him and I'm a 19 year old bitch who's hormones are through the roof
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Power and Conflict GCSE Poem Specification  by gayboy222
Power and Conflict GCSE Poem Speci...by gayboy222
I don't own these just need them handy
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WE GON BE ALRIGHT.   Joyner Lucas by Stan_Fan_Eminem
WE GON BE ALRIGHT. Joyner Lucasby ˗ˏˋ𝖉ˎˊ˗
"you know, you'd be a real dumbass to ignore rhea gemini. her voice, her flow, man, god really is a woman, fo real. nah, but um, guess i'm bias when i say she, uh...
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Love Warning by shemmayuga
Love Warningby SheWrites
This story is inspired by the official MV of Love Warning by Third of Kamikaze. He says: "Once you've been warned, wala ka nang kawala." She says: "If th...
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KAMIKAZE | ✔ by bpluto
He's not your ordinary hero. He doesn't play by the book and he doesn't follow the rules of society. He does what he deems right and he does it well. But will his hero...
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Fall of Cherry Blossoms by ZakRobloxGamer
Fall of Cherry Blossomsby Zak RobloxGamer
This story is about the famed Japanese tactic, "Kamikaze" or appropriately known as "Special Attack Unit" in Japanese. From the world's view, the pil...
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Love Warning | Revising  by JosevfTheGreat
Love Warning | Revising by ˗ˏˋ やまと ˊˎ˗
[Lohan Series#1] A simple Third Kamikaze's Fanfiction. (Highest Ranking: #18 in Fanfiction) All Rights Reserved.
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original characters by Sparrowslies
original charactersby 💚Sparrow 💚
a book on original characters
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salamamer by asiannsfw
salamamerby asiannsfw
uyou are k,e salamener ans u say neyss a l0t and ui are deying. you alos plauy redcorsder in ywer left nosertil ams yiuy are turned on by le b0ss puinkuowmega but puinku...
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THESHADYCHRONICLES PRESENTS - "EMI...by theshadychronicles
This book contains a selection of short stories that I've developed with inspiration from other writers and some of my own personal experiences. The stories can range fr...
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Street Outlaws Imagines by kat8989
Street Outlaws Imaginesby kat8989
Hopefully someone likes Street Outlaws as much as I do! Please feel free to send requests!
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"Kamikaze" By Beatrice Garland into a short story by hellatrashhh7
"Kamikaze" By Beatrice Garland int...by joestar san
I read the poem and decided to turn it into a short story from my interpretation of the pilots perspective.
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