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Kamikaze High School International by lizzie1040
Kamikaze High School Internationalby Príncipes de la Esperanza
Divertida comedia romántica con tintes de drama, acción y fantasía divididas en ocho divertidos segmentos en la que se enlazan los personajes del grupo kamikaze con las...
  • amor
  • porschevrp
  • rarity
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You're Never Over by psychomoe
You're Never Overby rain man
SEQUEL TO GOING THROUGH CHANGES "God, whatever you do, don't take her too! I don't deserve her I know. I don't deserve a miracle. Don't do it for me. Do it for my b...
  • shady
  • kamikaze
  • rap
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Going Through Changes by psychomoe
Going Through Changesby rain man
"Thats the fucking problem, Dre. She's helpin with advertising for the new album, an' she said she don' date clients, but we went out the other night. We fucked, an...
  • stan
  • shady
  • slim
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Street Outlaws Imagines by kat8989
Street Outlaws Imaginesby kat8989
Hopefully someone likes Street Outlaws as much as I do! Please feel free to send requests!
  • kamikaze
  • 405
  • murdernova
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The second yellow flash by MidnightRose00
The second yellow flashby MidnightRose00
What if Kushina and Minato had a daughter before Naruto? What if she is a mini Minato. Both in looks and smarts. But when she gets mad she turns into a mini Kushina. She...
  • minato
  • uzumaki
  • kamikaze
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Infinite (Eminem x reader) by Therealtruth1
Infinite (Eminem x reader)by Multifandomstories
When an untimely event causes you and Marshall Mathers to meet in the most unexpected ways, things start spiraling out of control afterwards. After helping him win a rap...
  • freeworld
  • rappers
  • killshot
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We love people we can't have by fuckurchickenstrips1
We love people we can't haveby Megan no!
Marshall is in his third try of 9th grade when he meets a girl and becomes madly in love. She just views him as a friend. He senses she's keeping something from him and...
  • romance
  • slimshadylp
  • lemon
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WE GON BE ALRIGHT.   Joyner Lucas by Stan_Fan_Eminem
WE GON BE ALRIGHT. Joyner Lucasby ˗ˏˋ𝖉ˎˊ˗
"you know, you'd be a real dumbass to ignore rhea gemini. her voice, her flow, man, god really is a woman, fo real. nah, but um, guess i'm bias when i say she, uh...
  • logic
  • socialmedia
  • tierrawhack
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English GCSE AQA: Comprehensive Analysis of the Power and Conflict Poems by shadytoffee
English GCSE AQA: Comprehensive An...by shadytoffee
I decided to make a book on all the Power and Conflict poems for the English GCSE exams. NOTE: This book's analyses are very long and wordy due to much information from...
  • english
  • exposure
  • poetry
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Necromancer For Hire- Arc 2 by FancySnake
Necromancer For Hire- Arc 2by anime boys
Arc 2- Seraph Harmony Umbra Mortis never planned to be a mercenary, it just sort of happened that way. That fateful mission in Ereith completely shook up his life-- and...
  • aromantic
  • poc
  • team
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An Old Farmtruck [Azn]  by OfficialBear
An Old Farmtruck [Azn] by Grayson🌻
Monica Claire Whitley ----------------------- ·1976 Chevy Chevelle SS · Monica grew up with racers all over. But her dads best friend just happens to be her bestfriend...
  • farmtruck
  • doc
  • monza
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Love Warning by shemmayuga
Love Warningby SheWrites
This story is inspired by the official MV of Love Warning by Third of Kamikaze. He says: "Once you've been warned, wala ka nang kawala." She says: "If th...
  • kamikaze
  • academy
  • badboy
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Kamikaze lyrics by CATALYST_V95
Kamikaze lyricsby 안드레아 니콜
Lyrics of songs of Kamikaze Source:deungdutjai.com YouTube.com ilovekamikaze.com www.thai2english.com Third Kamikaze Marc Kamikaze Thank You Kamikaze Angie Kamikaze V.R...
  • third
  • cnan
  • mind
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→ naruto's little sister ← by 1ucyxo
→ naruto's little sister ←by wherearetheoranges✄
(saskue x reader x gaara) - long chapters naruto and rei, disgraces of the village but one certain sibling was hated more. she gives everything for him but it's not alw...
  • uzumaki
  • fifthhokage
  • thirdhokage
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Unfriended Request Short Story by InLoveWithThatPanda
Unfriended Request Short Storyby Crushelle Pino
Thank you Kamikaze's song Unfriended request
  • kamikaze
  • unfriended
  • request
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Facts About Third Kamikaze by grayinchaos
Facts About Third Kamikazeby pariskeyan
Third Kamikaze
  • thailand
  • 3rd
  • kamikaze
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Kamikaze by meruwameru
Kamikazeby meruwameru
Momo never dreamed of wars, she dreamed of tsubakis fluttering in the wind and her brother's smile against her lips when they spend their time together without their mom...
  • fiction
  • oneshot
  • characterdeath
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love warning by AlyaIna
love warningby Heyyya!
malay story #mengisahkan tentang seorang budak lelaki,3rd yang suka membuli dan merupakan gangster sekolah.. Mula jatuh dengan seorang perempuan yang dibulinya, namun de...
  • kamikaze
  • buly
  • neko
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Kamikaze presents (2017) by babaeng_marupok
Kamikaze presents (2017)by est. 2014
Kamikaze (Thai: กามิกาเซ่) stylized a kəmikəze is a Thai record label owned by RS Public Company Limited. It was founded in 2007 by Sutipong Wattanajung. The label focus...
  • part
  • isabelle
  • peter
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Kamikaze [Lyrics] (Thai/RomEng) by Stjinx
Kamikaze [Lyrics] (Thai/RomEng)by Yuri Stjinx
Your list of kamikaze favorite songs are here in Romanized and Thai written. Follow and subscribe this.
  • kamikaze
  • thai
  • nonfiction
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